Friday, March 7, 2008

Beauty Review: NYC Nail Glossies in Turquoise Seas!

I'm still lovin' NYC's Nail Glossies! Last week I painted my tips in Fusion Pink from NYC and this week it's Turquoise Seas. Some of you may think that all this colour is too much for you, but I love brightly coloured tips especially for Spring/Summer. Natural hues are nice and dandy but don't really stand out against my skin tone. If you're going to experiment with bright pops of colour this season, why not try it on your nails? It's a great alternative especially if bright shadow colours make you run the other way.

The above picture of my nails is on Day 5 and it still hasn't chipped! Mind you, I did apply 4 coats to deepen the greeny-blue shade and I'm happy I did. If you have fair skin you can get away with applying 2 coats. It goes on a beautiful sea foam-blue colour. I had to do 4 coats to avoid a yellowy cast on my skin. It's definitely a colour that will get noticed and don't be surprised if you get a few questioning stares lol. It's non-streaky and inexpensive coming in at $2.99 CDN a bottle (and can be found at your local drugstore - PharmaPlus in Canada)! If you love colour and like to have fun with it you'll definitely love this shade for Spring and Summer! I think the next fun colour I'll be doing is an orange-coral! Happy shopping!


Arianne said...

Hi Joy! You know I was thinking about a getting a pedicure yesterday... these summery colours on your nails are so awesome!

So I gave the Fluidline a test run yesterday. I had it on since 9am til midnight. It held up better than Smashbox's cream liner but I still got smudgies on my lower lid, and on my upper lid crease. :( I was wondering if this was unusual. The lady at the MAC counter said it was waterproof. This one isn't even oily-lid-proof.

Might I have bought a bad batch? What do you think?

Make-up Junkie said...

Hey Arianne!

Unfortunately the fluidline's aren't oil-proof so you have to make sure your lids are well primed with powder. Apply loose/pressed powder to both top and bottom lids. Don't be shy with it because you want to get rid of that oil. If you have to, apply a powder shadow over top of the fluidline to ensure it doesn't smudge. Usually oiler lids have smudge problems. Also, after you apply the liner let it dry for a few minutes so try not to move your eye around if that makes sense! lol.

I hope these suggestions help! let me know how you make out! :)

yummy411 said...

hey joy! this color is llloooovve!!