Thursday, May 10, 2007

Beauty Blogs: Bloggers Take the World By Storm!

It's no news that bloggers have become the new marketing tool for many companies because a) it's cheaper than paying for advertisements and b) more people can be reached in a shorter span of time. Bloggers have been around for some years now and it seems to have reached its peak in popularity more so now than ever. Whether someone is just writing about their day to day life or sharing information to help others, people everywhere are reading and there is always someone that can relate. The blogging community has a huge following some reaching a few hundred to a few thousand! The power of the internet and the power of free speech is astonishing at times. If someone wants to be heard, he/she can voice it on the internet via blog or another platform like Facebook (which has taken on a life of its own!) and it will travel faster than a wildfire. It seems blogs are fast becoming the chosen source of information these days. If one needs information on beauty, fashion, technology, or celebrity gossip it's just a click away and it's free (the majority of the time)! I think people are also drawn to blogs because they know that the writer is giving their honest opinion. We're not being coached on what to say which is why so many beauty companies for example take a chance and send free products for us to sample and review. Even if it's a bad review, any press is good press right?

Events and its organizers are slowly getting on the bandwagon and utilizing bloggers to be their voice, giving us full access for media coverage. Zaigham Zulqernain, the Executive Producer behind The Toronto Week of Style says, "It makes total sense...collectively, these blogs have a much bigger readership than their offline counterparts...with blogs quickly becoming the most important and most read means of disseminating news, their importance to us is not lost." I agree! Bloggers are definitely here to stay! To see the press release on the Toronto Week of Style bloggers click here.

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