Thursday, July 19, 2007

Beauty News: Flashtronic and Rush Metal Launch!

Alright, I have yet to do my beauty review on MAC's C Shock collection but I just couldn't wait to talk about the new launches Flashtronic and Rush Metal! I love, love, LOVE all MAC's Mineralize SkinFinish launches and wished they were apart of the line (but then what would we makeup junkies have to look forward to?)! This year they relaunched the Mineralize Eye Shadows as well. Can you imagine four gorgeous shades baked into one?? They give the skin the most gorgeous glow and look great on the eyes, cheeks, and body! Every year these come out I try to snatch up as much as I can. I'm really happy that MAC came out with the Mineralize SkinFinish Natural as part of the regular line because these powders give your skin a natural-matte finish but with a subtle glow! I'm in love with it and carry it around in my makeup bag for touch ups.

I'm also in love with MAC's Pigments and this year they came out with brand new colours from the Rushmetal launch! These pigments are so versatile and can be worn so many different ways. You can sweep them over the eye for a wash of colour, you can layer them over a cream base to intensify the colour, mix them water to give a liquid effect, or use them to highlight. To get these colours to show on the eye you have to use a really good stiff brush rather than a fluffy brush and pat the pigment on the eye.

Stay tuned for my review of C Shock another favourite of mine! Happy shopping!

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