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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Beauty Blogger Beauty Tips!

All of us have beauty tips we live and die by. Some may even seem bizarre but we stick by them because they work. It's only natural for girlfriends to swap beauty tips so I thought who better to ask than some girlfriends from around the beauty blogging world! Read on for beauty tips from some of your (my) favourite beauty bloggers! You never know, you'll probably learn a thing or two! I know I did! Thank you to the lovely beauty bloggers for sharing your tips! Enjoy!

Elke, founder of The Beauty Blog Network, The Beauty Ideal, and her own site Elke Von Freudenberg, says: "1. to get perfect lashes, apply 1 coat of of two different mascaras. works every time.

2. use a nude color stay lip color before your lip gloss or lipstick. Lasts for hours.

3. in a hurry? Throw a soft shimmering bronzer across forehead, across
cheeks and bridge of nose and bottom of chin. Then sweep across eyelids,
touch on lips, add lipgloss, mascara and go...."

Toya from The Life of A Lady Bug says: "1. Brown-skinned women: If you want to achieve a sexy, sunburned look, apply a bright blush to the apples of your cheeks, then apply your favorite bronzer on top. The fruity bright color (this works especially well with bright pinks like MAC's Beauty Powder in Sweetness and bright oranges like CARGO's blush in Laguna) will peek through the bronzy brown, giving you a vibrant, luscious summertime flush.

2. Always wear blush! It doesn't matter if your favorite kind is a powder, a gel or a liquid; if it's red, pink or peach - the idea is to wear it and wear it every day. Blush does more than any other product to make you look awake, alive, healthy and pretty.

3. Get multi-purpose products or products you can apply with the swipe of a finger. Most of us are busy, busy, busy and may only have a few minutes in the morning to look our best. I swear by products that can be applied with my fingers or that can serve more than one function. My latest faves are MAC's Paint Pots because with one swipe across the eye, you've given yourself a "look" that was fast and will last."

Jamie from The Beauty of Life says: "1). Moisturize!! Find one that works for you (my absolute fave is Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Youth Creme), and use it every day. Your skin will look younger, healthier and more nourished in almost no time -- and continuing its usage will only help over time!

2) Don't be afraid to experiment! A makeup artist I spoke with once told me that no one should stress over makeup -- it's supposed to be fun. So what if you sweep on a purple eyeshadow and discover that it looks bad? Wipe it off and try something else! It's the only way to really find out what works for you.

3) Always have some sort of chapstick or lip balm on hand to keep your lips hydrated and supple. I usually have five or six clinking around in my purse -- and even more on my nightstand, vanity, desk and kitchen counter! Chapped lips are so easy to combat, and swiping on something like Bonne Bell LipSmackers makes your pucker taste and smell good too!"

Shannon from Makeup Minute and A Girl's Gotta Spa says: "1--Exfoliate--bring through your natural glow by sloughing off the dead skin cells weekly. This not only a must for your face, but for your body as well. Exfoliating prevents your pores from being clogged with lifeless skin and also makes your skin better able to absorb your moisturizer. Favorite exfoliant: Solessence's Cream de la Coconut SheaShea Sugar Scrub and KLEAN Bath & Body's Ginger Tea Sugar Scrub.

2--Cover your eyes! To sleep that is. Wearing a sleep mask is essential to getting the most out of your beauty sleep and a well rested you makes for a well rested looking face. Blocking the light while you sleep helps you to achieve a deeper more peaceful sleep. My favorite sleep masks are the Dream Essentials brand.

3--Get some spa time. Whether you create a spa experience at home or soak up the services at a spa near you, relaxation is the key to mentally and physically feeling more rejuvenated. A facial can do wonders to achieve a healthy glow and a deep tissue massage will truly melt the stress away. Beauty isn't only on the outside, it's inward progressing out. My favorite spa is The Lodge at Woodloch."

Marina from Makeup Loves Me says: "My #1 tip is: Always where blush or bronzer on your cheeks -- it makes your whole face come to life!" :)

Amber from Beauty Blogging Junkie says: "Let your hair air dry 85% of the way before applying a smoothing serum or cream and then blow dry. Blowing it out when hair is soaking wet is damaging to the cuticle. To cut down on my air-drying time, I use a super-absorbant Aquis hair towel."

Jami from Bionic Beauty says: "I've used pencil eyeliners for years, but recently expanded my collection with a black liquid liner. I use it when I want a sharp line or a little extra "wing" for drama.

At first, I couldn't seem to get a smooth line, then I discovered this little secret. Remove the liner wand and hold it out in the air for 10 seconds or so before you start to line. It lets the liquid eyeliner dry a bit and hence produces a smooth, clump free, blotch free line!"

Carleen from Girl Gloss and Beauty and Fashion Tech says: " (1) For long wearing lip color, use a stain such as Benetint and top it off with gloss. It won't last as long as the long wearing brands, but it will be a heck of a lot more comfortable and will look better.

(2) Creme de la Mer is pricey for use as a face cream, but it is wonderful as an eye cream, and for that use, it is very cost effective. Look for sample size tubs on Ebay.

(3) Olive oil is a great beauty product right out of your cupboard. Use it to condition hair ,mix it with a bit of cleanser for an extra kick of moisture, or rub it into dry patches of skin. It also works pretty well as a lip oil!"

Sapna from StyleBell says: Hot Oil Treatment For Your Hair

"Warm up about 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Start by dabbing the oil on your scalp with a cotton ball. Massage aggressively. Then rub the remainder of the oil on your hair. Let sit in your hair for about an hour (longer the better) and then shampoo and condition. Shiny soft and beautiful locks are awaiting you! I do this deep treatment hot oil treatment about once a month."

Sophie from Beautynomics says: "1. Theres no such thing as indulging in anti-aging practices too early. :) 2. Always apply lotion when skin is damp for maximum absorption, and less greasy feel. 3. Use mineral makeup - because its the purest and least damaging makeup that can touch your skin. :) "

Do you have beauty tips you swear by? If so, please do share in the comments!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Beauty Blogger Feature: Miss Chickie of Chick Advisor!

Photo: Ali looking gorgeous at the Chick Advisor after party for Shop Crawl Part Deux

Ali, a.k.a. "Miss Chickie", is the co-founder of and one of the savviest and fashionable business women I know. If you've read my site in the past then you are probably familiar with Chick Advisor and are even a member! If you aren't in the "know" it's a popular site where women (and even some men) swap their favourite (and not-so-favourite) buys from beauty to electronics! The site is there to make your shopping life easier by giving reviews, prices, and where to buy. Ali has taken her concept to another level by creating a vidcast, "Where'd You Get That?", and takes it to the streets of Toronto asking fashionistas where they shop and fashion tips.

When it comes to beauty and finding great products I thought who better to ask than Ali! Check out my interview with her as she dishes on some beauty tips and products she can't live without! Thanks Ali!

Makeup Junkie: Can you tell us about Chick Advisor and what inspired you to create your site?

Ali: In 2005 I was planning my wedding out of town (in Winnipeg) and was looking for reviews online for hair salons and spas where I would go for my wedding hair and makeup, etc but couldn't find anything. I started really researching and discovered there was really nothing out there. I mentioned it to my husband Alex in frustration and he suggested we build something like that.

MJ: It's become one of the most popular sites for reviews on everything especially beauty. How much do member reviews affect your buying decision when it comes to beauty products?
Ali: Big time. I have a big basket of partially used products under my bathroom sink of things that just didn't work, so now I research everything on CA before investing.

MJ: Now that the weather is getting warmer, do you have a beauty routine that gets your skin ready for Spring/Summer?
Ali: I drink a lot of water, I've switched to a lighter moisturizer, and I wash my face whenever I come in from being outside for awhile. That may sound strange but I find as the weather gets warmer, my face gets oilier and it traps the pollution in my skin (especially being downtown) more than in the winter. A quick splash of cool water when I get home gets rid of the grime of the city and helps me avoid unnecessary break-outs.

MJ: What are your must-have beauty products for warmer weather?
Ali: Garnier Fructis Fresh Cleansing Gel, Life Brand Gentle Skin toner in Papaya (mornings) Neostrata Toning Solution (evenings) Garnier Fructis Fresh 24 hr Hydrating Day Cream, and Kiehl's Abyssine Eye Cream.

MJ: You are the host of your own show "Where'd You Get That?". Do you have a signature on-camera makeup look or do you like trying different looks?
Ali: Joy, you are a genius when it comes to makeup. There were a number of different looks you did that I loved, but my favorite was the gold eyeshadow with the raspberry lip. It's just really fresh and fun!

MJ: What is one beauty product you are obsessed with right now?
Ali: I'm currently infatuated with Lise Watier Plumpissimo Le Gloss in Corail. It is such a gorgeous colour and the gloss has such a nice texture/taste to it. I also adore CoverGirl Line Exact liquid liner because it is the easiest liquid eyeliner I've ever used, and Makeup For Ever's Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation.

MJ: What do you think is the most important beauty rule you follow and that every woman should follow?
Ali: Drink LOTS of water. And do cardio. Drinking water and sweating is the best way to get gorgeous glowing skin. There is no product that can mimic that. Hot yoga is a really great way to achieve this, or running for 30 min, 3 times a week. If that is too much effort, carefully steaming your face once a week will make your skin look amazing.

Fun Facts:

MJ: lipstick or lip gloss?
Ali: Lip gloss.

MJ: wine or martini?
Ali: Hmmm.... wine.

MJ: favourite designer?
Ali: Andy The-Anh, Angela Missoni, Donatella Versace, Tom Ford

MJ: if a movie was being made of your life what actress would play you?
Ali: I don't have a sweet clue.

MJ: On a sunday you'd be:
Ali: at church. Then working.

MJ: favourite accessory
Ali: My hubby. He goes with everything in my wardrobe. ;)

MJ: guilty pleasure
Ali: President's Choice Organic Chocolate Ice Cream + Gossip Girl

To read more about Chick Advisor click here and to read the official blog "Chick Lit" click here!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beauty Blogger Feature: The Beauty of Life

I'm sure most of you in the beauty blogging world and her readers are familiar with this picture. And if you aren't, why it's none other than the fabulous Jamie from The Beauty of Life! I'm a huge fan of her site and ever since she featured me I've wanted to do the same for her. I love her blog and the more I get to know her the more I wish I lived in NY so we could hang out lol! Isn't her smile infectious??! Every time I visit her site I can't help but smile! Check out my fun interview with her!

1. Why did you start your blog The Beauty of Life?

I had already broken into the beauty world by writing for some smaller websites and magazines, but I really wanted to get more writing experience and put my own spin on things. I'm always trying so many products and spa treatments -- I thought it would be fun to have a creative outlet in which to discuss my opinions!

2. What is the story behind the name?

When I started thinking about names, the movie "Life is Beautiful" came into my head. And I really did think about how beautiful life is, and how much more beautiful it becomes through beauty products! So I just turned the name around a bit, and voila! The Beauty of Life was born.

3. What is your full-time job?

I work full-time as the Copywriter for I get to look at pretty clothing all day and write about it -- not too shabby! :)

4. How do you decide on what you'd like to blog about?

I literally try out at least 20 products a day. I base what gets reviewed on how amazing I think the product is. If I try it and am literally hooked after only one use, it will of course get a post! While I do receive samples from my PR contacts to review as well, I never review anything unless I really stand behind it and have tried it to see whether it's worthy of being talked about! That being said, the majority of my reviews are about makeup and skincare products -- I just can't get enough! I could write a different lipgloss post every day and still have more to discuss!

5. In all the beauty reviews you've done, has there been a breakthrough product that you can't live without anymore?

There are five that I seriously can't live without actually!

1) Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Youth Creme -- each time I put this rich cream on my skin, it gets rid of any dryness immediately and makes me look like I just got a facial!

2) Stila Lip Glaze in Starfruit -- my all-time favorite lipgloss. The coral color is perfect for either day or evening, it lasts for hours, and it's not sticky or tacky!

3) T3 Medium Duality -- I have no idea how my hair survived before finding this flat iron. Now I have straight, sleek, shiny hair every day and it only takes me 10 minutes!

4) Frederic Fekkai Coiff Perfecteur Anti-Frizz Silkening Creme -- On days when I don't use this, you can definitely tell. My hair just is so much shinier and straighter after using this!

5) Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black -- No other mascara coats my lashes as well, makes them look as long and lush, or has the same staying power. And I love that it's under $10!

6. What has been the most exciting experience for you since you started your blog?

There have been so many great experiences! Definitely my first Fashion Week (Spring 2008) was amazing. I got into some really fantastic shows and even snagged front row at a few of them! And attending the Henri Bendel Spring 2008 Beauty Breakfast was so awesome ... I had wanted to go for about 6 years, so to finally get invited was a major coup!

7. Do you wear makeup on daily basis and if so what are your everyday beauty staples?

I try to at least wear a moisturizer (again, Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Youth Creme is amazing!). I honestly never wear concealer, foundation or bronzer -- my skin is so sensitive that I break out if I get within 10 feet of the stuff! If I'm really running late, I just swipe my brows with Anastasia's Brow Gel and go. But if I have an extra few minutes, I line my eyes with M.A.C Eye Pencil in Ebony, sweep Stila Eye Shadow in either Ray or Summer over my lids, and choose from my horribly overstocked stash of lipglosses (usually Stila Lip Glaze in Star Fruit, Chanel Glossimer in Imaginaire or Clinique Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine in Peach Plump) to slick over my lips after applying a coat of Bonne Bell LipSmackers! I also never leave the house without spritzing myself with Ralph Lauren Romance.

8. What are some other beauties of life that you love to enjoy besides beauty products?

I love that question! I love to sing -- I was in a ton of community theater shows growing up, but now it's just relegated to singing along with my mp3s and attending tons of Broadway shows! :) I also love reading, hanging out with friends and family, shopping and traveling. And in whatever spare time is left, I like to sleep! :)

9. Finish this sentence: Jamie is _dedicated, motivated and loves to smile!

10. Fun facts:
- music you're really diggin' right now?

Harry Connick Jr., my brother Evan Sanders (he's an amazingly talented musician), anything Broadway, Take 6, the Carpenters, the Beatles, 60s and 70s rock, Michael Jackson (old-school), Dave Matthews Band, James Taylor, Sara Bareilles, Corinne Bailey Rae

- favourite magazine?

Teen Vogue, Lucky, Glamour, Seventeen, Real Simple

- guilty pleasures?

reading magazines the second they arrive in my mailbox, reading tons of beauty blogs while I should be working, sleeping late on the weekends, watching more reality TV than I'd like to admit

- pet peeves?

people who walk too slowly on New York Streets! Come on people, I gotta get to work!

- school girl crush?

I am totally crushing on Zac Efron!

- celebrity style you admire?

I admire Diane Keaton for finding a style that works for her and sticking to it for all these years. And as far as designers go, Carolina Herrera is just always impeccable!

- favourite food?

Chinese, Italian and anything chocolate definitely top my list!

Thanks Jamie! I love learning about the people behind the blogs and I think it's great how she features other bloggers on her site. I'd like to start something like this as well! Now that you know more about Jamie don't forget to check out her fantastic blog The Beauty of Life!