Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Adventures of a Makeup Junkie: When Packing Your Entire Stash isn't an Option (Part One)

There comes a point in every makeup junkie's life where they have to spend some time away from their beauty arsenal. Packing for a vacation or an extended trip away from home is never an easy task. Most women have a hard time deciding what clothes to bring. Me? I can't decide which products to bring! Next week, I'll be hopping on a plane and flying away to study in another glorious part of Canada for five whole weeks. Picking out a handful of products for a one or two week trip, while difficult, is manageable. But how am I supposed to know what I'll be in the mood for three weeks from now? Four weeks from now? Looking through my stash, I'm met with a plethora of options, with each lipstick, shadow and blush screaming "Take me! Take me with you!" and while I hate for any of my makeup products to feel unloved and ignored, taking them all with me simply isn't possible (unless my airline changes their policy to allow three checked suitcases).

My challenge? Fitting everything I need into one, medium sized makeup bag. There are numerous things I need to take into account - I'll need to have appropriate colours for both day and night-time looks, items must be summer-friendly and be able to stand up to hot, humid weather (products with SPF are plus) and lastly, I want to incorporate some fun, summer trends into my everyday look. I went deep into my beauty closet and after an hour of deliberation, I emerged with my final choices for my trip. I only picked what I considered to be absolute necessities (and every makeup junkie has quite a few!)

This adventure in beauty will be a trilogy. Up first are my picks for eye makeup. Coming soon to this very blog will be the lip products followed by cheek and face products that made the cut.

2 Eyeshadow Palettes: Colours and Neutrals
Mascaraholic picks: Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box ($43 CAD) and MAC Eyeshadows in Ricepaper, Goldmine, Woodwinked and Mulch ($16.50 CAD each)
The Urban Decay palette is chock full of beautiful, pigmented colours. If you bring an eyeliner brush, the brighter shades double as eyeliner which is perfect for giving a neutral eye a pop of colour. The MAC shadows (which I keep in a quad) work together to make a beautiful gold or bronze neutral eye. Increase the intensity of Mulch in the crease and outer corner of the eyes for a smokey eye that you can wear in the evening. Ricepaper and Scratch (from the Urban Decay Palette) look great on the inner corners of the eye, especially on mornings after a late night of studying (or partying).

3 Eyeliners: Black and Peachy-Nude
Mascaraholic picks:
Stila Smudge Pot in Black ($25 CAD), MUFE Aqua Eyes in Mat Black 0L ($18.50 CAD) and Tarte Rest Assured Brightening Wand ($25 CAD)
I love colourful eyeliner as much as the next beauty junkie, but on this trip, my Urban Decay palette has me covered. I use the Smudge Pot, which is a gel liner similar to MAC's Fluidliners to line my eyes and MUFE's Aqua Eyes is the only liner I have encountered that stays put on my lower and upper waterline. Tarte's Brightening Wand is my secret to looking wide awake at early morning lectures. On one end is a peachy nude eyeliner that looks much more natural than white eyeliner for lining your lower waterline. The other end holds a creamy pink highlighter for dabbing on the inner corner of your eyes. I prefer to use it on my cheeks for a well-rested glow.

1 Mascara:
Mascaraholic picks: Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! ($26 CAD)
I cannot rave enough about this mascara. It provides me with lush, thick, glossy lashes and it never clumps or flakes. Last year, Tarte had a waterproof version of this and I really wish I bought more than one tube because it was fantastic and perfect for the summer. However, the original is still fabulous. I tend to alternate between two to three mascaras at any given time (after all, I am a mascaraholic) and Light, Camera, Lashes is the sole mascara that I always have in rotation. That's how much I love it.

What are your vacation necessities? Would you bring more eye products? Less?


Rayanne said...

Oh, you would kill me. I only bring a powder foundation, eyeliner and mascara with me anywhere. I am the ultimate basic girl. Hah.

The good thing about travelling and having to pack less is the opportunity to check out new stores/different locations and bring home some new favourites!

Apple Diva said...

I am in like with the UD Deluxe e/s palette. I swatched it at Sephora and the texture is smooth and wonderful. I have placed on my wishlist, maybe I will get it for my b-day.