Monday, June 23, 2008

Beauty Review: Week 2: no! no! Still A No-No?

It's week 2 and I still have hair on my legs. Yes, I know it's not going to be that easy, but I was just hoping. If you read Week 1, then you know I wasn't totally sold on the product. Well, this week my experience wasn't that much better. I'm still not sure if I'm really sold on it. The smell of burning flesh and hair is still there and my hair is still growing back the same day. It doesn't take 4 hours to complete both legs but 2 hours out of my day is frankly time I just don't have. If the results would last more than a few hours then maybe it would be worth it, but you might as well get your legs waxed. Yes, it's painful but if you get it done professionally it's done in minutes and you're hair-free for at least 4 days (in my case that is). If you're in a rush and need smooth legs in a jiffy, this is definitely not the product to use. A simple razor and some shaving cream will do the same job in less time. I get the same results using a razor as I do using the no! no!.

Why keep torturing myself you ask? I'm holding onto the promise that I will no longer have to wax or shave for the rest of my life! In order for me to rule out the no! no! as a waste of time and money, I have to give it a fair run. I'll give it 4 weeks and after that we'll see! Stay tuned for Week 3! Have you tried the no! no!? Hate it? Love it?


Anonymous said...

i tried it n i didnt like it..cuz at first i thot it can remove the hair permantly FROM THE ROOT in the long run..but all it does is shaves it offf in a half ass way and doesnt come bk anymore...but for me personally i want the hair gone from the root so it deosnt leave those stubble marks

Make-up Junkie said...

I hear ya! I'm holding on to hope! lol

Anonymous said...

its my second weekish... and i decided to leave a small area untouched by the nono and just use a regular razor... and well i can see a tiny bit of a difference. a tiny bit. im trying to cut down on the amount of the razor inbetween the no-no i figure that will help. ive gotten used to the process now... so its easy just watch tv and do it.-- next to an open window of course. the smell i still can not take.