Sunday, May 13, 2007

Beauty Review: Is There Really Such A Thing As "Anti-Poof" Hair Products??

Hair products have definitely come a long way and how lucky for us! Women with all different hair types can be guaranteed these days to find a hair product to work for their specific need. It's unbelievable how many homemade recipes involving olive oil and mayo women would try just to have picture perfect hair! Many hair care lines now have products to suit your every need including poofy-out-of-control hair. Sunsilk has got your hair problems covered - frizzy, poofy, flat, kinky, normal, dry, and dull!

My hair problem: poofy hair that dries into the shape of a pyramid! The solution: Sunsilk's Anti-Poof Operation Shampoo and Conditioner. The Jojoba Oil in the shampoo/conditioner claims to seal those poofy strands and prevent them from expanding. Here's what I thought:

1. Effectiveness: My hair gets extremely poofy when it starts to dry so when I received Sunsilk's Anti-Poof Operation Shampoo and Conditioner I was tres excited but very weary. I wouldn't exactly claim it's "anti-poof" because the poof factor is definitely still there. I'd rate it a 6, however, had I tried it with the 24/7 creme it's effectiveness probably would've been close to a 9. On the smooth factor it would get an 8.5 because my hair does feel soft and smooth after. My hair also doesn't feel weighed down or waxy.

2. Scent: I'd give it an 8 because it's nice and not overwhelming.

3. 2nd Chance? I'd say a 7. I think I need to try all 3 products together to really give it an honest review. I'd use it again because it certainly isn't as poofy as it normally is when I use regular shampoo and conditioner. I think depending on the range of coarseness your hair is normal wavy hair could probably get away with just using the shampoo and conditioner but coarse thick hair like mine would need the extra 24/7 creme. Plus, you can't help but love Sunsilk's cheeky and witty ads!

If anyone else has tried it I'd love to hear if it "de-poofed" your hair! Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

i suffer from the same problem, big POOFY hair. don't you wish you had that boring straight hair that it seems everyone else has? boring, yet manageable. regarding my fluffy mop of hair, i use oscar blandi's jasmine oil. it's addictive, which can prove hazardous because it's on the high-end. regardless, i buy multiple bottles at once because it seriously works that great.

i've never used sunsilk, great review. i might just have to check it out now!


Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Hey J!
Thanks for your comment. Ohh, I'd love to splurge on Oscar Blandi but when it comes to splurging for me it's all about makeup haha. But I think one day I shall have to try it! Let me know if you end up trying any Sunsilk products! :)

TheMakeupGirl said...

I used this last summer...I really liked the cream. It was good at keeping my hair from rising into the air when I wore it natural. I agree on the shampoo and conditioner...nice blog!!