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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh Canada Lippies!

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians! I will be doing all things Canadian today including showing my country pride by wearing two of my favourite red lippies from Canadian brand Beaute Cosmetics!

Beaute Cosmetics Liqui-Gel Stains in Fever ($29 CAD): I've given these gel stains rave reviews on Makeup Junkie in the past. When I want a red lip that will last, I reach for Fever, a deep wine red that looks gorgeous on its own or as a base. These gels don't over dry the lips and give unbelievable depth when layered underneath a lipstick or gloss. It really has some serious stay-powering!

Beaute Cosmetics Luminous Volume Gloss in Urge ($26 CAD): You want some sexy volume? The husband likey! I haven't used this gloss in a while and I forgot how unbelievably shiny and pouty this gloss makes your lips. On its own, it's a sheer red but not a shy red! It's sheer enough if you're scared of reds but not shy enough to be noticed. It's a great shade of cherry that I love. I love layering this over Fever.

How To Wear Reds:
  • Red is a bold colour but with the different textures and formulas you can find reds in sheer to rich tones. Choose one you're comfortable with. Stick with stains, sheer glosses and tinted lip balms for something more subtle. 
  • For a summer red lip, I love pairing it with bronzing, glowing skin. Stick with bronze and golds on the lids, lots of mascara, and shimmering bronze cheeks. Lovely! 
  • To avoid a red mess on the teeth, take your index finger (clean of course!), put it in your mouth and pull straight out. 
  • When shopping for the perfect red, check the shade in natural light before purchasing. For pale skin tones, try a cool and bright cherry red. (Think Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga).
    For medium yellow and olive skin tones, give a warm-toned fire-engine red a go.
    For dark skin tones, try a berry colour or crimson red.
How will you be showing your Canadian patriotism and does it involve a red lippie? Have you tried these lippies? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Want 'em?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 10: 14 Good-For-You Lippies For Valentine's Day!

Day 10 lippie feature is weightless, paraben-free and Canadian!

Beaute Cosmetics Weightless Lip Creme in Girlina ($26 CDN):  If you like the idea of a gloss but want something with more colour and less shine then you'll adore the Weightless Lip Cremes from Beaute. They feel light as mousse on the lips and have long-lasting pigment. When you first apply the product, it feels very smooth and moisturizing, but once it sets it dries to a lipstick finish. Make sure your lips are chap-free and well moisturized prior to application. It will only enhance dry skin.

Girlina is described as a bright but pale Barbie pink. This would look absolutely flirty for V-day with shimmery pale shadow, black liquid liner winged out, luminous skin finished with soft baby doll cheeks! Smoky and sultry more your style? Pair with charcoal grey lids for some allure. 

Have you tried this lip gloss? Love it? Hate it? Want it?

For past reviews of good-for-you lippies for Valentine's Day click here.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring Preview Review: Sweet Cheeks!

Stop, you're makin' me blush! From candy pinks to sweet peaches, you'll want to show off those cheeks this Spring. Don't be coy - blush on with these sweeter than sweet blushes!

Coral Peaches:

Top swatch: not blended, Bottom swatch: blended

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Cabo Coral (available February 2010):  I am all over this creamy blush - one of my favourites for Spring! Cabo Coral  gives the cheeks a gorgeous healthy glow, perfect for this drab weather or if you suffer from dry skin. This coral-peach shade gives you a beachy pop of colour, a definite perk-me-up shade. I also found it to last into the evening without retouching. The texture works great as a stain if you don't suffer from chapped lips. I liked patting this onto the lips then adding a gloss over top for some depth and moisture.

Tip: To guarantee longer wear on the cheeks, apply after foundation then set with translucent powder.

M.A.C. Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach (Spring Colour Forecast available February 2010):  How gorgeous does this blush look in the compact? I love the gradient colour of coral to light peach - another staple for Spring! The Spring Colour Forecast features for colour stories: coral, pink/lavender, yellow/gold and plum/burgundy.

Ripe Peach is from the coral family and is a striking shade that gives your cheeks a sweet pop of colour. The texture is super blendable and leaves a subtle glow. The shimmer isn't over the top either so you don't have to worry about appearing too shiny.

Top swatch: blended, Bottom swatch: not blended

Beauté Cosmetics Liqui-Gel Stains in Neon: Memories of neon bring me back the garish 80's but Beauté's version is anything but! The neon orange may look shocking in the tube, but once its blended you will adore the coral-pink glow it leaves behind. These stains have some serious staining power too - you have about 12 seconds before it sets so I suggest dabbing a little at a time (if you don't want it to stain your fingers blend with a blush brush or sponge). You won't have to worry about this blush fading throughout the day.

Bonus: you can use this on the lips as well! The gel texture cushions your lips and works best when your lips are dry. However, if you have chapped-skin the stain will only enhance it. Moisturize your lips when you start applying your makeup.  By the time you get to your lips, the lip balm will have set into your lips then you can apply the stain. 

Benefit Sugarbomb Boxed Powder:  Swirl these four shades of peach, soft plum, shimmering pink and rose together and your cheeks will get a sweet rush of colour - or so they say. I got to test this powder out back in October only I didn't test it on myself. This blush is a sheer peach-pink on fair to medium skinned beauties but on medium-dark skin like moi, it barely shows up. I was so excited when I was sent a sample but disappointed after trying it. However, it works nicely as a highlighter or an all-over powder but I have enough of those! 

Lancome Pop 'n Cheeks Blush in Coral Flirt (O My Rose by Aaron de Mey available February 2010):  Love the presentation of this blush - it's like a little piece of art. The peachy-coral shade is very pretty but the gold glittery shimmer is a little too intense for me. Yes, you can apply the colours separately then use the gold as a highlighter but if you're using a proper sized blush brush that just doesn't work. All that bling on the face during the day might cause some to squint so I'd recommend this blush for a fun night out.


Cargo Blush in Amalfi (available February 2010 in CVS and select indy boutiques): I was a Cargo blush virgin until recently! After I received a sample of Amalfi, I immediately knew why Cargo's blush was a cult classic. First of all, the texture applies like butter and is so pigmented. The jumbo size and the amount of colour pay-off is so worth the price!

Amalfi is a shimmering hot pink which my cheeks are just loving! If you're looking for a neutral pink then this is not your shade. Amalfi is like a baby doll pink with some attitude. For a girly flush, apply on the apples of the cheek but for something more sophisticated apply Amalfi over a bronzer - gorgeous!

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blush in Plum: I was completely shocked at how much I would love this blush! I received a sample back in November and its been in heavy rotation ever since.These ultra creamy oil-free blushes not only give you a healthy glow but nourishes your skin with anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties at the same time.

The plum shade is a sophisticated version of a girly flush. When I apply this shade, my skin instantly looks brighter (love using this when I've had a late night). They are super blendable and long-lasting. It doesn't say you can apply on your lips but I do anyways. My lips look plump and soft and it doesn't dry out them out either.

100% Pure Strawberry Gel Cheek Tint: 100% natural, 100% vegan and gluten-free. This is the philosophy behind the all natural vegan line 100% Pure. The colour is derived from antioxidant and vitamin rich fruit.

Upon opening this blush you'll want to squirt it into your mouth but resist the urge! The yummy strawberry scent is delicious and the strawberry-pink shade is even better! The gel applies sheer so you won't over do it but you can definitely layer for more pop. And since it's all natural why not swipe some onto your lips!

Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use Blush in Crush 201:  Vapour Organic Beauty is a certified organic line that uses organic mineral pigments to colour their products. Aura Multi-Use Blush can be used on the cheeks, eyes and lips - big fans of multi-tasking products at Makeup Junkie!

Crush is a soft petal pink that reminds me of the first bloom of spring. It applies sheer on the first application but becomes a brighter pink after 2 more applications. The dewy finish was fresh and natural. Love the on-the-go and travel-friendly packaging, perfect for when you're in a rush.

What blushes are you excited to swipe on your cheeks for Spring?