Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beauty Review: Beauty Rants and Raves for Toronto Week of Style

Rant: The makeup and hair for the first show Bambumoda, was not one of my favourites. Sure, the metallic gold shadow and black liner winged out to the side is one of Spring's hottest trends, but I think it was poorly executed. It looked amateur compared to what we're used to seeing on the runways of NY or Paris. The makeup looked messy and seemed as though it was slapped on. Foundations seemed off on some of the models especially the darker skinned models like the one in the picture. She's a beautiful girl and the makeup did not do her justice. Her skin looked grey and ashy. The shadow colour definitely did not work for her - it looks like silver and gold were mixed together and the lip colour was way too light for her skin tone. The key makeup artist of a show will create one look for all the models and it's up to the team of artists to make it work no matter what their skin colour is. She could have used a warmer shade of gold or a bronzier gold to compliment her skin tone. Hair was down and kept pretty natural. It was neither good or bad - it was just meh.

Rave: I was happy to see that a little more effort was put into the hair and makeup at the Fashion Fringe show. I wasn't able to get the best pictures but you get the idea. The makeup was feminine and playful. The eyes were kept simple with shimmery pale shadow and black liner, cheeks and lips had a beautiful pop of colour in a bright pink. With the combination of dewy skin, flushed cheeks, and bright lips the girls looked radiant and youthful. It was all about volume with the hair. The hair was pulled back, teased at the crown and the ends, and braids were intertwined throughout the hair. I loved how the braids gave the poofy coif some texture and made it more interesting to look at. Overall, I thought it was definitely a step up from the other night.

Rave: The show, Sparkle, ended the Toronto Week of Style. The girls all looked very tropical with their bronzed skin, colourful makeup, and beach wavy hair. I thought this girl looked phenomenal. Her bronzey skin was flawless and shimmered and glowed in all the right places. I thought the makeup was the trendiest of all the looks, however, I was a little tired of seeing the winged out black liner again. I loved the lilac and purple tones that were used on the eyes and the hint of clear gloss in the inner corner was a nice touch. The sea foam liner used on the bottom was exaggerated and extended to the nose. The colour looked great on all the models. The cheeks had a beautiful berry pink flush mixed with bronzer and a gold high lighter. The lips were finished with a berry pink gloss. The loose waves reminded me of the beach and went perfectly with the whole look.

I would love to hear your rants and raves of the looks from Toronto Week of Style!

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artist said...

I agree with you on the make up. I think they could have been a little more creative!