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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Latest On Glow: My Secret Beauty Weapons

Check out my latest post for Glow! What are your secret beauty weapons?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No More Wasted Lipstick Thanks To Japonesque!

Don't you just hate it when your favourite lipstick is almost done and you're left scraping at the bottom with your lip brush (or for some their fingers). Truth be told, I've actually never finished a tube of lipstick but I'm sure many of you have. 

Many makeup artists I know use lip palettes or chop up their lipsticks and squish into a palette to save space in their kit. I on the other hand am a packaging fiend. I love to keep lipsticks in their original tube especially if it has lovely packaging. I'm weird that way.

I thought it was about time to lighten my load and chop up some lipsticks! The Japonesque Lipstick Palette Kit ($18 USD) is more for personal use as it can only hold 8 lipsticks and the actual square itself is pretty small. It's a great way to get some extra mileage out of your favourite lipsticks that are nearly done or for creating custom shades that you can carry with you at all times. 

I found this kit pretty useful. The lipsticks that went under the chopping block are from lipsticks I rarely reach for but that might still come in handy on a job. The kit comes with a little silicone bowl and a spatula for digging out product and mixing. Once you have chopped up your lipstick (width should be about the same distance from the tip of your finger to the cuticle) into the bowl, place in the microwave for 1 minute. I found lipsticks that weren't sheer, took an additional 30 seconds to melt but microwave settings vary. I suggest keeping your palette near the microwave so you can pour it into the palette right away. I found the lipsticks would cool pretty quickly leaving some product in the bowl. For easy pouring, the silicone material of the bowl allows you to squeeze it into a spout. 

At around the 4th or 5th lipstick the bowl can get a tad hot so hold with a small cloth. You can skip melting the lipsticks if you prefer just smushing it in the palette but it looks a lot neater when melted. I tried both and definitely prefer the look of the melted lipsticks. With just a few easy steps, you've created your custom palette! The palette also comes with a mirror and lip brush so you can apply your lipstick anywhere. Keep in mind, lip palettes can get a little icky - lint, hair, and other disgusting random particles so be sure to clean it frequently. I usually spray with a sanitizing spray and scrape with my spatula. You can use one from Beauty So Clean or just plain old rubbing alcohol.

If you're one of those women who carry at least 5 different lipsticks in your purse, you might want to check out this palette. No more digging at the bottom of your purse for a lipstick!

Have you tried this lip palette? Love it? Hate it? Want it?

Product was sent for editorial consideration.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

In My Kit: M.A.C. #187 Brush

If there is one beauty product I have a lot of it would have to be brushes! I'll be honest, on myself my tools are my fingers when I'm in a real hurry but if I want to create a specific look brushes are essential. 

When it comes to any of my clients especially brides, I want their complexion to be seamless. Think airbrushed without an airbrush machine. My go to brush for creating a flawless canvas is my beloved M.A.C. #187 brush! Read Makeup 'n The Bride to see why this brush is an must in my kit!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Makeup Junkie Comments4aCure Thank You Prize: adesign Brush Set!

From October 20th - October 22nd I ran Comment4aCure where readers could leave a comment and I would donate $1 to each comment made. To say thank you to those readers that left comments I would like to give away 3 thank you prizes! Winners were randomly chosen out of a hat.

The first prize give-away goes to Arianne!

Thank you so much for your comment! You have won an adesign Mini Brush Set valued at $45 USD! I have quickly become a fan of adesign brushes and my brush set never goes without it. I have Eye 1 and Eye 5. Eye 1 has a unique tip that will expertly define your eyes. I especially love to use this in the crease for definition and to blend my shadows. Eye 5 is an angled liner brush that has the perfect firmness. It easily applies liquid and cream liners, as well as wet/dry shadows. There are many more brushes I'd like to add to my collection: all the foundation brushes and Pointed Concealer Brush. I'm sure you will love these brushes Arianne!

About adesign brushes

adesign introduces innovative makeup brushes that are bringing a new life to the world of makeup artistry. Developed after 20 years of collaborated experience in the beauty industry, adesign’s management team has created unique and high quality cosmetic tools. Every brush is crafted of the highest grade of both synthetic and natural hair fibers that will effectively pair with any cosmetic brand to achieve an outstanding make up application. adesign only uses cruelty-free natural animal hair from animals that are first used as a food source. With extensive knowledge of new advancements in the beauty industry, adesign is a leader in consumer and industry trends. With commitment to education and training, adesign is quickly becoming one of the industry’s foremost leaders in cosmetic brushes.

The Education of Shana King

Shana King, founder of adesign believes innovation and practicality are the fundamentals of cosmetic brushes. As a child in Toronto , Shana was interested in beauty and soon this interest developed into a passion. Inspired by the beauty and fashion pages of Vogue, she yearned to make this passion a career. Shana trained in Toronto as a professional makeup artist in the fashion and entertainment industry and gained a keen eye for trends and business know-how. From her experience with at some of the top beauty brand make-up counters and a regional manager of Aveda, Shana’s business savvy expertise transformed itself in to the world of professional makeup brushes. She is dedicated to design innovation and has an affinity and passion for consumer education.

To stay tuned for the winners of prize 2 and 3!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Think Pink: Anastasia Swarovski Pink Ribbon Precision Tweezers

Plucking those brows can be a lil' painful, but you'll forget about the pain knowing that 50% of all proceeds from the sale of Anastasia's Limited Edition Swarovski Pink Ribbon Precision Tweezers will go to The Entertainment Industry Foundation - Women's Cancer Research Fund. Hand-adorned with a genuine Swarovski Crystal Pink Ribbon, these tweezers not only give off a pretty twinkle but they can grab at the finest and shortest of hairs! Love it!

Available now for $33 USD at Nordstrom stores and at

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beauty Review: Week 3: Have I Had Enough of no! no!?

Week 3, yes it's only week 3. I missed it last week because I just didn't have time to no! no! (yes it's a verb lol) so I made up for it this week. Usually, I no! no! in my room for 2-4 hours with no music, no TV, no distractions. This time I thought if I had some music on, no! no!-ing wouldn't be such torture. I also threw in a mag to flip through while I was doing it - not a good idea. Instead of easing the pain of sitting there going over and over sections of my legs, I ended up finishing a painful 3.5 hours later instead of the usual 2 hours! I woke up early just to no! no! and it still proved to be a time killer.

On the up side, I had to shave in between no-noing and I did notice that my hair grew back slower. In the past, my hair would grow back within an hour after shaving but my legs remained smooth and stubble-free until the next day. Hooray! Have I had enough? Am I realizing that my dreams of hair-free legs for life is too far-fetched? Despite the torturous long hours, sore back, and fighting pins and needles I will keep on truckin' into the 4th week! Yes, I'm crazy!

Be sure to check out Week 1 and Week 2 if you missed out on them!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Makeup Artist Corner: Must-Have Tools

As a makeup artist, it’s crucial to be as hygienic as possible, especially when working with multiple clients in one session. Always making sure you don’t double dip is important because not only will you be preventing bacteria build-up in your products, you’ll be saving those key clients from any skin irritations.

When I was first starting out, I was clueless on sanitation for my products and I heard a story about a client getting a big cold sore on their lip after a makeup application, yuck! Not only is that gross, it's a great way to ruin your makeup career considering most business is achieved from word-of-mouth. After hearing that, I've become an absolute stickler when it comes to cleanliness. I carry an extra train case (fairly small!) to every gig I go to with only cleaning products – alcohol, hand sanitizer, wipes, tissues, sponges, cotton pads, q-tips, mascara wands, lip applicators, paper towels, brush cleaner, face wash, lotion and most importantly, a spatula and palette for scooping out makeup.

The best way to eliminate contamination is by using a spatula and palette. I definitely recommend the Cinema Secrets Stainless Steel tools as they are designed for professional use and are very easy to clean.

The spatula which is made from the finest German Stainless steel, is used to scoop out or scrape off makeup, whether it be foundation, concealer, lipstick etc. It comes in two sizes, the standard and the deluxe. I prefer the deluxe one because both the handle and the surface area of the spatula are bigger.

Once you have the product on the spatula, place it onto the stainless steel palette (it comes in small, medium and large). The palette is a great tool for mixing shades and smoothing out the product. It also eliminates the need for placing product on the back of your hands because no matter how many times you wash your hands, bacteria is always present. Clean both the spatula and palette with either a brush cleaner or alcohol after every use.

The best part of it all, the spatula and palette is versatile - after cleaning you can use it for just about any product where contamination would occur. By using the spatula for your moisturizers and/or masks it will help prevent the oils from your fingers from entering the product which means the shelf life of your expensive skincare regimen will be extended.

Stay clean and beautiful!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beauty Review: Beautiful Lashes With Sephora Detail Lash Curler!

If you're unlucky to have stick straight, short lashes like me you'll be happy to know there are tools to make your lash luck change! Shu Uemera eye lash curler has been a staple in my makeup bag for years. When I heard that Shu Uemera was coming out with a mini lash curler I wanted to get my hands on it. My bubble was burst when I found out that Canadian Sephora's didn't carry it and it was uncertain when or if Canada would carry it. The next best thing was Sephora's Detail Lash Curler. I LOVE this curler! You can focus on one area or just on the outer corner for a flirty fringe. I use it everyday now along with my regular Shu Uemera lash curler for major curl action. It takes some time to get used to the flat design but you get accustomed to it after a few tries. One negative is that it doesn't include an extra eye lash pad. But if you're in a lash rut this lash curler will take your lashes from ordinary to extraordinary! Happy shopping! Have you tried this curler? Love it? Hate it?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Beauty Review: I Heart Billy B.'s Paint Brush Collection!

I heart Billy B. and ever since I met him back in November I became more obsessed with his work and now I'm obsessed with his brushes! He's the type of person many makeup artists aspire to be but the truth of the matter is that there can only be one Billy B. Having been a professional makeup artist for over twenty years, Billy B. was never really happy with the brushes that were available on the market. He realized early on that well designed brushes were essential for beautiful makeup and decided to create his very own collection of professional brushes, billybBeauty "Paintbrush" Collection. He carefully designed each brush specifically for its individual function and paid close attention to the handle, length and weight. For anyone that carries brushes around the weight is important whether you drag around a makeup kit or a purse. The brushes are a range of high quality blends of both natural and synthetic hair.

I heard about his amazing brush collection through the buzz of the beauty world and was dying to get my hands on them. I had expected to receive his eyelash curler and lip brush but was super stoked when low and behold, there laid his Essential Paint Brush Collection (includes 8 brushes) at the bottom of the box! From the little happy dance I did, you would have thought I won the lottery! First up, the brush roll.

billybBEAUTY Brush Roll is probably the smallest brush roll I've ever seen. You'd think this was a travel set but it's not! It's so compact you can fit it in any purse or toiletry bag. The brush roll was specifically designed to fit his 8 essential brushes. It's very chic all in black with nylon lining and is machine washable. The brush roll can be purchased separately ($19 USD) or with the billybBEAUTY Essential Paint Brush Collection ($189 USD) where it is included. Love it!

Paint Brush two ($30 USD) is used to apply foundation and its defined shape allows you to apply makeup in harder to reach places. The hair feels like a blend of natural and synthetic but mostly natural. Most foundation brushes I've used are all synthetic. I wasn't really sure I liked the natural hair because it seemed to absorb too much of the foundation but when I swiped it on my skin the foundation applied evenly and the coverage almost looked buffed on. The effect looked more natural not like when you apply foundation with a synthetic brush which can look heavier. I never really thought about the length or weight of the handle until I tried this brush. I can really tell the difference. My hand seemed more steady and controlled making for a quicker application. The brush is also feather light!

Paint Brush three ($39 USD) is a powder/blush brush and the narrower width is perfect for applying blush and powder only where you need it. I always found with bigger blush brushes that my blush covered too much of my face causing some colour to go on my cheekbone and below the hollows. I started using a contour brush for its smaller shape and buffed the colour onto my cheeks. Now that I have this brush I don't use the contour brush anymore for blush. This applies right on my cheeks and blends perfectly! Smaller handle is also a plus!

Paint Brush four ($29 USD) is a multi-use brush and is perfect for blush, powder and contouring. I love multi-use products! I really love this brush for precise contouring. I have a couple contouring brushes but the size of this one is just perfect. It's smaller shape allows for perfect lines giving definition to the cheekbones, jaw, chin, forehead, and nose. I also love to use this brush for highlighting.

Paint Brush eight ($24 USD) is a soft, fluffy but firm eyeshadow brush used to apply shadow all over the lid and in the crease. The firmness picks up the shadow and delivers a lot of pigment and the fluffy rounded shape is perfect for blending. I also used this brush to apply shadow wet and it applied smoothly and evenly.

Paint Brush ten ($16 USD) is an eyeliner brush that was created with the perfect density and length for ultimate control to create that perfect "professionally applied" liquid eyeliner look. I usually prefer a firm angled brush to apply powder, cream or liquid eyeliner but I was pleasantly surprised by ten's performance. I thought it was going to be too flimsy to apply liner but it was the exact opposite. I tried it with all three types of liners and each time I was able to define my eyes flawlessly. It's so easy to wing out the liner with this brush. Its firm, thin hairs allows you to go create a thin or thick line with ease. It's also the perfect brush for covering up the base of fake lashes. This little brush also picks up a lot of product so a little goes a long way. Great little brush for detailing as well i.e. body painting, sfx.

Paint Brush eleven ($19 USD) is a stiff angled brush for defining the brows. It delivers the perfect amount of colour to the brows and is great for lining and smudging liner into the lash line. I also find with the smaller handle, filling brows in doesn't seem so awkward like it does with a longer handle. The shorter handle gives me steady control and allows me to mimic a drawing motion.

Paint Brush twelve ($26 USD) has got to be my favourite brush from this collection and of all the brushes I've ever used (and I have a lot!). When I first saw it, I was a little confused by it because I didn't really understand how to use it. This brush is soft yet firm and is angled. I started playing around with it and realized it could be used in many ways! It was fantastic for smudging liner into the lash line, creating definition in the crease and outer crease, blending, and creating the ultimate smoky eye! I went on Billy B.'s site after and read that it was made to do all these things lol. It just goes to show you how well designed this brush is because you don't need to read about it before using it. The shape naturally guides you! A definite must-have!

billybBEAUTY's Lightweight Aluminum, Lidless, Retractable Lip Brush ($18 USD) is the first of its kind - that I know of anyway. This lip brush is amazingly convenient because instead of a cap you have to pull off or just a retractable feature, it has a top lid that opens when the lip brush is extended. Once its been retracted, the top lid shuts closed protecting your brush from dirt and bacteria! I always hated how dirt always got stuck on my brush. The hair is again I think a mixture of mostly natural and synthetic hair. It's kind of fluffy so I'm not sure how well it would define a smaller pout. The brush also applies lip colour naturally so you're able to build to your desired intensity. However, when I'm in a rush I do prefer a synthetic brush because it picks up more product plus cleans easier. But overall, the design is a winner!

billybBEAUTY Lash/Brow Groomer's ($19 USD) perfect compact size is all you really need for defining your brows and lashes. The two in one feature makes it convenient for travel and takes up less room in your makeup bag. The brow groomer is great for brushing unruly brows into shape but can also be used to separate your lashes. It gives a feathery effect. I love the lash comb because the thin "bristles" define each lash and de-clumps with ease and no mess. Just be careful you don't poke your eye with this because even though the ends are rounded it's still kind of sharp!

Overall, I'm extremely happy with billybBEAUTY Essential Paint Brush Collection! I carry it around with me just because I can! It's so compact and lightweight! I hate how professional brush handles are so long and the travel sizes aren't usually the same quality. I definitely want to get the rest of the collection - its a must for any makeup artist or makeup aficionado. His line will soon be available in Toronto at Holt Renfrew and he'll be making an appearance April 29 (12pm - 5pm)! Woohoo! The price of his brushes are very reasonable especially for the quality you're getting. I think the most expensive brush is $39 (USD) - not bad at all! Once you try his brushes you will see a difference in performance compared to other brands. I found a new love! Thanks Billy B.!

Stay tuned for a review of his eyelash curler. I haven't tested it out yet because it doesn't fit my eyes! It's curved unbelievably and made to fit smaller eyes. It's too bad but it's great if you're a makeup artist - Shu Uemera for wider eyes and Billy B. for smaller! Happy shopping!

For more information on Billy B. click here and for more on his Paint Brush Collection click here.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Makeup 101: How To Make Fall Beauty Trends Work For You

Beauty trends are just that - trends. Not every trend will suit everyone but you can find ways to make it work for your skin tone and face shape. This Fall makeup trends go from one extreme to the next; uber glam girl, sultry siren, a bit pop-art, to naturally radiant. There's bound to be a trend that will tickle your fancy. Here are some tips to make the fall beauty trends work for you.

1. Big Beautiful Brows: The picture above is an extreme version of a full brow. If you've got a great full brow and shape why not show it off? Full brows frame the face nicely and thinning brows can age you. The look is all about well-defined brows with a clean face. There's just a hint of colour on the eyes, lips, and cheeks. The brows on the model are a lot darker than her natural hair colour. You want to choose a brow shade close to your natural hair colour. I recommend going either exactly the same shade or one shade lighter. Going darker tends to look unnatural and too harsh against your skin. I prefer to use a brow powder with an angled brush to fill in brows but a pencil works just as well too. Use short wispy strokes to mimic your natural brow hair. Then take a eyebrow brush one that looks like a mascara wand to blend the brow colour in with your brow. Tame unruly ends with a clear brow gel. Finish off with natural colours on the eyes, lips and cheeks for a fresh clean look.

2. Smoldering Eyes: The smokier the better this Fall. The smoky eye has evolved over the years and has been done in every shape, every finish, and every colour. This season, there's nothing subtle about the smoky eye. Eyes are dark and moody while the rest of the face is complimented in pale natural hues. Popular colours this season are matte charcoal greys, navy and silver blues, royal and eggplant purples. All these colours suit all skin tones so take your pick. For some guidelines to creating a smoky eye visit my Makeup 101: Creating the Perfect Smoky Eye. Remember the key to a great smoky eye is to have the right tools and blend, blend, blend!

3. Graphic Eye Liner: The little black liner comes in every shape and size and even colours this season. Cat eyes are once again popular and making me purrr. Winging out the liner gives the illusion of bigger eyes and looks tres sexy. Now, Cleopatra eyes and neon pink liner winged out would probably not go over well in an office environment. I recommend using charcoal greys, navy's, or deep purples to line the eyes. They are work-appropriate colours and are definitely in keeping with the trends. Instead of winging your liner out to the edge of your brow, wing it out slightly past your eye meeting at or just before your outer crease. Pull your temple taut and slightly up to help accentuate the liner. I like to use an angled brush for precision and control. For an edgier look, line the bottom lash line as well. Play around with different shapes until you're happy with one that suits your eyes. You can compliment lined eyes with a smoky eye or go more classic with natural tones on the eyes making the liner the focus. Adding fake lashes is also fun and amps up the prrr factor. If you're daring enough and love colour, line the eyes in royal blues and bright purples.

Makeup Junkie faves: MAC's Fluidline in Royal Wink and Waveline and MAC's Liquidlast Liner in Point Black, Electrolady, and Inky

4. Fresh Face: For those of you that prefer a minimalistic approach to makeup (or you just don't have time!) then you're in luck for Fall. Eyes, lips, and cheeks are all in natural hues of beige, stone, and peach. Skin has a semi-matte finish and is luminous in all the right places: cheekbones, inner corner of eyes, and above the brow bone. Try foundations that have a bit more coverage but still have a natural finish to the skin. I like silicone-based foundations because it floats on top of the skin rather than settling into fine lines and pores. Mix semi-matte and shimmery shadows together to give the eye some dimension. Colours on the cheeks are more luminous than shimmery and have a subtle sheen. Lips are either matte or creamy rather than shiny. Brows are also shaped and filled in. This look is polished and looks beautiful on anyone.

*When choosing a nude lip colour for darker skin tones stay away from shades that look chalky on your lips. Go for warmer or deeper browns or shades of caramel tones.

Makeup Junkie faves: Face Atelier Foundation, Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation, Giorgio Armani Matte Silk Foundation, Cargo Eye Shadow Palette - Ibiza, Nars' Duo Eye Shadow in Key Largo, Smashbox Decadence Blush in Ecstasy, Nars' Multiple Stick in Copacabana (highlighting), Smashbox Decadence Photo Finish Lip Luxe, Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Pixel

5. Glam Girl: Glam girls like to go all out. Everything from head-to-toe is polished to perfection almost effortlessly. Skin is flawless and has a velvety matte texture. Brows are strong and defined. Lashes are flirty and lush. Cheekbones are contoured. A swish of black liquid liner is all that's needed to draw attention to the eyes with a bit of contouring in the crease. Lips are defined in a matte rich shade of red. Adding false lashes to this look is a must. Visit Step #7 of my Makeup 101: Creating the Perfect Smoky Eye for how to apply false lashes. The key to this look is well-defined lips. Using a lip liner is a must for this look to prevent feathering and bleeding of your lipstick. Choose a liner that is similar to your lipstick colour. Apply a primer to the lips to fill in fine lines and to give your colour a long-lasting effect. Line the lips starting at the bow of your top lip which is the 'v' shape. Start on one side working the line to the outer part using short strokes. Repeat the step on the other side. Lining your lips inner to outer instead of outer to inner gives a more accurate shape. Next line the bottom lip and fill in the entire lip with the liner. Hold the liner on a slant instead of a point for more control. Use a lip brush to apply your lip colour for precise application and to ensure your colour is well-blended. If you make a mistake, dip your concealer brush or pointed Q-tip into a bit of concealer or foundation and blend over top any messy edges. This is a timeless look that is gorgeous on every woman. There's a red lipstick for every skin tone - try every one until you find the perfect match! Remember to reference what works with your skin's undertone.

Makeup Junkie faves: Quo lashes (found at Shoppers Drug Mart), MAC Lipstick in Diva and Viva Glam, MAC's Lip Pencil in Burgundy and Cremestick Liner in Red Enriched, MAC's #318 Retractable Lip Brush

The fun thing about makeup is that you don't have to be stuck with one look so change it up this season. A lot of the clothes this season are in lovely shades of grey so play up your face with a smoky eye or a bright lip. Remember that you wear the makeup - don't let the makeup wear you! ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Beauty News: Billy B Beauty Eyelash Curler and Lip Brush Now In!

Most of you remember my exciting interview with celebrity makeup artist Billy B. He gave me the inside scoop about launching a Billy B Beauty Eyelash curler. If you don't know already, I'm happy to announce that his eyelash curler is now available along with a new lip brush for his Paint Brush collection!

Michael DeVellis, founder of The Powder Group, also gave me the scoop on Billy B.'s upcoming seminar in Toronto November 18 at Industry Cosmetics! Billy and Michael will also be making an appearance at The Canadian Makeup Show in Toronto November 10 and 11! More info will be posted on a later post. Don't miss out on these two important events!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Make-up 101: Creating the Perfect Smokey Eye

Creating the perfect smokey eye can be a tricky for a novice makeup user, but it doesn't have to be that hard. As long as you have the right tools and instructions you'll be a pro in no time. The picture to the left is a smokey eye I did on a friend for her promo pictures who's an aspiring jazz singer. She wanted a very sultry, smokey eye with big lashes. To achieve this look, I created the classic smokey eye using champagnes, charcoal grays, and blacks. However, the smokey eye doesn't have to be limited to black. I love using deep purples, emerald greens, bronzy browns and navy as well. Alright, lets get started!

Brushes are key elements to creating any flawless look especially the smokey eye. If you don't own any brushes, I would definitely go out and buy some. They're good investments and will last you forever with proper care. All the brushes I own are from MAC, but feel free to find the right ones for you. If you can't afford to buy high quality brushes right away, the make-up brand Quo, Shoppers Drug Mart's home cosmetic line has quality brushes at affordable prices. I use a total of 4 brushes for this look: #208 brush for lining and smudging, #217 brush for contouring and shading, the #224 brush for blending, and the #239 brush for shading and applying emollient based products.

To recreate:
1. Always start with a clean fresh face. I also always prep the eye area with eye cream. A smooth base will make applying the eye shadows that much easier.

2. A smokey eye can get messy. What I usually do is apply the foundation and powder only around the upper lid and lower lash line and leave the rest of the face for last. Or you can do what most people do and apply loads of loose powder under the eye with a powder brush. Once you're done you can dust it away.

3. You always want to make sure your eyeshadow will last all night, all day whatever the case may be. Before applying any shadow I like to use MAC's Eye Paints as a base. My favourites to use are Bare Canvas (champagne with shimmer), untitled (light toned grey mauve), Sublime Nature (beige), and Bamboom (beige/brown with golden shimmer great for darker skin tones). The Paints are crease resistant and will help keep your shadow on longer. Apply a small amount from lash line to brow bone with your ring finger or the #239 brush.

4. I then used Shroom eyeshadow a soft golden beige with shimmer to high light under the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye using the #217 brush. Next, I smudged MAC's Shadestick in Sharkskin (charcoal grey) into the lash line from inner to outer and shaded the eye lid up until the crease bone. I then took my #239 brush and blended the colour out to take away any harsh lines. If you're not sure how to blend with a brush it's basically running the brush back and forth across your eye. The Shadestick is a cream based shadow and I used this first before applying a powder shadow to make the colour more intense and vibrant. It also helps the shadow stay on longer.

5. Using the #239 brush, I applied Carbon eyeshadow a matte black, onto the lid by gently patting it onto the eye. I find patting it on the lid creates less fall off onto the face. You can apply as little or as much shadow depending on the intensity you want. Since it was for a photograph, I applied a lot of the Carbon and also took my #217 brush to contour in the crease area. Your crease is usually where your crease bone is. Some people find shading the crease area to be difficult but a little trick you can use is pretending your drawing a half moon. Start at the center of the eye and bring it out to the outer part of your eye.

I used Shroom again with my #217 brush in the crease to blend the two colours together and to ensure there were no harsh lines between the brow bone and the crease. I then took the #224 blending brush (it's always good to have a clean blending brush on hand free of any eye shadow colours) and blended the whole eye area to give it an airbrushed effect. I usually like to blend as I go along but you can leave it last and do it all at once.

6. I then used my #208 brush and lined the lower lash line with Carbon. If you have smaller eyes skip this step or just line the outer part. I actually find that liner the lower lash line makes smaller eyes stand out more than not lining it. It gives it more definition, but try it and see what works for you. You can take a Q-tip and smudge the line to smoke it out. Since I used fake lashes on my friend, I used a different liner on the top. I love using MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack with my #208 brush. It goes on like a liquid liner but has a softer finish which is perfect for a smokey eye. I extended the liner a bit past her eye to give her a "winged out" effect to emphasize the fake lashes. To wing out your liner, hold the side of your temple taut and up and follow the line with your brush. It takes some practice, but it gets easier. Instead of drawing a solid line all the way across the lid, I like to use small strokes to ensure proper definition and to avoid mistakes.

7. You can skip this step if you're not using fake lashes. Now that I have lined the upper lash line, I have created a guideline to help me apply the fake lashes. If you have applied the lashes on top of the line then you have applied the lashes wrong. The whole purpose of the line is to see it. Before applying the lashes, curl your own lashes with a lash curler. Take the fake lashes out of the box by pressing down and out starting on one end, then the center, and then the other end with your thumb on the lash. Never pull the lashes out or you will end up tearing the hairs out. I usually test the lashes on the model's eye before actually gluing it. This way you can determine if it needs to be cut or not.

To apply the glue I like to use a toothpick or a metal spatula. Apply the glue on the lash line (use more glue on the outer edges as it typically lifts there first) and wait until the glue is tacky before applying to your eye. This will help it adhere better. The lashes will be applied at the base of the lash. Remember to use your liner as a guideline. Using tweezers or your fingers if you're a pro, apply the lashes starting at the center, then pressing on one side and then the other. It make take a few tries if doing it by yourself so if you need to restart just apply a bit more glue on the ends again.

Once you're done, look up and from side to side. If you can't open your eye then glue has gotten onto your lashes. Just take a bit of eye makeup remover on a Q-tip and run it over the area. If you feel a stabbing pain in the inner corner, then you have applied the lashes too far in. Give it a little tug towards the outer corner. You'll still have a bit of time before the glue completely sets.

8. Apply lots of mascara on the top and bottom lashes. I then relined her lash line to hide the fake lashes.

9. To finish off the look and to give her more shimmer I used MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish in Shimpagne on the inner corner of the eye, brow bone, cheekbone, temples, and above her lip. Bronzer was used in the hollows of her cheeks.

10. To offset a smokey eye, I like to use a pale glossy lip. I lined her lips with MAC's Stripdown, a nude beige and applied MAC's Plushglass in Wildly Lush, a nude apricot over top.

Here is the final shot.

And voila! Your smokey eye is complete! Yeah, you did it! Now it wasn't too hard was it?? There are many ways to do a smokey eye whether it be precise like the above or by simply smudging black eye khol with your finger. Whatever way you choose have fun with it!

Copyright James Tilberg, MU: Joy David, Model: Christine

Monday, January 29, 2007

Top 10 Beauty Trends for Spring 2007

It's a snowy, cold, grey day in the city of Toronto and I'm wondering when spring will arrive. And the funny thing is winter just begun! Maybe we'll be lucky and have a short winter! To pick my spirits up I decided to list all the beauty trends coming our way for Spring 2007. Hope this brings your spirits up too!

1. As seen on the runways of YSL, Gucci, Carolina Herrara, and Narciso Rodriguez the little black liner has made a return. But then again did it ever leave? The khol rimmed eyes are the focus of this look leaving the skin flawless and bare with just a touch of bronzer on the hollows of the cheeks paired with a pink (I think everyone's getting tired of beige) nude lip.

To recreate this look line the eyes with M.A.C.'s eye khol in Smolder or for a more refined look try M.A.C.'s waterproof Liquid Last Liner in Point Black. Dust the cheeks with a matte bronzer like Benefit's Hoola. To finish the look off, try M.A.C.'s lipglass in Underage and for a matte lip try M.A.C.'s lipstick in Blankety.

2. It was all about flawless, natural skin and groomed brows on the runways of Giorgio Armani, Balenciaga, and Ralph Lauren.

To recreate use a tinted moisturizer like Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20. If you're not so blessed with perfect skin and need something heavier try Cargo's OneBase. It's actually a foundation/concealer designed to be applied only where you need it like under the eyes, around the nose, chin and forehead. If you have oilier skin do a light dusting of translucent loose powder like M.A.C.'s Loose Blot Powder. Comb the brows up with an eyebrow brush and pluck away any strays. Use a clear brow set like M.A.C.'s new Brow Finisher in clear to keep it in place and give it a clean look. Polish it off with a little bit of lip balm like Sephora's Superstars-Supershield Lip Saver SPF 15.

3. In contrast to the natural face, the smoke alert was on high on the runways of Behnaz Sarafpour, Roberto Cavalli, Donna Karen, Christian Lacroix, Versace, and our beloved Canadian designers DSquared2. There were varying degrees of the smokiness, from subtle to dramatic eyes emphasized with full lushes lashes. The smokey eye came in all different colours like chocolate brown, metallic khaki greens, bronzy coppers, and of course black with gold highlighting the inner corners of the eye. Again the cheeks had a hint of bronzer and lips a pale pink.

To recreate this look try Too Faced's Glamour Eyes Palette. The super kit contains every single eyeshadow and duo shadow Too Faced has ever made which means you can do the smokey eye in whatever colour your heart desires! To finish off the lashes curl them and use a mascara that gives you volume like Dior's Diorshow Mascara. To add a bit more drama (everyone needs a little drama!), glue fake lashes like M.A.C.'s # 7's to the outer edge of your eye. Now that nude pink is the new nude beige try N.A.R.'s Turkish Delight to complete the look.

4. The lips take center stage at Marc by Marc Jacobs, Peter Som, Derek Lim, and Diane Von Furstenberg. From striking zinc pinks to bold oranges these models did not go unnoticed. For a more natural look try Cargo's new Purse Gloss in Chicago, a shimmering bright pink and Smashbox's lipgloss in Click , a sheer vibrant orange.

5.A fresh take on the eyes was seen on the runways of Missoni, J. Mendel, and Costello Tagliapietra in a beautiful amber copper. This colour seems to compliment every skin tone. It almost looks like a beautiful sunset on the eyes. Again the skin was kept bare with a touch of bronzer in the hollows of the cheek and a pale nude lip.

To recreate this look try M.A.C.'s eyeshadow in Amber Lights or for a more sheer version try Nars' cream shadow in El Dorado, a shimmery golden bronze, or Granada, a shimmery ginger.

6.The season wouldn't be complete without a fresh pink flush on the cheeks. The girls at 3.1 Phillip Lim, Stella, and Michael Kors definitely looked radiant. This look can be worn anytime of the day. To give the look a more sophisticated feel and avoid looking too girly the blush is focused more on the outer part of the cheek towards the hairline rather than the apples of the cheek. Chocolate brown eye shadow was smudged into the lash line and for a softer look gold shadow was placed in the inner corner of the eyes and lower lash line. The look was topped off with a soft pink gloss or lipstick.

To recreate try Lorac's new Cheek Stamp in Hibiscus (glimmering rose) for fairer skin and Pink Paradise (vibrant pink) for darker skin tones. It comes with a built in sponge that "stamps" the skin to give you the perfect flush. It's also great for anyone on the go. For the eyes try Bare Essentials mineral eye shadows in Meet the Browns eye kit. For the perfect soft pink lip try Cargo's new lipsticks Plant Love Botanical Lipstick in Lindsay a sheer pink cream that was created by none other than the party girl herself Lindsay Lohan. Not only is this lipstick environmentally friendly but Cargo is donating two dollars from the sale of every shade to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital! No need to feel guilty about buying more than one.

7. The models at Valentino and Tuleh looked sexy and flirty with the classic red lips, black liquid liner, flirty lashes and perfectly coiffed hair pulled tightly back. Tuleh went for a much bolder version of the classic look by matching the bright red lip with a deep pink rouge on the hollows of the cheek and the outer part of the eye up to the brow bone. Valentino's version was the perfect amount of glamour; silver shadow was swept on the lids, black liquid liner was thinly applied, and the lashes were extra flirty with fake lashes added to the outer corner. The cheeks had a beautiful pink glow to them and the lips were softly stained with red lipstick. What really made the look was the double head bed in red. It's the perfect look for a special event or a night on the town.

To recreate try Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl (siren red) for fairer skin and Forbidden Red (brick red) for darker skin. It goes on creamy, never drying out your lips and stays put all day. Duwop has the perfect kit for the eyes called Gray Eyes. It includes different shades of silver and gray and comes complete with a black cream liner! For flirty lashes try Benefit's Get Bent Mascara and add a few fake lashes to the outer edge like Sephora's Flirt It Lash Duo. To keep in line with the classic look pull your hair back into a sleek bun or pony tail and place a head band just after where the hair line starts. Check out Aldo
for some fantastic hair accessories.

8.Do try a shimmer on one feature of the face as seen on the runways of Alberta Ferritti and Zac Posen. Shimmery silver shadow was swept across the lid with a bit of colour on the outer part of the crease. The rest of the face was kept natural with a bit of bronzer in the hollows of the cheek and the lips had a more satin finish than glossy and were kept nude.

To recreate this look try Pout's Metallic Eyes crayon shadow in Silver Shimmer and mix a bit of colour on the outer edge of the eye with Make Up For Ever's Diamond Powder in Purple 10 a violet shimmer. For the lips and cheeks try Stila's new bestselling Convertible Colour Duo in Lillium/Gerbera, a muted rose and light peach. Both can be worn on the lips and cheeks.

9. It was all about bold colours on the runways of Jovovich-Hawk, Anna Sui, and Emanuel Ungaro. Colour wasn't just applied on one area of the face; it was on the eyes, lips, and cheeks ranging in vibrant hues of purple, pink, and peacock blues. Too much colour for the day time? Maybe, but if you just can't get away from the bright spring colours wear it only on one area of the face. For night time, if you can carry off the look, try all three together and have fun. Just be sure to blend, blend, blend! And go for something sheer and shimmery if you're going to try all three together.

To recreate this look try any of the vibrant gorgeous shadows from Urban Decay's Decay Deluxe eyeshadow line. The pigments are intense and the texture is silky to the touch. Give your cheeks the perfect spring flush with Pop Beauty's Blush Cake, a multi-toned blush that comes in Pretty in Pink, Natural Nudes, and Warm in Sienna. For a pretty pout try Lorac's new Mocktail glosses in Tequila Sunrise (glimmering tangerine) or one of my favourite summer drinks Sex on the Beach (fuchsia). They smell just like the tropical drinks they're named after!

10. Bronzer to me should be apart of every woman's beauty regime. It not only gives your skin a warm healthy glow, but it gives the illusion that you've been away at some hot exotic location far, far away. Do apply your bronzer on the high planes of the face: forehead, bridge of nose, cheeks, and chin as seen backstage at Alessandro Dell ' Acqua (left picture). Don't apply the bronzer all over and two shades too dark as seen at Moschino's (right picture). Do choose a bronzer that has more of a golden tone and not one that will make your skin look orange.

To recreate a beautiful bronzed complexion try Stila's bronzer Stila Sun. They come in 3 golden shades to pick from. For a more softer effect try Benefit's new bronzer duo 10. It includes a light pink highlighter, bronze shimmer, and brush in one. Simply take the brush and swipe (don't swirl!) up and down and apply onto the cheekbones with the pink highlighter on the top and bronze shade on the bottom. It's bronzer made easy!

That rounds the Top 10 for the Spring beauty looks. Of course these are just guidelines. Have fun and see what works best for you. If you're tired of your same beauty routine try something new. Happy shopping!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Beauty Products for Moms-on-the-Go! (Part 2)

These are the products I recommend for quick and easy applications.

1. Face: A good moisturizer that gives you a radiant glow like M.A.C.'s Strobe Cream. You can mix with your normal moisturizer if you need more moisture or your favourite foundation for a nice sheer dewy effect. I also love to use this as a highlighter on the cheekbones. *Tip: For darker skin tones I recommend mixing a gold highlighter with your moisturizer.

2. A really good eye cream to calm down those bags and puffy eyes after a night of broken sleep (I am happy to say that my baby boy is finally sleeping through the night!). I've been using M.A.C.'s Fast Response Eye Cream, however, I'm thinking about trying some other new ones - if I can afford it! I really do love this product though. The caffeine in it helps reduce the puffiness and the silicone base acts as an optical illusion to hide fine lines and dark circles. *Tip: The eye area is very delicate. Apply using your ring finger as it uses the least amount of pressure.

3. Tinted Moisturizer with an SPF. I love anything that makes my skin look dewy and fresh. Lately I've been using Stila's Sheer Colour Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 and I'm lovin' it! It's easy to apply and I almost feel like I'm not wearing anything. I don't need a brush and apply it with my fingers like I would a normal moisturizer. It was also featured as Sephora's "Best Of 2006" so that should tell you something.

4. For those that need a bit more coverage or have dark under circles (me!) I would definitely recommend a concealer. A few months ago I was on the hunt for really good concealer and I have found two great ones. The one I've been using currently is M.A.C.'s Studio Finish Concealer Palette SPF 35. It's a heavy duty concealer that comes in Light, Medium, Dark, and Deep Dark. You just apply it with your ring finger. It covers everything from blemishes to tattoos and doesn't crack under the pressure. I never have to retouch it at the end of the day. What I love most, and I'm glad they finally came out with something like this, is that you have 3 colours that you can match to fit your needs. No one has one undertone to their skin. Your under eye can have more of a blue undertone while your skin has a pink undertone. And with an SPF of 35 you can't go wrong. *Tip: Applying the concealer with your ring finger warms it up making it blend easier onto the skin. If you don't like using your finger I recommend the #194 brush from M.A.C.

Face Atelier's Camouflage Duet is another favourite of mine. It has more of a medium to full coverage and has a nice satin finish with a luminous sheen which I love using under the eyes. For you make-up artists out there that don't know (but of course you do!), they have a great pro discount program and it's easy to sign up!

5. Women on the run rarely have the time or energy to put effort into their eyes. The easiest thing you can do to bring out the eyes is highlight the brow bone, inner corner, and center of the eye. It'll make you look fresh and awake. Right now I'm in love with Nars' line of cream shadows especially their newest duo edition in Thebes. One side is a sheer platinum shimmer and the other side is a sheer gold. You can mix them together or wear on their own. Just apply with your ring finger. It is a perfect choice for highlighting the eye. They come in many gorgeous colours and have a lot of pigment yet they glide on sheer. You can also layer them with a powder shadow for a punchier effect.

Some other good ones to try are M.A.C.'s Eye Paints (also finger friendly) in Stilife (icy peach frost), Untitled (pale mauvy-pink shimmer), or Base Light (pale gold shimmer). These suckers are water-resistant and crease proof.

6. A good eye lash curler to open those peepers up. Opening up the eyes will also help you look more alive. My all-time fave is Shu Uemera's. This is a staple in every make-up artist's kit. *Tip: To avoid an unnatural lift, curl your lashes 3 times starting at the base of the lash, then the middle, and if you have long enough lashes at the tip of the lash. This will help give a more natural lift.

7. An amazing mascara. Right now I am obsessed with finding the best mascara for my short-barely-there-stick-straight lashes (damn my Asian genes!). The only ones that give me the lift are waterproof formulas which I don't like to use on a daily basis. I have a few in mind that I will have to try out. I have a few from Maybelline that I have sitting around that I'm willing to give a second chance since I can't afford to buy more right now. However, the one I carry in my kit and is a great all-purpose mascara is Maybelline's iconic pink and green tube of Great Lash Mascara which is celebrating it's 35th anniversary! Congrats! The waterproof one works great on me but like I said in the above. *Tip: Start the mascara at the root of the lash. This will help lift the lash and prevent it from drooping. As you work your way up, wiggle the wand back and forth. Avoid the "wiggle" if you have naturally clumpy lashes.

8. A little bit of blush goes a long way. It not only makes you youthful and healthy but it gives pale tired skin a much needed flush of colour. Anything that is cream-to-powder, gel based, or a stain I love and absolutely recommend when you're on th go. Nowadays, there are so many great products that fit the bill and all of them are blendable with your fingers. I also love multi-purpose products. My favs right now for cream-to-powder is NARS The Multiple in South Beach for a warm peachy hue or Malibu a pinky-brown shade. They have a beautiful shimmer to them that gives your skin a radiant finish. They can be worn on the eyes, lips, and cheeks although I only use mine on my cheeks. Actually South Beach is great on the lips paired with a gloss.

Gel Stains: I love all the Tarte gel Stains. I love the yummy smells and the sheer dewy effect it gives the skin. They're easy to blend and stay put all day. My favourites are Flush (berry-red shade) and Tipsy (a coral peach shade with a touch of shimmer).

Stains: I love Benefit's Benetint Pocket Pal. It's a mini version of Benetint and it's so convenient you can bring it anywhere with you. It has a nice rosy pink hue to give your cheeks a healthy glow. On your lips, it gives a "I've been kissing for hours" look and comes with a clear gloss to help keep your lips moisturized and shiny. *Tip: For creams, stains, or gel blushes always apply only on the apples of the cheeks. They're meant to give you a natural flush. For powder blushes you can extend to the hairline. To find the apple of your cheek, smile!:)

9. The product I'm most addicted to are lip products. I've had to cut myself off from buying glosses because I have too many and I rarely wear them now. Now that I have a baby, I can't help but smother him with kisses. Sticky gloss on his cheek does not go over well with him or my hubby for that matter. On special occasions when I'm going out for drinks or some other event I will slick on the gloss. Other than that tinted lip balms have been my best friend. I'm obsessed with normal lip balms at the moment as well. That's a story for another time. My favourites right now are M.A.C.'s Tinted Lip Conditioners with SPF 15 in Petting Pink (soft pink) and Fuschia Fix (deeper pink). They are super moisturizing and have a yummy vanilla scent to them. The colour is just the perfect amount and goes on sheer. The packaging has also changed and is oh-so chic!

Well, that rounds out my list for now. Stay tuned for my update on finding a liquid bronzer!