Monday, March 19, 2007

Model Diva Behaviour!

Who coined the phrase, "I don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day"? It would be the stunningly gorgeous Linda Evangelista and fellow Canadian. It's a ridiculous amount of money but if you are at the status Linda was then why not? When you're a supermodel that's worked your way to the top then you can demand whatever you want no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

In my last post I had said I would dish on two models from the NAM Modeling Agency who modeled for the Jean Paul Gaultier Party on Friday who shall remain nameless (besides I can't remember their names!). It's no secret that Canadian models are a favourite in the fashion industry because they're all sweet as pie. However, that was not the case at the JPG fashion party on Friday. My philosophy has always been to treat people with respect and you will receive it in return, but unfortunately in the fashion industry you sometimes have to be a little ruthless to get any type of respect. When I do a job, I treat everyone the same no matter who you are - no better or no worse. I strongly believe whether the job is paid or not to do your best work and to ALWAYS be professional! Most of the young models I've worked with in the past have always been professional and nice. One as young as 13 blew me away because she clearly knew how to carry herself in a professional matter.

Friday night I was shocked - ok maybe a little surprised at a particular model's behaviour that I did makeup on because it definitely was not justified. Let me tell you, this chick thought she was Kate Moss in the flesh and even then it's not right to treat people like dirt! She was rude, inconsiderate, immature, and unprofessional. Yes, she's only 17 but you should know better by that age.

Strike #1 was: I had dropped a sponge I was using on her and I went to pick it up to throw it in the garbage. As soon as she saw me bending down to pick it up she snapped at me and said, "Um can you not use that sponge on my face please?" I rebutted with, "Don't worry I practice hygiene." I took a deep breath and continued with a smile on my face. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and figured she doesn't know how I work so I let that slide.

Strike #2 was: She kept rolling her eyes and sighing like I was inconveniencing her by doing her make-up. I kept thinking, "I am here to do a job so just let me do it!".

Strike #3 was: Another model friend walked over and they bitched about how dark the liner was and that they were so glad they could wash it off after. At that point I wanted to jab my model in the eye with my brush. When you are a model you do not have a say on what the looks should be. Any make-up artist will agree with me when I say we do not care what makes you look good(unless of course it is a personal shoot for you). Your job is to be quiet, look pretty, and sell the clothes. Do you think Pat McGrath consults with the models first before she creates a look? Hell no! It doesn't matter if you think the look doesn't suit you. It's all about the vision the make-up artist sees and what will complement the hair and clothes.

Strike #4 was: I don't mind if models chat with one another while I'm doing their make-up. What I don't like is when you purposely move your head around me to see your friend and that's exactly what my model did. I can't believe I did this but I actually waited and eye balled her a few seconds before I asked if she could look at me. After a few more times I stopped asking and turned her head in my direction which she did not like but I didn't care.

Strike #5 was: Her friend and her kept whining about how they were so tired of these fashion parties because a) they're only modeling for a bunch of drunk people at a club and b) they were not getting paid. She even assumed that there wouldn't be anyone important from the fashion industry there. Here's a little reality check to all new models or models that are still doing free jobs (excluding some editorial work and charity events): The reason you're still doing free jobs is because YOU'RE NOT A SUPERMODEL! I felt like spelling this out to her but had to bite my tongue so many times. Another little tip about being professional is to watch what you say and who you say it to because you don't know who they know or what they're capable of doing with that information. Never burn your bridges because you never know who you'll be working for!

By that point I wanted to get her make-up done as fast as I could and out of my chair. My husband could also tell I was not at all impressed. What I thought was funny is when she started to show a softer side after she realized the photographer was my husband. I don't know if she thought he was going to say something but she smartened up. However, as soon as he left to get food she was back to her diva attitude. I never like to wish bad things on anyone but I really do hope she does not make it far in the industry. Besides, her face is nothing to be desired and is pretty forgettable. If she does make it to supermodel status I hope someone will be honest enough to put her in her place before she gets there. Let's face it Naomi Campbell has already proved she is not above community service!

The above picture makes me laugh because I remember that was the moment I wanted to jab her eye out. I also thought this picture was appropriate because it not only shows my frustration but her back is turned to hide her identity. Remember - never burn your bridges!


Yvonne said...

WOW...I can't stand people like that. I think you handled yourself appropriately however I'm sure there was some room for you to say what needed to be said without burning bridges. For example, you could be condescending in such a way she doesnt really recognize it, "oh well, the junior models do the free shows but as you gain more exposure you'll then start to get paid..." showing aint nothing yet girlfriend but not being rude to get yourself in trouble. Additionally, I dont think ANYONE and I mean ANYONE has the right to belittle ppl. She looked at you as though you were a servant, ppl who serve are not beneath those they serve, so if she or anyone else out there punks you off or disrespects you I wouldn't bite my tongue, let her know in an assertive manner that she is being disrespectful...or again be condescending. "Honey, i know you probably haven't done this before, but when the makeup artist is doing your makeup for you, since you're probably used to applying your own makeup at your highschool fahsion show, you shouldn't move your head around, you can talk to your little friend later BIATCH..." ok sorry...a bit too emotionally charged there! lol...maybe a bit less force should be used.

Excellent writings, I enjoy reading them!

yummy411 said...

i totally agree with yvonne ... that was funny too "biyotch!" lol... you practiced great patience that many of us don't have.. it's a virtue!

Ted said...

yeah, my cuz has always been a sweet tempered kid. hi, cuz!

aliciabee said...

that is a serious problem i find many amateur models have. they get a few gigs here and there and shit just goes to their heads!

i feel like as a prof make-up artist, you handled yourself very well. it shows great maturity. i would have to disagree with yvonne though. the fashion idustry is brutal and straight to the point. it can literaly make you or break you. i don't think its her job to tell that snooty model anything. even a sarcastic remark could have came off as too informative. this is a cut and dry business... she'll learn her mistakes down the road. she is no janice dickinson! and with that attitude, she definately won't be going far.

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Thank you guys for all your comments! It is much appreciated! In Yvonne's defense she is not in the fashion industry but I appreciate what she was saying - oh and she's almost 9 months prego so probably emotionally charged right now haha! I think the trick is to find the right balance between being walked all over and being aggressive. It takes time to perfect it but I think I'm getting there! :)

Jess said...

Wow, I am shocked at the hatred towards models.. their job is to be quiet and sell the clothes and your job is to be quiet and make them look good, n'est pas? The only one burning bridges is you sweetie!

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Hi Jess,

When I wrote this I was still very upset about the incident and I was only referring to this one particular model. I think models are intelligent and business minded, however, because she is a new model just entering the industry I do not think her attitude was called for. Yes, at the time I did think her job was to be quiet and sell the clothes. AND I was quiet and did my job like a professional does so I am NOT burning any bridges. I could of easily been a bitch back but I was not. You seem a little touchy about this subject - I take it you're a model? Bottom line: I think everyone should be treated with respect no matter who you are and I think everyone can agree there.