Thursday, January 10, 2013

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow...

It's with bittersweet feelings that I announce the farewell of my beloved blog, Makeup Junkie. It's hard to believe I started MJ 6 years ago. I can still remember sitting at my computer and publishing my first post and feeling bright-eyed and optimistic about belonging to the beauty blogging world. The countless people I've met, boxes and boxes of products I've tried, tested, and stashed, the awesome press mentions and the events I've been able to attend will forever be apart of my life and I am truly, truly, grateful.

Each and every one of you that I've met, become friends with, and conversed with virtually will remain near and dear to my heart always. It's been a blast being able to share my love of beauty with so many. Thank YOU the readers who take time out of your day to read this wee lil' blog. Without you, my addiction to makeup would seem pointless! I adore you and will be forever touched by the support you have given me over the years. Thank you to the many amazing PR reps who have generously fed my love of beauty products. Trust me, I will miss being able to try all the newest launches but even I know there comes a time when all good things must come to an end.

I had no idea where Makeup Junkie would take me or where I would take MJ, but that has been the fun of writing this blog. I feel like you've watched me grow from a young, wide-eyed beauty blogger girl and blossomed into this confident, drop-dead-sexy WO-MAN...NOT! Joking aside, I've definitely changed over the years which is why I've made the decision to close this chapter of my life. Why now at the start of a new year? It just feels right and I finally feel ready. It's crossed my mind over the last couple of years, but more so in the last month. I've decided to refocus my energy on spending more quality time with my husband and 2 boys and putting more time into my makeup career and other new ventures.

You'll still be able to catch me writing about beauty on my personal makeup artist blog, The Joy Of Makeup and on Glow Canada so do stop by and say "hi"! And I'll still be on Twitter so holla and follow me on Instagram - I finally ditched the Crackberry!

Again, many many thanks for sharing your beauty addictions with me and letting me share mine with you! Thank you for making my life richer and fuller. May 2013 and beyond bring you lots of love, happiness and very many pretty things! Farewell my Makeup Junkies!

Joy a.k.a. THE Makeup Junkie


lelo said...


Jill Oliver-Fox said...

So sad to see you go, but glad you are in a happy state of mind and wish you all the best with everything you do.
I'll miss MJ it has always been amazing, and so are you.

beautyparler said...

I will miss you MJ! It was because of this blog we met & five years ago when I started blogging there were only a handful of beauty bloggers in Canada, guess we can say the original group!! So happy we met & had each others support. I also understand your reasons for focusing on family & your career of which you're amazing! Sometimes I too want to retire my blog but its not my time yet....goodluck & hope to see you soon!! xo

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

I'm a little sad too, but glad to see you finding more time to be with family and do things you enjoy. All the best, Joy

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for your post all these years Joy~

I look forward to see your posts on the personal page :)

sue ann said...

Oh Snap - Joy!
I just started reading your blog - great stuff!
Good luck in the future...:)