Friday, April 11, 2008

Beauty Blogger Feature: Miss Chickie of Chick Advisor!

Photo: Ali looking gorgeous at the Chick Advisor after party for Shop Crawl Part Deux

Ali, a.k.a. "Miss Chickie", is the co-founder of and one of the savviest and fashionable business women I know. If you've read my site in the past then you are probably familiar with Chick Advisor and are even a member! If you aren't in the "know" it's a popular site where women (and even some men) swap their favourite (and not-so-favourite) buys from beauty to electronics! The site is there to make your shopping life easier by giving reviews, prices, and where to buy. Ali has taken her concept to another level by creating a vidcast, "Where'd You Get That?", and takes it to the streets of Toronto asking fashionistas where they shop and fashion tips.

When it comes to beauty and finding great products I thought who better to ask than Ali! Check out my interview with her as she dishes on some beauty tips and products she can't live without! Thanks Ali!

Makeup Junkie: Can you tell us about Chick Advisor and what inspired you to create your site?

Ali: In 2005 I was planning my wedding out of town (in Winnipeg) and was looking for reviews online for hair salons and spas where I would go for my wedding hair and makeup, etc but couldn't find anything. I started really researching and discovered there was really nothing out there. I mentioned it to my husband Alex in frustration and he suggested we build something like that.

MJ: It's become one of the most popular sites for reviews on everything especially beauty. How much do member reviews affect your buying decision when it comes to beauty products?
Ali: Big time. I have a big basket of partially used products under my bathroom sink of things that just didn't work, so now I research everything on CA before investing.

MJ: Now that the weather is getting warmer, do you have a beauty routine that gets your skin ready for Spring/Summer?
Ali: I drink a lot of water, I've switched to a lighter moisturizer, and I wash my face whenever I come in from being outside for awhile. That may sound strange but I find as the weather gets warmer, my face gets oilier and it traps the pollution in my skin (especially being downtown) more than in the winter. A quick splash of cool water when I get home gets rid of the grime of the city and helps me avoid unnecessary break-outs.

MJ: What are your must-have beauty products for warmer weather?
Ali: Garnier Fructis Fresh Cleansing Gel, Life Brand Gentle Skin toner in Papaya (mornings) Neostrata Toning Solution (evenings) Garnier Fructis Fresh 24 hr Hydrating Day Cream, and Kiehl's Abyssine Eye Cream.

MJ: You are the host of your own show "Where'd You Get That?". Do you have a signature on-camera makeup look or do you like trying different looks?
Ali: Joy, you are a genius when it comes to makeup. There were a number of different looks you did that I loved, but my favorite was the gold eyeshadow with the raspberry lip. It's just really fresh and fun!

MJ: What is one beauty product you are obsessed with right now?
Ali: I'm currently infatuated with Lise Watier Plumpissimo Le Gloss in Corail. It is such a gorgeous colour and the gloss has such a nice texture/taste to it. I also adore CoverGirl Line Exact liquid liner because it is the easiest liquid eyeliner I've ever used, and Makeup For Ever's Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation.

MJ: What do you think is the most important beauty rule you follow and that every woman should follow?
Ali: Drink LOTS of water. And do cardio. Drinking water and sweating is the best way to get gorgeous glowing skin. There is no product that can mimic that. Hot yoga is a really great way to achieve this, or running for 30 min, 3 times a week. If that is too much effort, carefully steaming your face once a week will make your skin look amazing.

Fun Facts:

MJ: lipstick or lip gloss?
Ali: Lip gloss.

MJ: wine or martini?
Ali: Hmmm.... wine.

MJ: favourite designer?
Ali: Andy The-Anh, Angela Missoni, Donatella Versace, Tom Ford

MJ: if a movie was being made of your life what actress would play you?
Ali: I don't have a sweet clue.

MJ: On a sunday you'd be:
Ali: at church. Then working.

MJ: favourite accessory
Ali: My hubby. He goes with everything in my wardrobe. ;)

MJ: guilty pleasure
Ali: President's Choice Organic Chocolate Ice Cream + Gossip Girl

To read more about Chick Advisor click here and to read the official blog "Chick Lit" click here!


BeautyChick101 said...

What an interesting interview! I really enjoyed reading about Ali!

yummy411 said...

great interview joy! thanks for helping us get to know Ali better!

Make-up Junkie said...

Thanks ladies! Ali is such a sweetheart and I wanted to share it with the world hehe. xoxo

Ali said...

Awww, shucks, guys! How sweet! Thank you! I blush.