Thursday, April 19, 2007

Too Much To Write So Little Time!

I'm desperately trying to finish a post I started 3 days ago and it just seems I never have time to complete it! I just wanted to let you know what was coming up in my next post in case you're checking back and annoyed I haven't posted anything new. I received this comment from a reader by the name of Denise:

Hi Joy!

What a great blog! Can't wait to see what you post next. :)

I have a beauty question for you. I was wondering if you could share some tips for applying eyeshadow for asian eyes. I don't exactly have the double eye-lid so I haven't quite figured out the proper technique yet. Plus, I would appreciate if you could recommend some brands and shades that would be suitable for wearing at the office (i.e something "natural" looking), as well as during a night out on the town. Thanks in advance!

Denise, thank you for your question and for stopping by! Coming up is "Make-up 101: How to Apply Eye Shadow for Asian Eyes". Stay tuned all you make-up junkies!

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