Friday, March 21, 2008

L'Oreal Toronto Fashion Week: Wear In The World Part 1

"Wear In The World" was the tagline for this season as it recognizes Toronto's growing exposure in the international market. Unfortunately I couldn't attend all the shows due to scheduling, but I made sure to make it out for Bustle and Joeffer Caoc Tuesday night!

Bustle is such a hot ticket event and always a favourite with Canada's fashionable. Bustle focuses mainly on menswear but has a few male inspired women's wear.

The women still come out for the show because Bustle is also known for having gorgeous male models!

I'm not going to pretend I know technical fashion jargon, but I really enjoyed the fitted suits with satin striping and great fall jackets. Bustle style has a very well-tailored look but with an element of fun.
Not a very good picture but it's the legendary host of Fashion Television Jeanne Beker at Bustle.

Blurry photo of supermodel, Stacey McKenzie, also one of the judges for Canada's Next Top Model struttin' her stuff.

Fantastic Bustle designer duo and love birds Shawn Hewson (judge on Project Runway Canada) and Ruth Promislow.

I remember a few years ago I met Joeffer Caoc and had no idea who he was. I was interning as a makeup artist at a photography studio when he and a stylist friend stopped by and I remember him being so unbelievably nice. I ran into him a few months later at Toronto's Pride parade event and I had forgotten his name. A few days later I saw him on Fashion Television! He was such a humble guy he never even bothered to tell me he was one of Canada's top designers! That's also when I realized I needed to learn more about Canada's fashion scene.

I was really glad to see his show on Tuesday. He's got an exquisite style and knows how to dress a woman.

My favourite pieces were the dresses and satin trench coats.

I loved the makeup! The skin was flawless with a bit of dewiness on the cheekbones. Cheeks were kept soft with a little contouring. Metallic deep blue was mixed with black on the eyes, giving a strong smoky effect. Lips were natural in a matte peachy-nude. The hair was beautifully styled in a relaxed up-do. Half the hair was sectioned up and then was pulled back into a soft bun.

Second from the right is actress Tara Spencer-Nairn from Canadian show Corner Gas front row.

My best friend, Christine, and I after the shows. Tuesday was a great night and I ran into some old friends and business contacts I hadn't seen in a while. Part 2 isn't so pleasant and full of drama lol. But stay tuned for Part 3 which will feature my interview with L'Oreal Paris makeup artis, Eddie Maleterre, and L'Oreal Paris hair stylist, Eric Del Monaco, about fall beauty trends! Also, later today I will be announcing the winner of my birthday give away so be on the lookout!

For more coverage on L'Oreal Fashionweek visit the official site here.


mamaluv said...

Great post, Joy! I'm a confessed fashion boor myself, so I can really relate to your feeling a little out of the loop! Look forward to reading the rest of your updates!

Make-up Junkie said...

Thanks Mamaluv! I'm so horrible when it comes to describing fashion trends! I'll just stick to what I know...haha