Monday, February 25, 2008

Celebrity Beauty Style: Katherine Heigl Channels Old Hollywood Glamour At The Oscars!

Katherine Heigl has become a favourite Hollywood beauty of mine. If there's an event to go all out it's definitely the Oscars. She just has that natural glamour and class of Old Hollywood's leading ladies. Katherine was also a favourite of mine at the Emmy awards - she definitely knows how to glam up the red carpet right! Her glamorous pin curls, matching red lips, diamond drop earrings, and red, asymmetrical form-fitting Escada dress were simply stunning together. To recreate Katherine's Old Hollywood look:

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Face: Compliment bold lips with a sun-kissed glow by applying Chanel's Silky Bronzing Powder
on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin for subtle contouring.

Hair: Keep those curls in place with Frederic Fekkai's Sheer Hold Hairspray for sure hold in any weather, making curls look shiny and not dry and crunchy.

Other favourite looks of the night were:

Anne Hathaway

Heidi Klum

Jessica Alba

Favourite speeches of the night were Diablo Cody and Oscar winner Marion Cotillard . They were truly ecstatic and overwhelmed to receive the award and their speeches were heartfelt and genuine! Diablo Cody was a little awkward by fidgeting with her dress and the split that went up so high you could see her goods while she walked! But I think that's what added to her likeability because she didn't look so perfect accepting her award. And Marion Cotillard was so adorable "you really rocked my world!". Loved it! Who were your favourites of the night? What were your fashion misses?

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nilla cookie said...

If it weren't for the over-bronzed cheeks, Katherine Heigl may have made it to the top of my list.

The dress was gorgeous but the lips were too matchy matchy with her gown and the cheeks were horrid.

I loved Diablo Cody and Marion Cotillards speeches too! So cute!

Make-up Junkie said...

Hey Nilla!
I didn't mind the bronziness - it depends on the lighting. In the 2nd pic it's not so noticeable. The makeup artist was probably compensating for the bright flashing lights. The look is very sculpted. And since there wasn't a lot of colour besides the lips the bronziness doesn't seem too bad. For the lips, it's a faux pas to match your lips with what you're wearing but I don't think any other colour would have done the old hollywood look from head to toe justice. A pale pink or nude lip just wouldn't have had the same impact especially with this dress.

Thanks for adding your comment! I love hearing everyone's hits and misses!

lucky said...

i agree with you on the fave speeches part. La Vie En Rose was such an incredible film, Marion deserved that award 100%.

however, gotta say i'm with nilla cookie on Heigl's bronzer... i'm down with sculpting but she looks like she left her forehead in the oven a little too long. :)

Make-up Junkie said...

haha ok I'll agree the forehead is a little too bronzed but the rest of her is perfection! :)