Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tag! You're It Courtesy of Yummy 411 and The Beauty of Life!

I love this game! Thank you Kia over at Yummy 411 and Jamie at The Beauty of Life for tagging me! Here are my 5 must-NOT have items and 5 makeup crimes!

My 5 Must-NOT Have Items:

1. Benefit's Eye Bright Pencil. I got some flack for this from a reader saying I wasn't applying the pencil properly. I disagree and hate this product! It may be great for fair skinned people but looked chalky and grey on me. Plus, it gave me a reaction.
2. Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation. I thought I would love this product from some of the good reviews I read, but it made me look too shiny and caused my skin to break out into an itch.
3. M.A.C.'s Tinted Lipglass. I'll probably get flack for this too but I hate these glosses. They are so sticky and the only glosses that give me a crusty white line in my inner lips. My lips always get seriously chapped too. My lips don't have a problem with M.A.C.'s Lip Gelee's or lipsticks though.
4. Philosophy's Hope In A Jar. I haven't done a review on my site yet but I was seriously disappointed with this cult classic moisturizer! It left my skin feeling tight, dry, and smelly - the scent of sweaty socks made me gag. Most women love it but sadly not me!
5. Non-water proof mascara. For me, water-proof is the only mascara that seems to make my lashes curl and doesn't smear. It's hard for me to try different mascaras because most of the time I end up being disappointed. I'd like to dish out money for some higher end brands but once I find a mascara that works I usually stick with it.

My 5 Biggest Makeup Crimes:

1. Sleeping with makeup on! This is the #1 golden rule in beauty and I'm guilty of breaking it once in a while. It's just from pure laziness plus I'm a night hawk and the last thing I want to do late at night is take off my makeup. But I know, I should practice what I preach!
2. Using face wipes to clean my brushes. Don't worry - I only do this with my personal brushes that I use daily! lol Sometimes I'll go up to 2 weeks without washing them (gross!) so I'll use my face wipes and swipe my brush back and forth on it. It's better than nothing right?
3. Peeling my nail polish off. My poor nails. Once the polish starts chipping, I can't help but peel it off or scratch it off with my nails. I end up with nail polish chippings all over myself!
4. Sleeping with fake lashes. So bad I know! I'd love to wear lashes everyday but they're so time consuming at times. I've slept with them on in hopes it'll stay on the next day. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. I find the strips stay on better than individuals. My poor lashes. No wonder I don't have any!
5. Not drinking enough water. I have not stuck with one of my new year's resolutions to drink up to 8 glasses of water a day. I am seriously lacking and barely manage one! I'm surprised my skin doesn't look/feel like sand paper! I've cut down on my coffee consumption so hopefully that'll help...

Hmm, I'm wondering if that's too much information! lol Now you know my secret beauty bads. It was fun though! Tag, you're it: Ali from Chick Advisor, Sarah from Spa On A Budget, Puckered, Ellen from Lipstick, Powder, 'N Paint, and Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog, and The Life of A Lady Bug! Enjoy!


yummy411 said...

i did enjoy! thanks for participating. i loved your lists! the crimes- i'm glad to know all of us aren't perfect.. ;) thanks again!

Make-up Junkie said...

thanks for tagging me! I loved reading your list too - I wish I was perfect! One NOT!

Special K said...

LOL...Yep no one's perfect...And I thought I was the only one to cheat with face wipes...I'll take time for someone else but I'm lazy as hell when it comes to me.

A'Janae, Inc said...

I just discovered your blog and I'm so glad i did!!! The 5 must not have items are great, you saved me $$$. I do agree with you about the tinted lipglass and the bare essentuals.