Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Beauty Review: A New Do With Vidal Sassoon!

As you can see in my horrid before shot, I was way over due for a hair cut and colour. My last cut was in September and I can't even remember when the last time I coloured my hair was. I was letting my Posh Spice-Rihanna-Katie Holmes bob grow out because everyone I knew was getting it and I really didn't know what style I should do next. I'm really bad when it comes to getting my bangs trimmed. I've been told numerous times that coming in for a bang trim is complimentary, but I'll be honest - I'm lazy and just don't have time to get one. And that explains why I've butchered my bangs over the past few months giving myself a trim (put the scissors down)! My hair had no shape and the longer it grew the heavier my hair felt.

When I was approached by Vidal Sassoon to get a complimentary cut/colour, there was no way I was going to refuse. I was planning to get one anyways this month so the timing couldn't be more perfect. I'm all about low maintenance even though bangs are pretty high maintenance, but I just can't go back to my no-fringe days. For colour, my awesome colourist, Tara, liked my idea of going an eggplant purple which you can only really see in the light. I didn't want anything too high maintenance or too trendy that it didn't look like me. I'm really happy with the colour although I wouldn't have minded if it were a tad brighter. However, she did give me a bottle of Eggplant Oroma Krazy Kolor Gel that I was told to use like a conditioner to boost my colour and give it shine. I asked her what trends we'll be seeing for colour in the Spring and she said "..the trend will be striving for healthy, shiny hair...". Whatever it is you prefer, highlights or full colour, shiny healthy hair is always in!

For the cut, my amazing stylist, Karen, suggested cleaning up my shape to one length, adding some layers for movement and to take away the heaviness. Throughout my whole cut, Karen gave me some really great tips!

Cowlicks: I have a small one on my bangs that makes it part in the middle sometimes. Right after the shower, blow dry your hair in the opposite direction it usually falls with a brush. Then blow dry and brush it back to your natural spot. Do this a few times back and forth and it will get rid of it!

Razors: I got to learn about Vidal's cutting technique and I love that the stylists are so precise and technical. Vidal doesn't believe in using razors to give layers because it breaks the ends of the hair making it look damaged. I've had this done and always wondered why the ends of my hair still looked fried!

Thinning Shears: If you have thick hair then you've probably seen these shears that look like teeth. I've had my hair thinned out a lot. My hair always felt lighter but when it grew out the shape was all off. At Vidal, they don't use thinning shears because the stylists can do the same technique with normal scissors and the cut would be done in a way that still suits your shape.

Don't let the pictures on the Vidal Sassoon site scare you - those trendy looks are obviously not for everyday or everyone! The stylists really work with you finding the best look that suits your face shape and your lifestyle. But if trendy is your thing then Vidal Sassoon is definitely the place to go. They invented the bob back in the '60's and keep transforming it to be edgier and more fashion forward.

At the end of it all, I was really happy with the results. It wasn't a drastic change but it was exactly what I needed. It's located in the ritzy area of downtown, but the staff aren't at all stuffy. Everyone was so nice and welcoming! Tara was friendly and fun which put me at ease and professional at the same time. We realized that we knew the same people - small world! Karen was hilarious and full of helpful tips. I really think I was meant to get my hair done with Vidal because Karen was actually featured in Chick Advisor's podcast "Where'd You Get That?" last season (to view click here)! The world just got a lot smaller! She has a really great style so it's no wonder we stopped her. I will definitely be going back (I've never had a regular hair stylist!) and highly recommend Karen for a cut and Tara for a colour (everyone specializes in either cut or colour, another reason to go to Vidal Sassoon!). I will try my HARDEST not to touch my scissors or let my colour grow out and go back more frequently! Thank you so much to Karen, Tara and Vidal Sassoon for the wonderful experience!

Vidal Sassoon (Toronto)
37 Avenue Road
York Square
Toronto, ON
To book: 416-920-1333


Anonymous said...

Your new 'do' looks fab Joy! Nice way to freshen up for Spring, which is hopefully just around the corner!!

BeautyChick101 said...

I am LOVING your new haircut! It looks so glam! :)

Ali said...

You look fabulous! You did before as well, but this is edgier. I like it

Make-up Junkie said...

awww thank you ladies!! :)

Melanie said...

joy you look amaaazzzing!!!
those are some ginsu bangs man.. hot!

Karin said...

Your hair looks glossy and healthy with a wonderful shape and movement.

You got a winner!

I love that eggplant color. A friend of my daughter's did it, and it was wonderful, but as you say, can only be seen in sunlight.


Make-up Junkie said...

Thanks Mel thanks Karin! You guys are making me blush now!

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Love the hair! It looks like a small change but suddenly you look so much more fresh and polished than before (not that you didn't...) I wish I could do bangs but my minuscule forehead won't let me.

Make-up Junkie said...

Thanks Psychoexgirlfriend! It's amazing how a cut can freshen you up. My forehead is pretty huge so I need bangs lol. I wish I had a smaller one because sometimes I'd like to switch back to no-bangs - so high maintenance! :)