Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Makeup Artist Corner: Must-Have Tools

As a makeup artist, it’s crucial to be as hygienic as possible, especially when working with multiple clients in one session. Always making sure you don’t double dip is important because not only will you be preventing bacteria build-up in your products, you’ll be saving those key clients from any skin irritations.

When I was first starting out, I was clueless on sanitation for my products and I heard a story about a client getting a big cold sore on their lip after a makeup application, yuck! Not only is that gross, it's a great way to ruin your makeup career considering most business is achieved from word-of-mouth. After hearing that, I've become an absolute stickler when it comes to cleanliness. I carry an extra train case (fairly small!) to every gig I go to with only cleaning products – alcohol, hand sanitizer, wipes, tissues, sponges, cotton pads, q-tips, mascara wands, lip applicators, paper towels, brush cleaner, face wash, lotion and most importantly, a spatula and palette for scooping out makeup.

The best way to eliminate contamination is by using a spatula and palette. I definitely recommend the Cinema Secrets Stainless Steel tools as they are designed for professional use and are very easy to clean.

The spatula which is made from the finest German Stainless steel, is used to scoop out or scrape off makeup, whether it be foundation, concealer, lipstick etc. It comes in two sizes, the standard and the deluxe. I prefer the deluxe one because both the handle and the surface area of the spatula are bigger.

Once you have the product on the spatula, place it onto the stainless steel palette (it comes in small, medium and large). The palette is a great tool for mixing shades and smoothing out the product. It also eliminates the need for placing product on the back of your hands because no matter how many times you wash your hands, bacteria is always present. Clean both the spatula and palette with either a brush cleaner or alcohol after every use.

The best part of it all, the spatula and palette is versatile - after cleaning you can use it for just about any product where contamination would occur. By using the spatula for your moisturizers and/or masks it will help prevent the oils from your fingers from entering the product which means the shelf life of your expensive skincare regimen will be extended.

Stay clean and beautiful!


Ginger said...

I've had the Cinema Secrets stuff for a while and really like it. Easy to use and blends out with great coverage. You do need to use a moisture spray with it though I find otherwise it can become cakey. Best place for Cinema Secrets products in T.O is Industry Cosmetics on Yonge St.

As for the sanitizing I'm a bit rabid about it as well just makes everything easier in the long run.


Make-up Junkie said...

Thanks for your tip Ginger! I love Industry as well!