Thursday, March 6, 2008

Makeup Artist Corner: On Makeup Magazine!

Did you get yours yet?? I've been anticipating the arrival of On Makeup Magazine by Michael DeVellis and The Powder Group ever since I heard about it. I finally received mine in the mail last week and tore the package open! The magazine is a bright orange so it's definitely meant to stand out. I also love the square compact shape perfect to carry in my purse. I remember when I interviewed Michael back in November he was very specific about the shape. To listen to my interview click here.

Sure, the makeup artist community has Make-Up Artist Magazine but I always felt like it didn't relate to me or my line of work. I find it focuses on makeup for film and sfx and I absolutely admire makeup artists that do this line of work because I can't! On Makeup Magazine was a long time coming and I like that it has a mixture of everything with more focus on editorial. What I thought was interesting and well done was that the focus wasn't just on makeup and models wearing makeup. It was about the artists and their craft and the difference they are making in the world by giving back to the community. There's an article called "Afghan Hands" which is a non-profit organization founded by celebrity makeup artist, Matin Maulawizada, that teaches Afghan women literacy, financial and personal independence and skills necessary to earn a living wage. The beauty of beauty is being able to give back which can be such a rarity in what can sometimes be a shallow world.

My favourite sections were Kit Focus which featured the kits of genius makeup artists Sharon Gault and Ve Neill and the beauty editorials. However, I would have loved to see more than two beauty editorials. For those of you that are starting out in the business, the many makeup ads inform you where you can apply for a makeup artist discount. All in all, it's a good read filled with lots of great info. I'm looking forward to the Spring issue and hope to see more beauty editorials! Has anyone else read On Makeup Magazine? What did you think?

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Anonymous said...

I'm really curious about this mag. Roughly how long did it take from order to arrival, I ask as a fellow Canuck?