Tuesday, March 25, 2008

L'Oreal Toronto Fashion Week: Fall/Winter 2008 Beauty Trends Part 3 Cont'd!

Photo: L'Oreal Paris head makeup artist Eddie Maleterre perfecting the African-inspired look for GSUS

Fashion week for me is all about the beauty trends. I also love being backstage amongst all the bustle and had a terrific time hanging out seeing everyone work their magic. We saw some creative makeup looks and learned a few hair tricks and saw a few tv personalities. L'Oreal Paris' head makeup artist Eddie Maleterre and L'Oreal's lead hairstylist for Fashion Week, Eric Del Monaco, gives us the scoop on Fall/Winter beauty trends.

Photo: Eddie showing the host of CosmoTV how to wear plums on the eyes for Fall

Eddie Maleterre:

Photo: Makeup look for designer Nada Youssif

Makeup Junkie: Fall/Winter is all about taking beauty risks and throwing out traditional makeup rules. Can you tell us about the two looks for Fall/Winter?
Eddie: There are two different makeup looks. For day it is bare skin, natural foundation, mascara, taupe on the eyes, lipstick in creamy beige. It is very natural and healthy. The second look plays with colour. Smoky eyes are very present in plum, lips are very present in cherry or dark cherry, and not too much blush.

Photo: Eddie's makeup table - I need to try some HIP shadows. The pigments were amazing!

MJ: What product would you suggest every woman have in their makeup bag for next season?
Eddie: L'Oreal Bare Naturale Foundation, very easy to use, skin is always perfect, it's also a mineral foundation. It's magic!

MJ: What is the most important beauty rule every woman should break next season?
Eddie: Play with colour and play with the makeup.

Photo: L'Oreal Fashion Week's lead hair stylist, Eric Del Monaco, doing a look on Slice.ca's L'Oreal Fashion Week correspondent Jamie. Tip: if you have long hair but want the illusion of a cute bob, pin your curls underneath with bobby pins!

Eric Del Monaco

Makeup Junkie: I’m personally excited that the bob will make a return next season. What is it about the bob that women love or you love?
Eric: We've actually been doing a lot of it in the salon for Spring/Summer. What we're doing for Fall/Winter is sort of a carry over of the bob but we're taking the straight bob and giving it a little bit of a different edge. We're going to do it with a large barrel curling iron with some big huge rollers. So we're taking that beautiful sleek bob say for day wear and we're going to transform it into an evening glamorous wear for night time. It's very simple with some heat activating spray Hot Curls by L'Oreal and either big rollers or a curling iron and just plump it up with your fingers.

MJ: One solid colour is becoming very popular again. What inspired you to move away from highlights?
Eric: I think it's because we've been highlighting hair so much and so often that it's just time to give the hair a break maybe. Monotone colours are going to be very very strong and I think it's just going to be a time for the hair to repair itself a little bit.

MJ: To maintain long-lasting colour and beautiful shine what products do you suggest?
Eric: For colour treated hair that's very very important. A lot of woman make the mistake of spending a lot of money on colouring their hair and then they get a less expensive shampoo that strips the colour. It's so important that if you're hair is chemically treated that you get a shampoo for colour treated hair. I recommend the Colour Vive Pro from L'Oreal Paris for colour treated hair. It is also comes with a once a week deep conditioner.

Photo: Me (looking tired and hair flat!), Eric, and my friend Christine

MJ: Since next season is about breaking traditional beauty rules what is one rule every woman should break next season?
Eric: If you're traditionally wearing the same look for a long time get something new and try something different.

The backstage buzz

Model getting her African-inspired look for GSUS

The finished look

More of the African-inspired look

This was my favourite of all the African-inspired looks for GSUS. It's not wearable for day but cool nonetheless!

Thank you to Eric and Eddie for the fantastic interview! That wraps up my week! My feelings of this season were mixed, but of all the good and bad I loved ending the week on a beauty note. Mid-way during the week I remembered that the beauty and fashion industry can sometimes get ugly and that being nice doesn't get you anywhere. I was ready to release the inner "bitch" in me, but was reminded that it's just not me. I refuse to believe that you have to be ruthless and rude in this industry. There is room for decent and genuine people! Thank you to Margaret and Sonja for taking care of us backstage - it certainly made up for Wednesday's drama! I hope you enjoyed my coverage of Fashion Week and loved reading about the beauty trends! Until next season!

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Jennifer said...

Wow! I would love to be able to experience the awesome chaos of a fashion show from backstage. What a great job reporting the looks and the products the experts recommend!
Thanks! You have a great blog!

Make-up Junkie said...

Thank you Jennifer! Glad you liked the coverage :)