Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Makeup Artist Corner: Cargo Goes Blu_Ray!

Designed for makeup artists working in high-definition film, Cargo has created The blu_ray Collection. Product description:
"These products are ideal for filming, photography, bridal makeup, special events and even everyday wear. The product features photochromatic pigments, optical blurring, hyaluronic spheres, ingredients which provide polish and coverage while looking natural."
The collection includes: blu_ray High Definition Mattifier, Pressed Powder, Blush/Highlighter, Mascara, and Gloss palette of 4. At Sephora you can purchase them separately or purchase the whole collection for $59 (CAD)!

If you are a makeup artist then you know how important it is to achieve flawless skin without piling a lot of product on. There are only handful of makeup lines that are specifically for HD film and Cargo is probably the first "consumer" brand that has come out with a collection of HD products. While Cargo may be the first to launch HD products at a consumer level, makeup lines have been refining their formulations over the years so achieving a flawless finish without a lot of makeup is nothing new. I'm curious to see the difference, if any, between Cargo's new line and non-HD makeup (apparently the line was sent to several artists working in high-def to make sure it would perform as it should). Seriously though, is it really necessary to have HD mascara and gloss? A lot of makeup artists anyways use a fine mascara comb to get rid of clumps and there are so many glosses with different formulations now. The shimmer in glosses isn't like way back in the day when the glitter particles were huge. I think I'd be more inclined to buy the whole line if Cargo had created a foundation because that's where the real difference would be. In television, thick pancake makeup is usually used to disguise imperfections and in HD tv is very noticeable.

If you're wondering about the future of HD, it's here to stay. According to an article on Canada.com, "unit sales of HD camcorders worldwide are expected to rocket fivefold to 11 million between now and 2011," according to market researcher IDC. If you think you won't be in HD anytime soon, your time will come soon enough! As much as I love watching the awesome colour quality of HD, I do not want to see my flaws in HD! lol If Cargo's line promises to do what it says, I'll be one happy consumer and makeup artist! I'm sure if the line does well they will keep adding more to the line. The collection may seem gimmicky but I'm all about products that make my skin look better and my job a lot easier! I'll hopefully test it out this week and if all goes well make a purchase! If anyone else tries the line I'd love to hear your feedback! Happy shopping!

Other lines that carry HD products:
Dior's High Definition Serum Foundation - coming out February
Kett Cosmetics
Colour Basis
Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation

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