Saturday, December 29, 2007

Back To M.A.C. Holiday Story

Over the holidays, I took the opportunity to clean out my overflowing makeup kit or should I say suitcase! I was horrified to find rancid smelling foundations, glosses, lip balms, lotions, and concealers. I had empty cases upon empty cases of fake lashes that still had the old lashes in them with dried-up crusty mascara. Pretty picture isn't? When all was said and done I had 42 M.A.C. containers to bring in for free product! Now that I don't work at M.A.C., I can participate in their wonderful Back to M.A.C. program which I think all cosmetic companies should do. And if you don't know already, you have a choice of lipstick, lip gloss, or eyeshadow when you bring your empties to a free-standing store (this is not reflected on the M.A.C. site so be sure to check with your location if they support this). I assume M.A.C. decided to make this change due to complaining customers. When I worked there, I used to get women who complained about how they preferred gloss over lipstick. Well, your complaining was all worth it! ;)

I was a little annoyed with the artist that helped me because she opened almost every product and was surprised to see that most were still pretty full. I didn't know anyone at this location because I just moved to the area in the summer. I had to go through this long winded explanation about how I'm a makeup artist, used to work at M.A.C, and how I had so much product that all of it ended up going bad. She even opened a few lip balms to see if they smelled bad and she disagreed. Are you serious?? Hey, if you want to use something on your lips that smells like old rotting wax instead of M.A.C.'s signature vanilla scent then go right ahead. Count me out. Anyways, after all that she finally ended up getting me my 7 free products + 2 additional products that I needed. To top it off, at the register she gave me what felt like a mini quiz to see if I really used to work at M.A.C which is fine because it's only natural to be curious especially if you've never seen each other. But what really annoyed me was how shocked she was when she found out I quit after my maternity leave. "Why would you ever do that?", she asked like M.A.C. is the end all and be all. Hey, I loved working for M.A.C. but I knew I had to leave to do what I really wanted to do. I never like to be mean but I wanted to stick it to her just a bit. So in the nicest way possible I said, "Because I was bored and freelancing is so much more exciting!". I smiled, grabbed my bag, and wished her a Happy Holiday!

I had been dying to try their Matte 2 eye shadows so here is what I got:

1. Signed and Sealed (black maroon)
2. Typographic (asphalt black)
3. Graphology (dark black grey with a hint of purple)
4. Flourishing (rich moss green)
and 3 Love Nectar Lustreglasses.

Does anyone else have any makeup holiday stories you'd like to share? Stay tuned for new makeup reviews in the coming new year! This holiday has just been so busy so I apologize for the lack of updates! :) Have a fantastic New Years!


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that you got treated so nasty, although I must admit, it's why many of my friends don't shop at MAC. They find the counter and the people who work there completely unapproachable. Although I, myself have never had that problem, being a long time customer and a professional MUA for many, many years, I can see how they may get that feeling. I wonder if it might be worth saying something to some of my friends who work at the counters...or your friends even??!! Just a thought of course...

yummy411 said...

wow~ i guess i could understand her hesitation, but really if you wanted to turn it in then so be it! what if someone came with receipts for all of that and she had to do refunds?!? lol... well you nicely stuck it to her and walked away with what you wanted LOLLOL! in her face! how do you like the matte2 shadows? and someone LOVES love nectar l/g! ;)

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Hey Anonymous,
I'll admit that some M.A.C. counters do have some stuck up girls but I know some pretty awesome people that work there. M.A.C. really does put importance on excellent customer service (all those MAC Updates I had to go to!) but I guess you can't control everyone's behaviour. Well, I really do believe in what comes around goes around. The way I see it is don't go into a job that's customer service oriented if you don't like people or have a bad attitude. lol

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Hey Yummy411!
I do love the matte2's and will do a review in the new year. :) Oh and the 3 love nectars are a little excessive I know. But they weren't for me. I hate MAC glosses - they were for a few friends that love that colour. Do your MAC stores have the same policy where you can get a lipstick, gloss or shadow?

May said...

Wow she sounded very nosey. One thing I hate is that when I go to a makeup counter they think I know absolutly anal about makeup but I play it off cool. But when they get on my nerves I start talking makeup stuff and they get the point after.

I know some pretty nice ones and then there are the ones that think they know everything about makeup and that its carved in stone.

Sorry for the venting