Monday, February 5, 2007

Ebay Auction Photo Shoot

T-B: Sophie and Larry (winner and stylist), Sophie, Larry, and Pearl (photographer), Sophie and Pearl

Ebay has these great packages you can bid for such as the "Professional Fashion Shoot Package" which I did the make-up for yesterday. All the money from the auction goes to support the March of Dimes which is a wonderful organization for saving babies! As a new mother I understand how important this is and I was happy to be apart of the whole experience.

Sophie from Montreal was the winner (it was actually a great gift from a friend of hers). Her day started out with a shopping spree at Preloved's Toronto's Boutique (such a great line - Sophie was given her outfit for free!) and Winners. After all the wonderful shopping she was driven to the studio where she got her hair/make-up done and worked the camera at her fashion shoot. She was a true natural and full of energy. The shoot was a lot of fun (although everyone was tired from the night before...too much partying? I wouldn't know about that anymore! haha) and it was a great team. I was able to take some pictures from the shoot, but I can't wait to see the final images!

Ebay Coordinator: Lori Isber
Hair/Wardrobe Stylist: Larry Chavana and Tosh James
Make-up: Me
Photographer: Pearl Chu
Creative Direction: Karen Isber (ICON model)

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