Friday, March 28, 2008

Beauty Review: I Heart Billy B.'s Paint Brush Collection!

I heart Billy B. and ever since I met him back in November I became more obsessed with his work and now I'm obsessed with his brushes! He's the type of person many makeup artists aspire to be but the truth of the matter is that there can only be one Billy B. Having been a professional makeup artist for over twenty years, Billy B. was never really happy with the brushes that were available on the market. He realized early on that well designed brushes were essential for beautiful makeup and decided to create his very own collection of professional brushes, billybBeauty "Paintbrush" Collection. He carefully designed each brush specifically for its individual function and paid close attention to the handle, length and weight. For anyone that carries brushes around the weight is important whether you drag around a makeup kit or a purse. The brushes are a range of high quality blends of both natural and synthetic hair.

I heard about his amazing brush collection through the buzz of the beauty world and was dying to get my hands on them. I had expected to receive his eyelash curler and lip brush but was super stoked when low and behold, there laid his Essential Paint Brush Collection (includes 8 brushes) at the bottom of the box! From the little happy dance I did, you would have thought I won the lottery! First up, the brush roll.

billybBEAUTY Brush Roll is probably the smallest brush roll I've ever seen. You'd think this was a travel set but it's not! It's so compact you can fit it in any purse or toiletry bag. The brush roll was specifically designed to fit his 8 essential brushes. It's very chic all in black with nylon lining and is machine washable. The brush roll can be purchased separately ($19 USD) or with the billybBEAUTY Essential Paint Brush Collection ($189 USD) where it is included. Love it!

Paint Brush two ($30 USD) is used to apply foundation and its defined shape allows you to apply makeup in harder to reach places. The hair feels like a blend of natural and synthetic but mostly natural. Most foundation brushes I've used are all synthetic. I wasn't really sure I liked the natural hair because it seemed to absorb too much of the foundation but when I swiped it on my skin the foundation applied evenly and the coverage almost looked buffed on. The effect looked more natural not like when you apply foundation with a synthetic brush which can look heavier. I never really thought about the length or weight of the handle until I tried this brush. I can really tell the difference. My hand seemed more steady and controlled making for a quicker application. The brush is also feather light!

Paint Brush three ($39 USD) is a powder/blush brush and the narrower width is perfect for applying blush and powder only where you need it. I always found with bigger blush brushes that my blush covered too much of my face causing some colour to go on my cheekbone and below the hollows. I started using a contour brush for its smaller shape and buffed the colour onto my cheeks. Now that I have this brush I don't use the contour brush anymore for blush. This applies right on my cheeks and blends perfectly! Smaller handle is also a plus!

Paint Brush four ($29 USD) is a multi-use brush and is perfect for blush, powder and contouring. I love multi-use products! I really love this brush for precise contouring. I have a couple contouring brushes but the size of this one is just perfect. It's smaller shape allows for perfect lines giving definition to the cheekbones, jaw, chin, forehead, and nose. I also love to use this brush for highlighting.

Paint Brush eight ($24 USD) is a soft, fluffy but firm eyeshadow brush used to apply shadow all over the lid and in the crease. The firmness picks up the shadow and delivers a lot of pigment and the fluffy rounded shape is perfect for blending. I also used this brush to apply shadow wet and it applied smoothly and evenly.

Paint Brush ten ($16 USD) is an eyeliner brush that was created with the perfect density and length for ultimate control to create that perfect "professionally applied" liquid eyeliner look. I usually prefer a firm angled brush to apply powder, cream or liquid eyeliner but I was pleasantly surprised by ten's performance. I thought it was going to be too flimsy to apply liner but it was the exact opposite. I tried it with all three types of liners and each time I was able to define my eyes flawlessly. It's so easy to wing out the liner with this brush. Its firm, thin hairs allows you to go create a thin or thick line with ease. It's also the perfect brush for covering up the base of fake lashes. This little brush also picks up a lot of product so a little goes a long way. Great little brush for detailing as well i.e. body painting, sfx.

Paint Brush eleven ($19 USD) is a stiff angled brush for defining the brows. It delivers the perfect amount of colour to the brows and is great for lining and smudging liner into the lash line. I also find with the smaller handle, filling brows in doesn't seem so awkward like it does with a longer handle. The shorter handle gives me steady control and allows me to mimic a drawing motion.

Paint Brush twelve ($26 USD) has got to be my favourite brush from this collection and of all the brushes I've ever used (and I have a lot!). When I first saw it, I was a little confused by it because I didn't really understand how to use it. This brush is soft yet firm and is angled. I started playing around with it and realized it could be used in many ways! It was fantastic for smudging liner into the lash line, creating definition in the crease and outer crease, blending, and creating the ultimate smoky eye! I went on Billy B.'s site after and read that it was made to do all these things lol. It just goes to show you how well designed this brush is because you don't need to read about it before using it. The shape naturally guides you! A definite must-have!

billybBEAUTY's Lightweight Aluminum, Lidless, Retractable Lip Brush ($18 USD) is the first of its kind - that I know of anyway. This lip brush is amazingly convenient because instead of a cap you have to pull off or just a retractable feature, it has a top lid that opens when the lip brush is extended. Once its been retracted, the top lid shuts closed protecting your brush from dirt and bacteria! I always hated how dirt always got stuck on my brush. The hair is again I think a mixture of mostly natural and synthetic hair. It's kind of fluffy so I'm not sure how well it would define a smaller pout. The brush also applies lip colour naturally so you're able to build to your desired intensity. However, when I'm in a rush I do prefer a synthetic brush because it picks up more product plus cleans easier. But overall, the design is a winner!

billybBEAUTY Lash/Brow Groomer's ($19 USD) perfect compact size is all you really need for defining your brows and lashes. The two in one feature makes it convenient for travel and takes up less room in your makeup bag. The brow groomer is great for brushing unruly brows into shape but can also be used to separate your lashes. It gives a feathery effect. I love the lash comb because the thin "bristles" define each lash and de-clumps with ease and no mess. Just be careful you don't poke your eye with this because even though the ends are rounded it's still kind of sharp!

Overall, I'm extremely happy with billybBEAUTY Essential Paint Brush Collection! I carry it around with me just because I can! It's so compact and lightweight! I hate how professional brush handles are so long and the travel sizes aren't usually the same quality. I definitely want to get the rest of the collection - its a must for any makeup artist or makeup aficionado. His line will soon be available in Toronto at Holt Renfrew and he'll be making an appearance April 29 (12pm - 5pm)! Woohoo! The price of his brushes are very reasonable especially for the quality you're getting. I think the most expensive brush is $39 (USD) - not bad at all! Once you try his brushes you will see a difference in performance compared to other brands. I found a new love! Thanks Billy B.!

Stay tuned for a review of his eyelash curler. I haven't tested it out yet because it doesn't fit my eyes! It's curved unbelievably and made to fit smaller eyes. It's too bad but it's great if you're a makeup artist - Shu Uemera for wider eyes and Billy B. for smaller! Happy shopping!

For more information on Billy B. click here and for more on his Paint Brush Collection click here.


Anonymous said...

do you think that the brushes will be available at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver as well?


Jen Hill said...

Billy B's brushes sound incredible. The difference a great cosmetic brush can make!

Thanks for your reviews and I love good liner brushes!

Make-up Junkie said...

Hey Evo!
Billy B brushes will be launching in Vancouver at Holt Renfrew! Yay!

Make-up Junkie said...

Anytime Jen!! If you get a chance to try 'em out you'll definitely see the difference!