Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What's Your Beauty Routine For Winter Perfect Skin?

Makeup Junkie wants to know what your winter beauty secrets are for keeping your skin looking beautiful and radiant. Every woman has their winter issues whether it be extremely dry itchy skin, breakouts, washed out skin tone or dry staticky hair. And we all have our rituals that we do so no matter what. Ok, so I'll go first! Here are some things I do to get my skin looking its best during these cold, dry winter months!

1. My skin always gets so dry so I make sure now more than ever to exfoliate my skin with a yummy body scrub while I'm showering.
2. I've switched my face moisturizer to a heavier one for the winter months.
3. I moisturize my body morning and night with a heavy duty body butter.
4. I've started applying petroleum jelly to my hands and feet and wearing mittens and socks to bed. I don't do it every night but try to do it every other night. My hands and feet get terribly cracked and this is the only thing that's helped! If anyone has any other ideas that are inexpensive I'd love to hear it!
5. I'm going to start sleeping with a humidifier to bring back some moisture to my skin and hair. It also helps me breathe at night when I get stuffy!
6. I've started setting my makeup with a face spritzer like M.A.C.'s Fix +. It makes my skin look radiant and dewy during winter months when my skin tends to look drier. I don't really like using in the summer time because I end up looking sweaty so it's perfect for the drier months. It's also great for when your hair gets a little staticky.
7. I love using gel stains (especially in cherry tones because it gives you rosy cheeks like you've been outside in the cold) because it lasts long and gives me a glowing complexion. Sometimes powders can come off faster in the cold.
8. I use a powder bronzer religiously because I get so pale during the winter!
9. Lip balm is my best friend clear and tinted.
10. I try to remember to drink lots of water to make sure my skin stays hydrated!

Alright it's your turn! What's your winter beauty secrets??

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Beth said...

I had some seriously dry, irratated skin until I figured out how to exfoliate properly! Check on my little winter skin saga on my blog!

I love body butter, all year round in fact. I also have started using L'Oreal's Sublime Glow Moisturizer to get my legs and arms ready for my cute holiday dresses. Got get a little bronze so I don't look dead!

Love the blog!

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Hey Beth!
Thanks for your tips about bronzer all over the body! So right about bronzing up the legs for those great holiday dresses! Love your blog as well!

psychoexgirlfriend said...

I love blush for winter! Especially true reds and pinks to give me that just in from the cold look. I usually match that with a rosy or berry lip. Also I highlight the cheeks for a perk me up using something like Stila Liquid Luminzer.

I also moisturizer more as well, something I usually neglect during the other seasons since my skin's so oily!