Saturday, March 22, 2008

L'Oreal Toronto Fashion Week: Wear In The World Part 2

Oh, the drama! This season at Fashion Week my experience was a little different than last season. Because of all the exposure Toronto has been getting from around the world, media passes were very limited and no I was not one of the lucky ones this time around which meant no reserved seat, no swag, and no access to the media lounge. Instead, I was given an Industry pass which was fine until I realized Wednesday that it really was no different than a General pass! The show I really wanted to see, Andy The-Ahn, was ridiculously packed. We got there well ahead of the scheduled time and still couldn't get in! There was room for 20 more people and with my luck 20 stopped at me and my friend. I should have changed my pass to Media when I was given the chance but I had no idea there was a possibility that we wouldn't get in to some shows. It seemed like the Industry line was always the last to be let in. Everything seemed really disorganized that night.

So, there we were at the front of the line watching Andy The-Ahn's show on a flat screen. I was not impressed because some people waiting in the General line were let in over us! I was fuming at that point. We were about to leave when we turned around and saw the long lineup waiting to get in David Dixon's show. We knew if we left our spot we'd definitely miss the next show. So we waited for over an hour until the next show in our heels. When the show was let out, everyone walked by us chatting about how amazing the show was - and it was. Amazing gowns, jewelry - gorgeous! The best part was when some bloggers I knew pretended they didn't see me and walked on by. "I'm not worthy" lol - whatever! Please...

We were pretty confident that we'd be one of the first to get into David Dixon since we were at the front of the line. Ha! Once again Industry was shafted and they even attempted to move Industry people to another line! I explained my frustrations to one of the girls who were all very nice, that we had been standing in line for over an hour and did not think it was right that some people in the General line were let in before us. I was so over it by that point, but finally they let us in and we "scored" some standing room at the edge of the bleachers.

The snowy background with the snow falling from the ceiling set the sombre mood. I loved the beautiful (I apologize for butchering the description!) tree prints on the elegant dresses and jackets.

My favourite accessories were the hats and belts.

The makeup was effortless: natural flawless skin, neutrals on the eyes, softly sculpted cheeks, and deep plum on the lips. Hair was loosely pulled back in a romantic up-do.

I haven't been a fan of plaid since the '90's but I just loved this chic trench in plum, grey and black.
I thought this was an interesting accessory: turtle-neck scarf draped over the dress (again I apologize for the description!). New trend?

The talented David Dixon. It was a fantastic show, but we were so ready to leave. My body was sore after standing for hours and I was still disappointed about missing Andy The-Anh. Oh well, c'est la vie! My whole experience was slightly tainted, but Part 3 definitely made up for it. Stay tuned for my feature on Fall beauty trends!

For more coverage on the shows, visit the official L'Oreal Fashion Week site here.


BeautyChick101 said...

I had the same kind of problem at NY Fashion Week this time! I think in general these things are just getting more and more disorganized. Such a shame!

Danielle said...

Happy belated birthday Joy!

I didn't mean to snub you, so sorry! Its frustrating trying to get into the evening shows. I sold my soul for a media pass... and it was worth it...

Make-up Junkie said...

Thanks Danielle! oh, I wasn't talking about you! Sorry if I made it seem that way. I know it was hard to stop and chat but you actually did lol. Even after I almost pushed you over by accident! lol Hey, if you didn't get a media pass then there would be something wrong! :)

Make-up Junkie said...

Hey Jamie!
I bet it's even harder in NY to get into shows! I can just imagine the madness but it's probably so worth it! I've only been to one show and that was Marc Jacobs Spring 2006 and it was soo worth it!