Sunday, March 23, 2008

L'Oreal Toronto Fashion Week: Fall/Winter 2008 Beauty Trends Part 3!

After a disappointing Wednesday night, I was hoping that Thursday would be a better day and it was. I was happy to have the chance again to interview L'Oreal Paris' head makeup artist Eddie Maleterre and lead head hair stylist Eric Del Monaco for L'Oreal Fashion Week on Fall 2008 beauty trends. Beauty is taking on an all new meaning next season. Throw out traditional beauty rules and be inspired by "new-age" beauty looks that will mix a variety of styles and eras. First beauty rule to be broken: focusing on one area of the face. Instead, both eyes and lips will be the focal point next season. Lip liner will also be making a comeback, helping to define the natural curves of the lips creating full, plump lips.

The Trends:

Makeup - Luxurious, jewel-toned hues of plum, that are ultra-feminine and versatile. Muted earthy shades of taupe offer a contrast to the season's opulent hues of plum. Deep black will also be used to accentuate the eyes.

Hair - Rich, deep and monochromatic shades of brunette and blonde. A multi-faceted is created with these monochromatic shades causing subtle highlights to peek through. Must-have hairstyle for the season is a shiny bob that is worn one length or layered and ending either at the chin line or shoulder. Can be worn straight to give a more structured and dramatic look or curled to give a softer more romantic look.

The Look:

Audaciously Natural - Taupe shadow on the eyes, skin is naturally flawless, delicate rose on the cheekbones, naturally voluminous lashes, lips are plump and full using lip gloss in neutral tones. Hair is shiny and healthy in rich tones of brunette or blonde. Lots of texture, the hair is pulled back letting some wisps of hair romantically frame the face.

Naturally Audacious - Complexion pale and flawless with just a hint of blush, two rich-jeweled tones shades of plum are blended onto the lid, black liner lines her top and lower lash line, lashes are defined and lengthened, lip liner gives definition with creamy mauve lipstick to give the perfect pout. Hair is one solid colour, styled with a short texturized bob that ends slightly past the chin and features lots of big beautiful curls.

The Inspiration

Hazy '50's and '60's inspired cat eye look. The structured and romantic hair styles of the big screen sirens of the 1920's and 1940's. Different eras brought together to bring women into the modernized "new-age" of beauty.

Charcoal greys and matte red lips dominated last Fall so it'll be a nice change to see plums make a return. Plum is such a versatile shade and enhances all eye colours. It'll be interesting to see if women will embrace the comeback of lip liner and make both the eyes and lips the focal point. I never like to limit myself so I'm always up for something different. For hair, I haven't had highlights in a long time and really love having one solid colour. My hair always looks shiny and healthy whereas when I had highlights it looked dry and faded.

Stay tuned for the continuation of Part 3 with my interview with Eddie and Eric and some great backstage photos!

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Special K said...

Woohoo...I have to say the clothes for Fall/Winter 2008 have left me underwhelmed but I'm big on the hair/makeup trends for once.

I'm especially loving the plums coming back into style. It'll be interesting how far down the old school glamour trail we end up going.