Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beauty Review: My Zuca Bag Is Complete!

The Zuca Bag had been on my covet list for a long time.  After months of shopping and comparing (and bugging the hubby), I finally got my hands on one. You can read my post here. Despite purchasing the slightly smaller Sport version and not purchasing the utility pouches, my Zuca is still by far my favourite beauty essential of all time. I'm happy to report that my bag is now complete with 5 large Utility Pouches! Happy dance!

The Zuca Utility Pouches ($17 USD) are made out of nylon and fully lined, with durable easy-to-clean clear vinyl. These pouches are truly multi-purpose and can hold anything from your beauty products, to art supplies, to pretty much anything that needs storing.

I heart these pouches! Whether you are a makeup artist or makeup junkie these bags will hold all your favourite beauty must-haves. One pouch fits all my essentials for creating a flawless complexion. I have my foundations, powders, primers, moisturizer, concealers, and setting sprays all in the bag above. Each pouch also comes with labels so you can easily identify your products.

What I'm especially happy about is that all 5 pouches plus my brush belt all fit perfectly into the Sport version. Another reason to love these pouches is that they slide in and out like shelves and stack neatly in the bag. The only con? With all the extra room, I ended up adding more makeup to each pouch!

I highly recommend the Zuca bag and utility pouches. Transporting my makeup is no longer a scary ride since I know my products are safely secured! 

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Do you own the Zuca? Love it? Hate it? Want it?


beautyparler said...

Those Zuca bags are nice, they would be great for my travels.

Make-up Junkie said...

Hey Monica! The Zuca bag and pouches would be perfect for your line of work. You can even use the pouches to store your clothes, shoes, etc in.

Anonymous said...

What are some good canadian cosmetic sites to order from online? Most places have US shipping to be $5 and then canadian to be $15-20. Ah.
Any Canadian based sites that you know of?

Make-up Junkie said...

@Christy - Here are a 2 sites that I know of in Canada that you can order from. They carry a wide array of beauty goodies!

Hope that helps!

Deepa Berar said...

I bought the Zuca last year and have loved the decision every since!! That thing is amazing and so easy to travel with to shoots. The individual bags are nice as well.