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Friday, October 31, 2008

Think Pink: Renew Eyelash Revitalizer

Renew Eyelash Revitalizer ($80 USD) is one beauty break-through that has me swooning! I'm calling out to all my lash-challenged Makeup Junkies! My dreams of natural, long, full lashes are coming true! I was very skeptical about this serum actually working but after only using it for a week I'm already seeing a huge improvement! My lashes are noticeably longer and fuller! I thought for the longest while that only water-proof mascaras were the only formulas that could make these lashes lift but not anymore. Ever since I've been using Renew Eyelash Revitalizer, non-waterproof mascaras swipe on like a dream! I actually have lashes to work with! Due to frequent applications of fake lashes, my lashes on the outer corner of my left eye fell out. And now they're back! My lashes have never looked this feathery and voluminous! I'm truly excited about it!

Formulated to address sparse and brittle lashes, Renew Eyelash Revitalizer is a unique product that yields real results. Using a highly concentrated and effective serum, Renew Eyelash Revitalizer gently encourages new and stronger growth. It is all natural (and has always been all natural). Most importantly, the result is the healthy and safe solution for those who long for longer and fuller lashes. Your lashes will look glamourous in 3-4 weeks!


  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Professional formula
  • No rash or burn to the skin
  • Strengthens growth
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic
  • For men and women
Renew donates 5% of their proceeds to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.

Have you tried Renew Eyelash Revitalizer? Love it? Hate it?

Think Pink: MAKE-UP TIPS | The Importance of Proper Hygiene

During chemotherapy, the body's white blood cell count is lowered and the immune system's ability to ward off infection is reduced. When it comes to using make-up products, proper hygiene is essential on the road to recovery, as any contamination can lead to a more serious infection. Keep these tips in mind and get the make-up look you want without the risk of germs!
Always wash your hands before applying make-up.
Ok, this one is a no-brainer, but I'm sure we'll all guilty of rushing in the morning and not keeping this in mind. You can keep a hand sanitizer handy (I like Life Brand's Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer as it moisturizes and is not completely drying like most hand sanitizing brands).
Use disposable make-up applicators.

Use q-tips, sponges, eyeshadow and lip applicators. To be safe, discard after each use.
Brushes are great, but can harbour bacteria if not cleaned properly. It's fine to still use your brushes (I know once you go brush--you can never go back!), but to be safe, wash with a brush shampoo after each use, and spray with 99.9% alcohol. Let the brush hairs dry over the sink before rolling them up in your brush clutch (never put dirty/wet brushes away into your clutch - the dark and moist environment is perfect for bacteria growth).

Sharpen your eyeliner and lipliner before each use.
After sharpening, spritz this with 99.9% alcohol and give it a quick swipe with a tissue before applying it directly to lips.Replace your mascara every 3 months.

Mascara has a short life span of 3 months. Replace.
Do not try to extend past this, as you'll risk infection of the eye. Look at this as your opportunity to try out a new mascara with so many out there to choose from!

Do not pump your mascara wand!
When applying mascara, simply withdraw the brush top from the tube and avoid pumping. When you pump the brush, it pushes air into the mascara tube which promotes for bacteria growth!

To avoid contamination of your most beloved products, use a spatula and dig only the amount of product you'll need to use out of the container.
i.e. Use a make-up spatula to sliver off just the right amount of lipstick you'll need for application. Dip your disposable lip applicator into the lip product on the spatula and apply it to the lips. Once application is done, wipe the spatula clean of product and spray it with 99.9% alcohol so it's ready to go for the next time.

Avoid cross-contamination by not sharing make-up or make-up tools.
This is a time to be selfish - your make-up is all your own!!
For more helpful Think Pink Make-up Tips, check back on Make-up Junkie to see more from this series:
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V. The Importance of Proper Hygiene

Rhia Amio is a Freelance Make-up Artist, Beauty Blogger and self-confessed Make-up Addict based in Toronto, ON.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Think Pink: MAKE-UP TIPS | Taking Care of Skin and Nails

During cancer treatment, women may experience increasing dryness in the skin. Here are some Think Pink Make-up Tips to keep the skin supple during this temporary change:

1. Avoid cleansing products that have alcohol as an active ingredient.
Products that contain alcohol tend to dry out the skin and will be too harsh for temporarily sensitive skin.

2. Moisturize temporarily drier skin.
Choose a non to lightly scented, water-based lotion and massage it into the skin. Use gentle and upward massage motions to apply lotion on the face. Also, opt for a lotion that has an SPF (of at least) 30 to shield against the harmful rays of the sun.

3. Even better - stay out of the sun!
For a sun-bathing obsessed society, it may be tough to shack up during the summer months, but surely we have all heard the correlation of sun-bathing and cancer. During recovery, when skin is particularly sensitive, it is best to cover up and avoid the sun. To still get the look without cooking under the sun, use make-up products (i.e. bronzing creams and powders are any girl's best friend) to get a healthy glow on!

4. Moisturize (and don't cut!) your cuticles.
Since the immune system is weakened during treatment, avoid cutting your cuticles as any cut can lead to infection. Instead, apply a cuticle cream to keep cuticles soft and use a sterile instrument to gently push them back. Do your own manicures, but if you do go to get a professional manicure done, bring your own sterile tools for use.

For more helpful Think Pink Make-up Tips, check back on Make-up Junkie to see more from this series:
I. How to Maximize Sparse Eyelashes
II. Brow Know-How
III. Applying False Eyelashes
IV. Taking Care of Skin and Nails
V. The Importance of Proper Hygiene

Rhia Amio is a Freelance Make-up Artist, Beauty Blogger and self-confessed Make-up Addict based in Toronto, ON.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pink Product of The Day: Stila Lip Glaze Grapefruit!

Only 2 more days left in October and I'm still Thinking Pink! But just because November is around the corner doesn't mean we should forget about breast cancer awareness! Today's pink product of the day is another new favourite - Stila Lip Glaze in Grapefruit ($22 USD)!

This pretty frosted pink ultra shiny gloss is just lovely! The shimmery accents give the lips a super plush and luxe finish. What I love about Stila Lip Glaze glosses is that even the sheerest of shades still delivers colour to the lips! Grapefruit is a go-to shade for any occasion, any outfit, and any makeup look. And the scent is just yummy! Like I've said before in previous reviews, it is a thicker gloss that is a tad sticky, but the shine and colour lasts and lasts!

Have you tried Stila Lip Glaze in Grapefruit? Love it? Hate it?

Think Pink: MAKE-UP TIPS | Applying False Eyelashes

As we saw in a previous Think Pink installment, sparse eyelashes are a common physical change when undergoing treatment. Although false eyelash application is not recommended during recovery (due to the harsh adhesives), I know many women still prefer the look, particularly for those special occasions. (Just to be sure, always consult your doctor prior to application.)

Falsies do take a little bit of practice and patience to apply, so don't fret if you don't master it on your first attempt! If you do get the go-ahead to wear them, try these handy steps for false eyelash application:1 . Use your black eyeliner and draw a line right into the top lash line. Make sure there are no gaps between the eyeliner and where the natural lash line occurs, as this will help camouflage the band of the false eyelash strip.

2. Place a mirror on a table in front of you so that you're looking downward at it. This will give you the best vantage point to apply the lashes. (If you try to apply lashes using a mirror straight in front of you, tilt your head back slightly to apply the lashes. Looking downward and revealing a tiny bit of eyelid will give you a better idea of where the lash should be placed in order to master the placement of the band - and that's key to falsies not looking so false!)

3. Pour a tiny bit (literally, one drop!) of glue (see pic at right) onto a piece of cardboard and let it sit for about 1 minute (we want the glue to become slightly tacky so it adheres better).

4. Take a make-up brush and use the bottom (non-brush) end of it to apply a thin layer of the tacky glue to the band of the fake eyelashes (see pic at left). Concentrate a tiny bit more glue on the outer and inner corner to help anchor these areas of the eyelash strip. Remember to keep the strip of glue to a thin line and wipe off any excess - otherwise, you'll end up with a sticky mess on your lids!

5. Place the band of the false eyelashes directly along the lashline, right at the base of the lashes so that they blend with your own natural lashes.

6. Allow 2-3 minutes to dry (or watch for the lash glue to turn clear).

7. Apply a curling mascara to bring the lashes all together, but avoid using an eyelash curler.
To remove falsies:
  • Saturate a cotton pad with a gentle eye make-up cleanser.
  • Hold the pad against the eye for about 30 seconds to 1 minute to loosen the eyelash glue.
  • Lightly tug at the outer corner of the eyelash (it should not require a lot of force to remove them). If the falsies are still pretty locked into the lash line, use more eye make-up remover with a cotton pad to loosen more of the eyelash adhesive. Try again and gently pull at the rest of the false eyelash strip until it is completely removed.
If you're running into trouble applying the full strip, cut each band in half and apply the half-falsies to the outer eyelashes. The shorter strip will be much easier to apply and also gives that coveted doe-eyed look! Make sure to add a couple of coats of mascara to migrate the natural lashes with the falsies and bat away!

For more helpful Think Pink Make-up Tips, check back on Make-up Junkie to see more from this series:
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Rhia Amio is a Freelance Make-up Artist, Beauty Blogger and self-confessed Make-up Addict based in Toronto, ON.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Think Pink: MAKE-UP TIPS | Brow Know-How

I originally posted this on my blog at to highlight the importance of a great brow for all women. A great brow helps to frame the face, give us expression and polish our overall look. For women undergoing treatment, the loss of eyebrow hairs is a common physical side effect that can easily be managed with a few of the make-up tips we will discuss here.

The shape to aim for should closely follow your own natural shape (i.e. for the most flattering look, you don't want to completely alter your brow shape!) Find a picture of yourself before treatment and use this as a reference to achieve a natural looking filled-in brow.

Use these steps as a guideline to obtain a universally flattering brow look:
1. Take an eyebrow pencil (use one that's long enough to span the bottom of the nostril to the top of the brow) and hold it vertically, straight against the edge of the nostril up to the browbone. Use this as a reference point as to where brows should begin and draw a light dot with your eyebrow pencil to mark the area on the browbone.

2. Now, move the pencil in a parallel direction towards the outer-edge of the iris, while still holding it in a vertical direction. This is the approximate area where the highest part of the eyebrow--the arch--should occur. Draw another tiny dot on the browbone to mark this point of the eyebrow.

3. Lastly, take the pencil and hold the bottom part of it against the side of the nostril, while tipping the the top portion to make it line up against the outer edge of the eye. The eyebrow should end where the top of the pencil hits the browbone. Place a final dot here to act as a reference as to where the brow should end.
  • Choose a waxy eyebrow pencil to keep a filled-in brow more natural looking. A pencil that is too creamy will appear too dark and too fake (think of those tattoed eyebrows) and may draw the wrong kind of attention towards the brow area.
  • Use a light-handed, feathery stroke to mimic tiny eyebrow hairs. Follow the flow of traffic and draw in the direction of hair growth (i.e. Caucasian brows tend to grow straight across, Asian brows tend to grow upward at the inner corner, across in the middle, and downward at the outer corner of the brow). Using an eyebrow pencil with more of a waxy texture will keep the application light-handed.
  • Use a matching eyeshadow or brow powder to blend and set your filled brows.
  • Can't get the shape right? Never fear! Anastasia, a Make-up Junkie favourite, offers brow kits that include brushes, brow powders and stencils in different sizes to help achieve your best brows yet!
For more helpful Think Pink Make-up Tips, check back on Make-up Junkie to see more from this series:
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Rhia Amio is a freelance Make-up Artist, Beauty Blogger, and self-confessed Make-Up Addict based in Toronto.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Think Pink: MAKE-UP TIPS | How to Maximize Sparse Eyelashes

Throughout the month of October, Make-up Junkie has been featuring the latest beauty products that are both helping to benefit the lives of those affected by cancer while supporting the research for a cure. Aside from the products out there to help us all get gorgeous, there are some particularly useful make-up artist tips for women undergoing treatment that we will highlight in this series to keep us Thinking Pink!

With chemotherapy, come a host of appearance-related side effects, including hair loss from the eyelashes and eyebrows. These changes in physical appearance are some of the most challenging to deal with, as they are some of the most apparent to us when we look in the mirror. Rest assured that along the road to recovery, the important thing is your health and that these physical changes are only temporary. In the meantime for women concerned with sparse eyelashes, there are simple make-up tips to mimic the effect of a full lash line and help pump up the lash volume!

"How do I make the most of my spare lashes?" is a very common question I hear from women undergoing treatment. As the immune system is weakened and the body is more prone to infection, it is not recommended that women wear false eyelashes. The ingredients used in the eyelash glue can be too harsh for the body at this time and when the eyelashes are removed, they also risk pulling at what remains of the natural eyelashes. Instead, save those falsies for a special occasion and try these alternatives that help give the eye the definition a lash line provides:
1. Use eyeliner.
Apply eyeliner on the top lash line, drawing it thinner on the inner corner and gradually thicker as it approaches the outer corner (see top diagram above). This technique mimics the way the eyelashes would frame the eye - shorter hairs on the inner corner that gradually increase in length as they approach the outer corner of the eye. Eyeliner applied in this way will help to open up the eye and make it appear larger. (Who doesn't love that?!) To add even more depth, smudge the eyeliner slightly upwards while still keeping the line thinner on the inner corner.

NOTE: Try to avoid using eyeliner on the inside rim of the eye, as this tends to make the eye look smaller and can be harmful for those with sensitive eyes. To still get the fully lined look, use eyeliner just right below the lower rim, on the outer third of the bottom lashline (as in bottom right diagram above). Smudging this line will also create the illusion of more dimension around the eye and make your eyes pop by framing the whites of your eyes!
2. Try to avoid the eyelash curler, but use a volumizing and washable mascara formula to enhance lashes.
I love eyelash curlers, but unfortunately, long-term repeated use of one can make eyelashes brittle, especially at a time when they are more prone to breakage and fall-out. Instead, skip the curler and try a curl-enhancing or volumizing mascara in a washable formula to add emphasis to the lashes.

  • I know we all love our waterproof make-up, but as durable as waterproof is, it can also be tough to remove. With sensitive eyes and lashes, a washable formula would still help achieve the fuller lash look but spare you the struggle that removing waterproof mascara usually entails.
  • Avoid using an eyelash curler once mascara has been applied - the eyelashes may stick to the curler and you may risk losing some strands!
  • Use an eyelash primer and mascara combination formula to maximize your lashes. (L'oreal's Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara--that Make-up Junkie has been highlighting from Fashion Week--looks like the perfect product to try for this!)
3. Make sure to conceal under-eye circles.
Think of it this way: whenever you do eye make-up remember it's not just the eyelid area that needs tending to - the eyebrows (we'll discuss these in our next installment!) and the undereye area all do their parts to frame the eye. These areas need proper make-up attention as well to get an overall polished look; a smoky eye would never look proper without some undereye concealer to camouflage any dark circles! Use a colour correcting concealer to brighten any dark areas and then blend it all in with your skin tone colour concealer. Try a pink concealer to brighten fair skin tones, a peachy concealer for medium skin tones, and an orange concealer for darker skin tones. Use your concealer sparingly - just in the areas that need attention. Once camouflaged, a concealed undereye area will help to brighten the entire face and highlight your beautifully lined eyes!
For more helpful Think Pink Make-up Tips, check back on Make-up Junkie to see more from this series:
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III. Applying False Eyelashes
IV. Taking Care of Skin and Nails
V. The Importance of Proper Hygiene

Rhia Amio is a Freelance Make-up Artist, Beauty Blogger and self-confessed Make-up Addict based in Toronto, ON.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 23: Pink Product of The Day

Wow, it's Day 23 already - October is just flying by! I know, I'm a little behind with the daily pink product features. Since we're in the final stretch of October, I want to keep you "Thinking Pink".

What woman doesn't love multi-use products especially when they come in pretty colours and cute packaging? Stila Convertible Color ($25 USD), In Style's Best Beauty Buys 2008 and a favourite of among makeup artists, is a girl-on-the-go's best friend. A lipstick and cream blush in one will get you looking fresh and pretty in minutes!

Convertible Color in Peony is a beautiful neutral pink with beige undertones. It is a perfect everyday shade that compliments many different looks. The texture is sheer but can be layered for a brighter flush. I love the natural dewy glow it gives the skin. The creamy, non-sticky blush is easy to blend. The pigment lasts all day especially with a light dusting of translucent powder. For a stronger colour, I love to layer underneath a powder blush. The effect is beautiful!

You'll love it on the lips too. The creamy texture glides on nicely without drying the lips. Peony is a shade you can swipe on anytime and looks especially sexy with smoky black eyes. Wear it like a lipstick or swipe on a shiny gloss over top. All you need now is a champagne/gold shimmer on the eyes with a few coats of black mascara and you're glam to go!

Colours I'm lusting after: Fuchsia, Gerbera, and Petunia!

Have you tried Stila Convertible Color? Love it? Hate it?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Comments4aCure: Be Breast Aware Part 2

Read on for Part 2 of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation "Be Breast Aware" series. Keep those comments coming! :)

Look and Feel:

Giving yourself breast examinations daily is important for early detection of breast cancer. I'll admit I haven't given myself one in a very long time. It's simple and easy to do. There's no wrong way of doing it so just find a technique that is comfortable for you.

One way to check both breasts is by moving your middle fingers in small circles from the outside of the breast to the nipple. As pictured, cover the surface of each breast, and also check the areas above and below the breasts, including the armpit.

Each whole breast.

Above and below each breast.

Under both arms.

Men check the same areas.

For more information visit .

Monday, October 20, 2008

Beauty Review: Origins Long-Lasting Crease-Free Eyeshadow...And It’s Organic!?

That’s right, Makeup Junkies, long-lasting and crease-free eyeshadow by Origins! Available at The Bay or online for $14 (USD), this brand promotes the marriage of nature and beauty, using high quality ingredients from the land in order to bring you irresistible colours and depth to your eyes!

After spreading it across my hand, and doing the smudge test, I was unable to remove this shadow quickly and easily (this means that the holding power is quite strong, so you don’t look like someone punched you in the eyes by the time lunch rolls around).

To Use: Sweep over your lid, starting at the inner corner, working outward and upward to brow bone. For a more dramatic look, sweep a darker Origins shadow along the crease of the lid.

Last but not least, there is FREE SHIPPING with a $75 purchase, and a Pink Ribbon & Breast Cancer Awareness bookmark with every order!

Thinking Pink, Makeup Junkies!?

Comments4aCure: Be Breast Aware

I'm calling on all my makeup junkies to support my Comments4aCure cause to help raise money for breast cancer awareness! Starting October 20 and ending October 22, I will donate $1 for every comment (up to a maximum of $150) made during these days will go towards my charities of choice: Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and The Breast Cancer Research Fund. Just leave your comments after the featured post. :)

Today, I start Part 1 of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, "Be Breast Aware", series that offers women tips on how be informed.

Five Steps To Being Breast Aware:

1. Know how your breasts normally look and feel.

2. Know what changes to look for.

3. Look and feel for changes.

4. Report any changes to a doctor.

5. Go for a free mammogram if you are of the appropriate age, or if recommended by a doctor. By finding breast abnormalities in the early stages, mammograms can save lives. Women at the appropriate age can get a free mammogram through their regional breast screening program.

For more information visit .

Please remember to visit my fellow beauty bloggers participating in Comments4aCure! Click on to support their cause. Thanks!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Think Pink: Bumble and Bumble Classic Hairspray

Bumble and Bumble Classic Hairspray ($11 USD for 4 oz $20 USD for 10 oz) is the only hairspray you'll ever need. It's so ironic but I used to be anti-hairspray. I hated how other brands used to make my hair a sticky, flaky mess. So, I stopped using it and stuck with straightening my hair and a shine serum.

Times have changed and I'm frolicking in a head of soft, sultry waves. There's something about waves and curls that makes a girl feel sexy, a little frisky. Now that I'm on a curl obsession I've been using hairspray ever so reluctantly until I tried Bumble and Bumble's Classic Hairspray! I love it! My hair still feels soft and doesn't have that crunchy hard look. I love that you can still brush through your hair after it's been sprayed. The next day my hair still feels soft and non-greasy. I did makeup for an event last night and my curls were still in tact and fabulous! A definite must for girls who like their curl or for styles that need some serious hold!

Bumble and bumble. will donate $1.00 from every can of Classic Hairspray sold on and in its two NYC salons during September and October to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Available at Bumble and bumble. New York City Downtown salon (House of Bumble), Bumble and bumble. New York City Uptown salon and (US only).

Have you tried Bumble and Bumble Classic Spray? Love it? Hate it?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Think Pink: Evelyn Lauder Lip Color Collection and Pink Product of The Day

The Evelyn Lauder Lip Color Collection ($22 USD) is a must-have, sophisticated collection of pink lip colours chosen by Evelyn Lauder in a limited-edition pink case exclusively for the Pink Ribbon Collection. The set includes three lipstick shades in two of Estee Lauder's most popular formulas, Pure Color Long Lasting and Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre.

Estee Lauder is such an iconic brand and for the classic woman. These lipsticks are très sophisticated and look just lovely on the lips.

Pure Long Lasting Color in Bali Rose (Limited Edition): This shade gives the lips a kiss of rose. I love the pearly shimmer and full colour it gives the lips. The formula is ultra creamy and long-lasting. Take it to the office and wear into the night with a dash of black liner smudged into the lash line!

Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Candy: Candy is as sweet as a candy pink should be! It definitely gives the lips a beautiful pop of colour but is still wearable for day. Keep the eyes soft with a few coats of mascara and let your lips be the focus. The shimmery finish enhances the lips leaving them full and plush.

Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick in Rich Berry: Love! The richest berry pink you'll ever swipe on your lips! The pigment can be sheer with one swipe but add a few more and it's a full colour with lots of glossy shine. These lipsticks are super emollient leaving your lips smooth and moist. Love Rich Berry with bronze eyes and bronzy cheeks!

Estée Lauder will donate $500,000 in connection with the sales of its Pink Ribbon Collection to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Have you tried Estee Lauder lip colours? Love it? Hate it?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Think Pink: Hilfiger Eau de Toilette

When we think "pink" girly products come to mind. But thinking pink isn't just for us fabulous women. Tommy Hilfiger's newest men's fragrance, Hilfiger ($59 USD), is also joining forces against the fight against breast cancer. Tommy Hilfiger Toiletries will make a donation of $15,000 in connection with the combined sales of the Hilfiger Eau de Toilette Cologne Spray and the Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger Eau de Parfum Spray to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Hilfiger is a clean and classic scent. The fragrance is a fresh dynamic blend of Bergamot and Mandarin, with intense notes of Patchouli, Moss and Sandalwood. I'm pretty sensitive to fragrances that are strong but I actually love this on my husband and so does he. And he's more picky than I am! He says that it's a great balance between sweet and overly musky. A scent you'll love for your classic and cool guy!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Think Pink: Lise Watier Pink Tribute Palette and Day 10 Pink Product of The Day

There's no better way to carry around your favourite pink lippies than in a chic and handy palette pocketbook. Lise Watier Pink Tribute Palette ($29 USD) offers 5 beautiful shades of pink specially selected for the Canadian Cancer Society. The lip shades offer 2 formulas and are showcased in a convenient pink croco compact.

I'm wearing the bright raspberry pink shade which is also Day 10, pink product of the day. The pigment is rich and applies exceptionally smooth. I dabbed the middle shade, a neutral rose shimmer to the center of the lips to give a nice highlight. You can wear it shade on its own or combine together to create another beautiful shade. If you love pink, then you'll love this palette!
Available in Shoppers Drug Marts across Canada throughout October.

Think Pink: Bobbi Brown Pink Ribbon Collection

Thinking Pink couldn't be any prettier than Bobbi Brown's Pink Ribbon Collection ($50 CAD). This lovely set features Pink Quartz Glitter Lip Gloss and the popular Tulle Lip Color. Pink Quartz is a pale silvery pink that works beautifully with Tulle, a soft pink.

Bobbi Brown will be donating $35,000 in connection with the North American sales of Pink Ribbon Collection to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Enjoy Free Standard Shipping with any order that includes the NEW Pink Ribbon Collection. Enter offer code at checkout*: PINK08
*Offer code required. One time use. Valid only on 9/29/08-10/31/08 (midnight ET or while supplies last).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 9: Pink Product of The Day

As you may have noticed, I skipped Day 7 & 8 because I simply didn't have time to post. Although, I did wear pink lippies on both days! Day 9 was another Stila Lip Glaze day, this time in Papaya (sheer soft pink). Love! These glosses make your lips extra pouty and super shiny. For my husband to notice my gloss is pretty impressive because to him "a gloss is a gloss"!

To read my other Stila Lip Glaze review, click here.

Love it? Hate it?

Think Pink: Aveda Hand Relief

My hands definitely need some hand relief! I am a huge fan of Aveda Hand Relief ($21 USD) moisturizer. I love slathering on this ultra-rich moisturizer. It never leaves my hands greasy, just softer and noticeably smoother. Hydrating plant emollients, humectants, exfoliating fruit acids and anti-oxidants—including vitamins A and E—help diminish signs of aging and provide optimal relief. With continued use, moisture levels and elasticity increase. The mix of citrus and cinnamon scent is also delicious!

Aveda will donate $4 from each sale of the Breast Cancer Awareness Hand Relief to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation to fund environmental research to help find a cure, with a maximum donation of $300,000.

Have you tried Aveda Hand Relief? Love it? Hate it?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Think Pink: Clinique Great Lips, Great Cause Lipstick Set

Clinique has come out with a lovely lipstick set to support breast cancer awareness, the Great Lips, Great Cause Lipstick Set ($16.50 US). What’s even better is $10 from every sale goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation!
It comes in one shade, a pretty pink with shimmery glitter. Some may find the glitter a bit much, but just add a dot of gloss to soften it. Shiny lips will make you feel hot and knowing you’re supporting a great cause will make you feel even better.

The lipstick comes in this adorable, metallic, princess pink tube all in a silvery case. How cute will you look pulling this out of your purse?!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 6: Pink Product of The Day

Celebrity makeup guru, Bobbi Brown, knows makeup and knows how to enhance a woman's natural beauty. Everything from the packaging, textures, formulations, and colours are for the classic, modern woman who can go from natural beauty to glam goddess.

The new Metallic Lip Color ($22 USD) is the newest addition to the ever-popular Bobbi Brown brand. These gorgeous shimmery metallic lipsticks have a unique combination of high-shine emollients and light reflective pearls. They offer medium coverage and are ultra creamy. The colour and reflective pearl is long-lasting.

Pretty Pink is delightfully lovely on the lips. The warm pink rose is very flattering on almost all skin tones. I thought it would have an extreme metallic, frost-like finish but your lips look more luminous than frosty. I also love how creamy it applies. Perfect for those days when you want a pink with a little bit of "oomph". Another pink lippie to add to my stash!

Have you tried Bobbi Brown Metallic Lip Color? Love it? Hate it?