Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Beauty News: Barbie Loves MAC is in Stores Now!

Everyone's been awaiting the arrival of the Barbie Loves MAC makeup line and it's finally arrived! And I just adore the make-up in the advertisements! Oh those eyes, those lips and they look like real Barbie dolls. All the packaging has the cool Barbie silhouette even on the blushes and eye shadows themselves. It makes you not want to use them. The colours come in bright fuchsia pinks, minty greens, and some neutrals. These are a definite collector's collection and I'm sure they'll selling out fast as we speak! You can even purchase an actual Barbie doll which epitomizes a true MAC girl. Check out the cool line at the nearest MAC store.


yummy411 said...

i thought that the doll should have come with her own brush belt and brushes lol!

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

LOL...it would have been every girl's dream! The creators actually should have done that! How cool would that be??

Anonymous said...

can someone please tell me the photographer who took these barbie images!