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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sponsored Post: It's A Hair Situation

I'm in a hair rut. I haven't cut my hair since February and I haven't coloured my hair in...I can't even remember when. All I know is that it was before my second son was born. My hair is over-grown and I have grey "streaks" all over. So, here's my dilemma. I want a change and I'm thinking of keeping my hair long and colouring my hair something like this. 

I couldn't find another photo but I'm really loving Katy Perry's hair here. I want to do an ombre effect, but instead of purple a dark blue or navy. Crazy?? 

Brightly coloured and pastel tones are everywhere. Hair Extensions in London have become such a popular trend there and now we're seeing it not only on celebrities but on trendsetters who like to push the limits. Maybe I'm too old to pull off this trend (although I get mistaken for a college student all the time!), but can I use being a makeup artist as my excuse?? 

My client and friend, Eva Therese from Eva Therese Studios, gave me some much needed recommendations. Because my hair is naturally black, I would have to bleach my hair first otherwise my hair would turn green. Good to know - always have a professional colour your hair! She recommended I do coloured extensions instead. Brilliant! I'll save my hair from being over-processed and when I get sick of the colour I can just take it out. 

What do you think? Should I take the leap and break free from the boredom that is my hair? 

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

NYFW F/W 2011 Beauty: Ouidad Trend Report: Rebecca Minkoff

NYFW F/W 2011 Rebecca Minkoff

Ouidad kicked off NY Fashion Week 2011 with the Rebecca Minkoff show, the inspiration was a throwback 60’s vibe with a gypsy feel, and Ouidad’s “morning after” long, loose tousled styles were the perfect compliment to the collection.  To get the look, Ouidad used PlayCurl Volumizing Foam and Climate Control to give models a less polished “urban gypsy” look.

NYFW F/W 2011 Rebecca Minkoff

NYFW F/W 2011 Rebecca Minkoff

 NYFW F/W 2011 Rebecca Minkoff

 NYFW F/W 2011 Rebecca Minkoff
Photos provided by Kristen Somody Whalen.

NYFW F/W 2011 Beauty: Moroccanoil Trend Report: Badgely Mischka

Hair by Peter Gray for Moroccanoil®
Photographer: © David Webber for Moroccanoil®

The Inspiration:
The Badgley Mischka Collection for Fall 2011 is inspired by the great parties and classic Hollywood film of the 40’s and 50’s including “All About Eve,” “The Women,” and “Dark Victory.” It celebrates the strength and sophistication of the iconic leading ladies of those times, including Bette Davis.

Hair by Peter Gray for Moroccanoil®
Photographer: © David Webber for Moroccanoil®

The Hair Look:
Stylist Peter Gray for Moroccanoil® designed a series of fearlessly glamorous updos, highlighting sensuous lines and the contrast of a modern asymmetrical roll, with a strong and a sexy rope twist on the opposite side.

“I had an image of a young Catherine Deneuve in “The Hunger” in mind when I designed these looks,” said Gray. “Confident, sophisticated and passionate – hair that was the epitome of glamour with the perfect touch of soft, disheveled strands.”

The creative designs feature hair sleeked close to the head and rope-twisted back on one side, with a full asymmetrical roll starting at the opposite temple area – all combining in a unique, off center, spiral-rolled chignon at the nape of the neck. The separate sides are balanced with a long strip of crystals placed directly onto the smooth, diagonal side-part.

Hair by Peter Gray for Moroccanoil®
Photographer: © David Webber for Moroccanoil®

How To Create Looks:
“I made a low part on one side, from the temple to the nape and then smoothed the hair back on one side,” Gray explains. “I then rope-twisted it, following the hair line and back to the nape of the neck."

“I then blow-dried the hair straight on the opposite side using Moroccanoil® Hydrating Styling
Cream, (and a Moroccanoil® flat paddle brush,) to give the hair a smooth, shiny texture and soft hold.

Next, I sprayed Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray closely on each section to help bring the ends together and reduce fluffiness. I then used a 1” curling iron to create a roller set, but I rolled the curls upward instead of down, to take the volume out of the hair. I then let the reverse rolls cool for a few minutes to better hold the shape.

After brushing the hair out, I started working on the roll. I first backcombed the hair and formed an asymmetric French twist (from the front temple all the way to the nape.) I then pulled together and unified the hair on each side, fastened it together in a double ponytail, and rolled them into an asymmetric chignon.

Finally, I used Moroccanoil® Glimmer Shine Spray on the sleek side to emphasize a smooth, shiny and modern texture. To complete, I lightly brushed the surface hair of the full roll on the opposite side to free a few soft, disheveled strands and soften the look. Everything was kept in place by Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray.

Hair by Peter Gray for Moroccanoil®
Photographer: © David Webber for Moroccanoil®

The Products:
Moroccanoil® Treatment, a proprietary argan oil-infused formula, is exclusively designed to give hair a natural-looking silky, lustrous shine and a frizz- and static-free finish. It strengthens, conditions and revitalizes hair while significantly reducing drying time. (100ml / $40.80)

Moroccanoil® Hydrating Styling Cream This proprietary argan oil-infused formula gives beautifully hydrating and natural-looking hold while eliminating frizz, and adding definition and shine. (300ml / $36.80)

Moroccanoil® Glimmer Shine Spray creates an instant mist of long-lasting, incomparable shine while protecting hair from the damaging effects of UV light and free radicals. (100ml / $25.80)

Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray is argan oil-infused for lasting, healthy and natural-looking hold with shine. (330ml / $23.80)

NYFW F/W 2011 Beauty: Sebastian Trend Report: alice + olivia by Stacey Bendett

NYFW F/W 2011 alice + olivia by Stacey Bendett

Alice + Olivia Inspiration:
The Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet Fall 2011 collection evokes timeless elegance and unabashed glamour. Stacey Bendet creates a wardrobe for a chic, free-spirited female; an empowered individual who is flawlessly fun and full of life, ready for a party, eccentric and captivating.

 NYFW F/W 2011 alice + olivia by Stacey Bendett

The Hair Look:
1. To start, dampen the hair with water and generously apply Volupt Spray throughout the hair. Blow the hair out with just your fingers, keeping any natural texture in the hair and making sure the hair has plenty of volume.
2. Once the hair is completely dry, leave a soft parting where the hair falls into a break naturally. From here, spritz all over with Shine Define for flexible control and gently pull back the hair to either the center or to either side.
3. Twist very small, subtle sections on the sides and pull hair back into a large chignon and allow what pieces pop out to remain loose. Secure with a natural-colored hair band, matte bobby pins and fine pins. Pull the chignon into a pretty shape and secure with a few more pins.
4. Finally, spritz the hair with Trilliant for a soft natural hold and beautiful shine.

How to Get the Look with Sebastian Professional:
Thomas Dunkin suggests the following combination of stylers:
  • Shine Define – The Ultimate Versatile Hairspray for Shine and Flexible Hold
  • Volupt Spray – Volume-Building Spray-Gel
  • Shaper Zero Gravity – Dry, Brushable, Lightweight Control Hairspray
  • Trilliant – Thermal Protection and Shimmer Complex
For more information, please visit

Credit Info:
Lead Stylist – Thomas Dunkin, Sebastian Professional Stylist Design Team

 NYFW F/W 2011 alice + olivia by Stacey Bendett

 NYFW F/W 2011 alice + olivia by Stacey Bendett

 NYFW F/W 2011 alice + olivia by Stacey Bendett

 NYFW F/W 2011 alice + olivia by Stacey Bendett

Photos provided by Sebastian Professional.

NYFW F/W 2011 Beauty: Trend Report: Monique Lhullier

NYFW F/W 2011 Monique Lhullier

For Monique Lhullier's luxurious and feminine collection, the hair and make-up look was doll meets punk. Make-up artist Val Garland for MAC created a deep purple smoky eye, intense brows and berry-colored lips. Odile Gilbert for Kérastase created a doll-like, haute-couture updo, with ribbon-like curls topped off with a black bow.

NYFW F/W 2011 Monique Lhullier

 NYFW F/W 2011 Monique Lhullier

 NYFW F/W 2011 Monique Lhullier

 NYFW F/W 2011 Monique Lhullier

Photos provided by

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NYFW F/W 2011 Beauty: Wella Trend Report: Narciso Rodriguez

NYFW F/W 2011 Narciso Rodriguez

The Fall 2011 collection draws inspiration from architectural elements and the combination of these rich, textural materials.  It is a collection that combines color with neutrals to create graphic shapes and volume.

Hair Look:
This season the beauty look embraces the darker side of Narciso Rodriguez and illustrates the strength that this modern woman embodies.  According to Wella Professionals Global Creative Director, Eugene Souleiman, “She resembles the women photographed by Peter Lindbergh in the mid to late 80s, she is intelligent and not pretty in an obvious way, but her look is interesting.  She is admired for her character and tough nature, which is reflected in the somewhat unkempt, rough hairstyle.”  A simple ponytail becomes masculine by tying it into a knot on the back of the head.  Rather than keeping hair around the face sleek, it’s mussed up for added texture and roughness that suggests this intentional, uncaring attitude and air of confidence.

Credit Info:
Hair Styling by: Eugene Souleiman, Wella Professionals Global Creative Director of Care & Styling
Hair products provided by Wella Professionals

Step-by-Step Styling
1.     First, spray dry hair with Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz at the roots to get the maximum benefits of the product by adding texture.
2.     Blast hair all over with a hair dryer directing the air and heat at the head to create root lift and texture.  Massage roots to create more volume.
3.     Grab hair and pull into a tight ponytail one inch below the crown and secure with an elastic.
4.     Spray length of ponytail with Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz for some additional texture and then tie ponytail into an actual knot; secure knot in place with a pin.
5.     Gently pull at pieces of hair around the face with fingertips to create a square shape.
6.     Rub Wella Professionals Texture Touch into hands and slick onto hair with palms to create a raw, tight texture that makes hair look dirty and matte.
7.     Spray hair around the face with Wella Professionals Shimmer Delight to add some shine and glossiness to the finished look.

 For more information, visit

Photos provided by Wella.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NYFW F/W 2011 Beauty: Wella Trend Report: DKNY


The Look:  Perfect Imperfection

The hair look for the Fall  ’11 DKNY show in New York was inspired by the late ‘60s/ early ‘70s ‘mod’ look, where stiff structured looks gave way to a new modern aesthetic.   The hair perfectly partnered the new linear aesthetic of the DKNY catwalk collection, which featured a palette of black and white with splashes of red, orange and navy, and channeled a ‘mod’ ‘60s mood.

“I wanted to create a look that started off with the perfect blow dry but then evolved to a more thoughtful, contemporary finish.  I was inspired by the classic ‘Rock Star’s Girlfriend’ look of the late ‘60s, a look that is still much coveted today, as it is the perfect combination of sexiness and class.  For me, it’s all about creating the perfect look and then bringing in imperfection, in this look we’ve done that by adding texture for a raw, sexy, ‘lived in’ look” says Eugene Souleiman, Global Creative Director Wella Professionals, Care & Styling.

Get the Look:
Start by creating the perfect blow dry; use Wella Professionals Perfect Setting Blow-dry Lotion.  Blow-dry the hair using a round brush to give a smooth finish.  Create a side parting and section off the hair around the crown of the head.  Divide the crown section into two and wind each section round a large Velcro roller and clip in place; this will give direction and create a little volume.  Leave the Velcro rollers in for at least 15 minutes.  To finish the style, remove the rollers and spray Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray into the hair, blast the hair with a blow dryer to dry the spray, and then massage the crown of the head with your fingers to create texture and fly aways.

·         Wella Professionals Perfect Setting Blow-dry Lotion
·         Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray


Photos provided by Wella.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12 Days of Holiday Beauty: Side-Pinned Wavy Hair

Photo Credit:

Nothing says party hair then a head of beautiful wavy curls. This is one look I do often when I'm stepping out to a special event.

You'll want to start with lots of volume in the hair. The key to making this hair less cute and more Victoria Secret-esque is to do big curls. Apply a volumizing spray or mousse to the root of the hair and blow dry the root up if styling from wet. You can use your hands to direct the hair up. Once the hair is completely dry, wrap 1 inch sections of your hair around a big barrel curling iron. Always curl your hair away from the face unless you're going for Old Hollywood. Curling away from the face makes it look more modern and up-to-date. If your hair doesn't hold a curl too well, use a light hold hairspray and spray as you go. If you have straight bangs you'll want to curl your bangs away from your head as well. You want to avoid looking like you have to different hair styles.

If you don't have a big barrel iron, use your small one and at the end brush out your curls to make them look big and bouncy. Once your hair is completely curled, pin one side up. Be creative and add a twist to the hair and secure with a sparkly hair brooch. When you are satisfied with the look, spray all over with an extra hold hair spray.

What's your go-to party hair style?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday 2010: All I Want For Christmas Is...Moroccanoil With Vanity Case!

Gimme good hair please all year round! I instantly fell in love with Moroccanoil when I started working at a salon a couple of years ago. I love the light-weight feel, the silky texture, and the gorgeous shine it gives my hair. It works amazing on curly, frizzy hair without weighing it down. 

I love the new kits that are coming out for the holidays from Moroccanoil. This particular set includes: 
  • Moroccanoil Orange Vanity Case
  • Glimmer Shine Spray
  • Moroccanoil Treatment 100 ml
  • Moroccanoil Treatment 10 ml
  • Retails for $66 CAD
I am loving the Glimmer Shine Spray. I've been wanting to get my hands on this! It gives the hair a beautiful shine, enhances the colour of your hair and prevents hair static.When I air dry my hair, it has a frizzy wavy finish. I spray a little of this and my hair looks less scary! The argan oil is a powerful antioxidant and protects against the harsh environmental factors. So, let the wind blow your hair any way it wants because your hair will still look gorgeous and healthy! 

Moroccanoil is available at fine salons and spas nationwide.

Have you tried Moroccanoil products? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Want 'em?

Products were sent for editorial consideration and I truly love it.

Monday, December 6, 2010

12 Days of Holiday Beauty: Side Bun With Some Holiday Sparkle!

Photo Credit:

Believe it or not, buns are actually very easy to do. Doing a quick bun can help make any outfit look even more glamorous and fun especially when you add a sparkly hair clip. Buns in general are making a comeback so whether you’re doing a classic chignon, ballerina bun, or french twist there are many ways to make it look modern and festive.

Some women hate having their hair pulled back (myself included) which is why a side bun is a great way to show off some hair while keeping it off the face. To keep it from looking too awkward or juvenile, make sure the placement of the bun is pulled slightly to the side and lower on the nape of the neck. Also, if you are wearing something asymmetrical place the bun on the side where your shoulder is bare.

Step 1: If you’re styling your hair after showering, apply a volumizing mousse at the root of the hair. Finger dry your hair until it is bone dry. Flip your hair upside down to dry it faster and to give you extra volume. If you’re styling from dry, spray a volumizing spray at the root or use a dry shampoo. The side bun will look less severe with volume at the top and when it is not pulled so close to the head.

Step 2: Curling your hair will make it easier to style into a bun. Wrap 1 inch sections of your hair around a barrel curling iron. This will create a really pretty “s” wave. Make sure the ends are completely curled and not straight. For a quicker solution, put your hair in hot rollers and take them out when your makeup is done. If you don’t have hot rollers, use regular velcro ones and heat with your blow dryer. Use your cool shot to set the curls.

Step 3: Once your curls are done, gently finger comb through your curls. Start loosely gathering your hair leaving volume at the top and positioning it to the side. Once you are satisfied with the placement, wrap a hair elastic around like you would a regular pony tail. Take a small section underneath the hair and wrap around to hide the elastic. Secure with two bobbi pins.

Step 4: Now it’s time to have fun with your hair. Because your hair is curled, you can roll it anyway you’d like. If you’d like some of the curls to show, pin the majority into a bun leaving some pieces out. If you’d like a more classic round shape, wrap the hair around following in the direction the curl falls. Cross pin until you feel the hair secure. If you like hair around your face, pull a few pieces for a messy, modern feel. Spray with an extra hold hair spray to keep the style secure.

Step 5: Add a fun, sparkly hair clip on the bun, to the side of the bun, or just behind your ear. There are a variety of hair clips to choose fun so go with one that compliments your outfit or your personality!

Would you do this hairstyle?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Celebrity Beauty: What Do You Think Of K-Stew's Lighter Do?

It's the eve of the highly anticipated Twilight Eclipse premiere so I thought a beauty story on Kristen Stewart would be fitting! Rave reviews of Eclipse have been buzzing all over Twitter so it's definitely on my to-see list! 

K-stew debuted her strawberry do for last night's Letterman appearance and I'm totally diggin' it. Her lighter locks make her skin look more peaches 'n cream and her eyes just pop so much more. Just days before at the L.A. premiere of Eclipse, Kristen still had her dark brown hair. I find her dark hair pales out her skin and the colour of her eyes just don't stand out as much.

What do you guys think? Love it? Hate it? 

Photo credit: &

Thursday, March 11, 2010

LIFT Beauty Boutique Hair Workshop for Makeup Artists!

*Please note: I did not do the hair only the makeup which is why I will be attending the workshop!

If you're a makeup artist who wants to learn how to style hair then this workshop is for you! The amazingly talented ladies at LIFT Beauty Boutique are hosting a hair workshop. You'll learn all the tips and tricks to doing hair like the pros! There are still a few openings left so hurry and book your spot!

What: Hair Workshop for Makeup Artists
When: April 11 at 1 pm
Where: LIFT Beauty Boutique
114 Cumberland Unit #303 (Lift Beauty Boutique is located on the third floor, right in the heart of Yorkville. We are easily accessible by subway (exit at the Bay subway station). If you are driving there are two Public Parking lots located right on Yorkville Ave, just steps away.)
Fee: $100 (You must pay in advance. Attendees get bobby pins, combs & elastics in class & take home. 15% off products, 20% Hot tools for kits)
To book call: 416.960.LIFT

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Hana Elite Gives Back To Haiti


Spread the word for Haiti! With every sale of the Hana Elite Flat Iron purchased between now and February 10, CEO Steve Voudouris, will personally send a $25 blank check to the customer along with a stamped envelope for the customer to send a donation to a Haitian relief charity of their choice. 

The Hana Elite Flat Iron can be purchased at and regularly retails for $359.99 USD (on sale right now for $229.99 USD). This flat iron is 100% ceramic and can style damp hair. If you're in the market for a flat iron why not buy a high quality one and donate money at the same time? 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My New Do!

I go through these phases where I think I'm finally comfortable with my hair but then have those days when I want a complete change. I've had bangs before but let them grow out over the past year and finally made the plunge to get them back! And after seeing Nicole Richie's sexy new do I wanted them even more.

I went to visit my ladies over at Lift Beauty Boutique and realized it had been 8 months since my stylist, Emily, had worked her magic on me! She always knows exactly what I want without me having to say anything. If you haven't visited Lift before I suggest you swing by - they always have a lot of promos going on. Check out my feature on Lift Beauty Boutique here. They also have their own cosmetic line, Lift Cosmetics, and relaunching the line this March so stay tuned!


Alright, here is the reveal! I can't wait to try the style with a slightly messy wave. I didn't want to go with a straight across bang so we did a shattered bang that I could wear to the side and slightly messy all across.

Shattered all-across

Like the new do? Be kind! ;)

UPDATE: I forgot to mention I got rid of the awful caramel highlights in my hair and went back to good ol' black brown. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hair Inspiration?

I'm having a slight girl crush on style mogul and fashion icon, Nicole Richie. I've always been a fan of her effortless boho chic style (anticipating her new clothing line Winter Kate) and already a fan of her jewelry line, House of Harlow.

I'm getting my hair done tomorrow at the fabulous Lift Beauty Boutique in Yorkville and came across this photo of Nicole on the up-coming March cover of Fashion Magazine. I am loving the darker hair on her and the shattered bangs - the look is very sultry/sexy.

I haven't had bangs in a while and itching for a new look. What do you think? Should I go for it???

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hair 101: Styling Tips For Gorgeous Waves

Some are blessed with gorgeous hair that requires little or no styling at all. If you're like me, then a lot of effort is involved in getting that celebrity hair. Nowadays, women want sexy big Gisele hair or boho beach waves like Lauren Conrad. Don't fret my beauties! With some must-have products and a few styling tips you can have celebrity-worthy hair in no time!

Styling Tips:
• For voluminous loose waves, add a volumizing product like 1. Schwartzkopf Professional OSiS Glamour Queen, to the roots and a styling cream with a light hold to the ends. To keep it effortless and easy, this works best when hair is left to air-dry.
• When hair is still wet, scrunch hair in hands after applying a styling cream to encourage some wave or curl.
• Blow dry hair completely dry before styling. Cuts down on damage to the hair and makes styling easier.
• Whether you use a round brush, curling iron, or flat iron it’s all about the direction in which the hair is styled. Achieve volume at the root by blow drying the hair up with your hands or round brush (at the crown or front section to crown).
• You can also use 2. Velcro rollers to achieve volume.
• To give the hair more definition, take pieces here and there and curl with a 3. flat iron for a softer wave or a curling iron for a more defined curl. Twist the flat iron all the way down the hair curling away from the face. Using a curling iron, wrap sections of hair around the barrel.
• To really loosen the curl, flip hair upside down and shake at the root or finger-comb through the hair. You can also brush through the hair for even looser waves.
• For extra volume and hold at the root, use a product that will add volume and texture like 4.
Schwartzkopf Professional OSiS Dust It. This powder looks like baby powder but dissolves right into the scalp. Sprinkle and shake at the root or anywhere you need extra volume. Dust It absorbs oil and is remoldable. If hair starts to go flat mid-day, just shake your hair at the root. Finish hair with a medium hold spray or Glamour Queen.

Schwartzkopf Professional products are sold at most salons and beauty supply stores. In Toronto, you can purchase at Lift Beauty Boutique.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hair 101: Healthy Hair Tips

Healthy hair doesn't just happen on its own. Like any relationship, maintaining your hair requires some effort (for some A LOT of effort). How many of you are wishing your hair would just grow? When I used to work at a salon, I used to get women all the time telling me how they were painfully trying to grow out the asymmetrical bob. Read on to see how you can get healthy hair and promote hair growth. Love your hair and your hair will love you back!

1. Lead a healthy lifestyle. I may not always eat the best foods or exercise regularly but I do make an effort! Eating good foods, staying active, and taking multi-vitamins will do wonders for your hair. When I was pregnant, I ate healthy and took multi-vitamins. When I added Calcium pills to my regime in my 3rd trimester, I noticed my hair grow at twice the speed! My hair was always so shiny and thick. My co-workers at the time used to ask me if I got my hair done. I guess it is true when they say what you put in your body counts!

2. Cut your hair every 6-8 weeks. I'm lazy when it comes to this kind of stuff but believe it or not getting regular trims will promote hair growth. Women used to groan when we would tell them to come in more regularly instead of once a year. This didn't go over to well with gals trying to grow out their already short hair. As painful as it may be, trimming your hair regularly means you'll have to get less and less cut off each time you come in. When you don't trim your hair, the breakage will continue until it reaches your root which will eventually make your hair grow slower. If you see a lot of fly-aways or short hairs at your roots, that is breakage.

3. Protect your hair at all times. The majority of us use some sort of hot styling tool everyday which is why it's especially important to protect it. If you protect your hair with a styling product first, it will burn the product off rather than your actual hair. Even if you will be wearing your hair au naturale, you still need a protector in your hair to protect from the sun and pollution. For really damaged hair, curly and frizzy or if you regularly colour your hair, I recommend Moroccanoil Treatment. This oil treatment adds protein to the hair, restoring it back to its natural healthy state. It's light-weight and absorbs quickly into the hair so your hair will never feel oily or heavy. You can use this wet or dry as a style finisher for added shine and to tame frizz. It smells amazing and you can also massage it on your nails and cuticles!

For normal hair, I like to use Schwarzkopf OSiS + Buff Styling Cream. This product is a styling cream, leave-in conditioner, and protects your hair from heat, the sun and pollution. It is light-weight enough for even the finest hair. If your hair has a slight wave and you're going for that beachy wave, apply this to your hair damp and let it air-dry. Then take pieces that are straight, and curl with a flat-iron or curling iron. The results are gorgeous!

Moroccanoil Treatment and Schwarzkopf OSiS + Buff Styling Cream are sold at most salons and beauty supply stores. In Toronto, you can purchase at Lift Beauty Boutique.

Have you tried these products? What do you think? What are your healthy hair tips? Makeup Junkie wants to know!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beauty Feature: Get Gorgeous With Lift Beauty Boutique!

Whether you're walking down the isle, celebrating a birthday, or winning an award there's only one place that will get you looking your most beautiful - Lift Beauty Boutique! Located in the upscale Yorkville neighbourhood of Toronto (sorry non-Torontonians), Lift is tucked away in a 3rd floor chic boutique-style salon. You'll never feel snubbed or rubbed the wrong way (they give wicked head massages though!) when you enter this casual girly atmosphere. Everyone that comes by always feels like "they're hanging out with their girlfriends"! Don't be fooled by the young, beautiful staff - they've got plenty of experience under their belts! This is an especially great spot for gals who have had a bad hair experience at a salon - the stylists actually listen and only recommend what suits you the best. Always honest and genuine!

The salon houses some of the top brands on the market like: Schwarzkopf, Classified Cosmetics, Orly, and the boutiques very own cosmetic line Lift Cosmetics!

Meet the owners, Emily Hartzman and Lauren Simpson. Fresh out of makeup school, the then 21 year old BFF's were passionate about creating a cosmetic line that would be skin conscious, especially for cancer patients and cancer survivors. After the launch of Lift Cosmetics, the young entrepreneurs went the next step and opened Lift Beauty Boutique. They have been making women look fabulous for nearly 3 years now and are still going strong! They've been featured in countless magazines and publications including Lou Lou and Fashion Magazine. Clients range from tweens and up.

The salon offers cuts and styles, blow outs, colour/highlights, mani/pedi's, makeup application, and eye brow shaping. What the salon is really known for are their express services which cater to women who need to be in and out for a special occassion. The salon is always offering different promotions and discounts so do check their "Specials" page often. They've also changed their hours to accommodate later appointments.

"The Emily": I named Emily's (Master Stylist) blowouts because they are worth naming! While she is also known for her beautiful, precise cuts and natural highlights, her blowouts are stunning. Your hair will be soft, smooth, and voluminous! Her little touch - a soft loose wave created with a round brush.

Eye Brow Shaping/Manicures/Makeup Applications
: Lauren is the master esthetician not only because she is amazing but because she does it all! Whether it's waxing or plucking, she will give your brows the perfect shape for your face. The manicures are very relaxing and her polish application is spot on. I find some manicurists miss part of the nail when applying colour. Makeup applications are fresh, flawless, and beautiful. Whatever the occassion she can create the perfect look.

Funky Hair Cuts
: Along with Brianne's (Junior Stylist) bubbly hilarious personality you'll love her funky cuts. Whether it's a trendy cut or just a simple style Brianne does it all!

Lift Dual Finish Powder Foundation and Moon Dust Loose Pigment
: One of my faves from the line is the Dual Finish Powder Foundation. It's a powder and foundation in one and makes your skin look flawless. It also applies sheer but has buildable coverage. I love Moon Dust Loose Pigment! I use this on the eyes as a shadow, as a highlighter and on the lips! If you want a sheer colour apply dry, but apply wet if you want more intensity. Mix with a clear gloss and you have a custom-made shimmery soft gold with pink gloss!

Tip: if you need your hair done for a specific date book at least 2-3 weeks in advance as their weekends and later appointments get booked up quickly!

Lift Beauty Boutique
114 Cumberland Unit 303
To book or for pricing call: 416-960-LIFT

Monday, November 3, 2008

Beauty Review: 100% Vegan Shampoo and Conditioner by Jonathan!

Ok, I know saying 100% vegan hair products is weird. Who's eating shampoo? But if you're truly serious about being nice to your fine-feathered friends, then why put product on your hair that you know was tested and probably burned off of a baby rabbit.

....That's right. A baby rabbit.

SO! I ended up getting a sample set into my hands of the Jonathan shampoo and conditioner for dehydrated hair (I dye my locks so, yes, they're thirsty). At first, I was used to the foaming of my Herbal Essences, but when I read "sulfate-free" I had to figure that's why there was the lack of foaming agent in Jonathan's product. Strange at first, but nice in the end.

A few days pass, as I squeeze the last of my little product out, and I'm happy to say I really enjoyed the scent and feel of my hair. It actually doesn't frizz on me as much, and I feel really good about not hurting poor little Thumper.

So, Makeup Junkies, looking for an animal-friendly but professional smelling shampoo/conditioner? Head to Sephora and pick a couple up for $20(USD) for the shampoo and $22 (USD) for the conditioner!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Think Pink: Bumble and Bumble Classic Hairspray

Bumble and Bumble Classic Hairspray ($11 USD for 4 oz $20 USD for 10 oz) is the only hairspray you'll ever need. It's so ironic but I used to be anti-hairspray. I hated how other brands used to make my hair a sticky, flaky mess. So, I stopped using it and stuck with straightening my hair and a shine serum.

Times have changed and I'm frolicking in a head of soft, sultry waves. There's something about waves and curls that makes a girl feel sexy, a little frisky. Now that I'm on a curl obsession I've been using hairspray ever so reluctantly until I tried Bumble and Bumble's Classic Hairspray! I love it! My hair still feels soft and doesn't have that crunchy hard look. I love that you can still brush through your hair after it's been sprayed. The next day my hair still feels soft and non-greasy. I did makeup for an event last night and my curls were still in tact and fabulous! A definite must for girls who like their curl or for styles that need some serious hold!

Bumble and bumble. will donate $1.00 from every can of Classic Hairspray sold on and in its two NYC salons during September and October to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Available at Bumble and bumble. New York City Downtown salon (House of Bumble), Bumble and bumble. New York City Uptown salon and (US only).

Have you tried Bumble and Bumble Classic Spray? Love it? Hate it?