Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beauty News: M.A.C. Attack Time!

Faux lashes make my heart pitter-patter and even if I was born with lush full lashes I'd still wear them! M.A.C. has just launched 11 new styles of Lashes including a set of individual lashes that artists have been requesting for years! I am in lash heaven! There are a few that look similar to their old lashes like their best seller set of #7's. So ladies, flutter those lashes with a set of falsies!

The next on the list is still all about the lashes. Oh how we women love our lashes! M.A.C. has launched a new mascara Plush Lash which promises to plump up your lashes. I've never really been a fan of their mascaras even when I was working there and I'm a little hesistant to try this. One honest opinion I can count on are the people that I used to work with. So, I'll have to get back to you on that.

M.A.C. matte is back with Matte 2 which I am truly excited about! I love my shimmery shadows but when you're an artist shimmery doesn't work on everyone or for every occasion. Back in the day, M.A.C. used to carry more matte shadows and when JLo danced her booty into our lives it was all about shimmer and glowy skin. So, I am happy for the return of the matte. Formulations now are super blendable and more forgiving. I love mixing matte and shimmery textures together to add more depth to the eyes. Plus, a semi-matte eye is more flattering in pictures!

Oh, I'm not finished with the matte just yet. M.A.C. is also launching Mattene, a new line of semi-matte lip colours which will be launching September 27 in North America. My faves so far Orange Dare and Rougette! Check out's Beauty Blog for more info and to see M.A.C.'s Holiday collection! Happy shopping!

Photos courtesy of Specktra.Net and M.A.C. Cosmetics

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yummy411 said...

*head spinning* MAC overload... and the McQueen collection? yikes! when you see me on the curb with a jar soliciting change, you'll know why LOOOLOL