Monday, August 11, 2008

Beauty Feature: Lip Love Part 2

Now that the lips have been pampered and prepped lets not stop the lip love fest! Ever since I can remember as early as 7, I was obsessed with lip products. My first lip product was Kissing Potion in Strawberry. Do you remember that roll-on gloss?? Once our obsession begins so starts the quest for the ultimate lip product. Poppy King, creator and founder of my favourite lipstick line Lipstick Queen, shared the same obsession and after many years of finding the wrong lipstick, decided to start her own line. She wanted lipsticks to give her the look of the 1940's: rich, opaque, and filled with pigment. Love!

These gorgeous lippies are for women who aren't afraid of giving their lips some major attention. Ranging from matte to sheer textures and from light to dark tones there is bound to be something you'll fall in love with. And did you see the fabulous packaging?? It has this beautiful vintage feel to it that I adore. There's something about a lipstick that is so feminine and sophisticated. I was all about glossy nude lips and smoky eyes in my pre-baby days. Then the baby came and all that I could manage to put on was a bit of colour on the lips. Ever since the return of the 1940's glamour girl, my preference has shifted to a more classic and cleaner eye (with tons of mascara) and sweet colour on the lips.

Lipstick Queen Sinner Opaque Lipstick in Coral Sinner ($18 USD): What kind of sinner are you? I'm a Coral Sinner and this hot coral-orange tone is summer perfect. These lipsticks are deliciously rich with colour and sinfully creamy with a silky matte finish. The finishes have no shimmer or frosting - just pure pigment. You can't hide behind these lipsticks so go ahead and be naughty.

Oxymoron Matte Gloss in Minor Crisis ($20 USD): A gloss that looks matte yet feels creamy? Who would've thunk it? Inspired by the natural colour of the cheeks, your lips can have that beautiful flush of colour too. The collection comes in 4 lovely shades: Minor Crisis (rose-bud pink), Deafening Silence (nude beige), Honest Politician (pinky-brown), and Free Ride (peachy-keen). Minor Crisis is gorgeous on the cheeks and gives me the same flush of colour when I exercise. I also love it on my lips - its very creamy and never dries out my lips. The colour payoff is amazing. It's such a pretty colour for everyday because it gives you enough colour while still looking fresh and natural. The compact also includes a little lip brush for precise application on the lips. It would be even better if the brush came with a lid to keep clean.

Saint Sheer Lipstick in Saint Coral ($18 USD): Who says only sinners have fun? Saints know how to let loose in a more demure way. Saints are 10 % pigment, but there is enough colour to get your lips noticed. These lipsticks are so light and sheer, moist and serene. I love the way it hugs the lips. Like its sister line Sinner, there is no frost or shimmer just pure soft colour. Saint Coral is the sheer version of Coral Sinner but I find the colour is a bit deeper. It's perfect for those hot summer nights when a matte texture may look too heavy. So, go ahead - it's ok to be good!

Shine Hard Core Gloss in Red Sinner ($22 USD): When I hear the words "hard core" I think of something dirty, sexy and HOT. These glosses are extreme and give you huge colour payoff, huge lips, encased in a huge pot, and make you go "wow"! I love my luscious pot of gloss in Red Sinner. The colour is great against my skin tone and stains my lips for hours after the shine is gone. Red Sinner can be lightly applied for a kiss of colour during the day but layer on for night and let those lips pop! The texture goes on smooth and slightly thicker than most glosses but it's not sticky or tacky. If you're not a fan of dipping your finger then these glosses might not be your first choice but I'm hooked on the colour and the pigment. You can always a spatula or a lip brush though. Shine on hard core in 5 other shades: Silver Saint (sparklin' disco silver), Opal Saint (rosy pink with cheeky shimmer), Gold Saint (24 K gold with sparkle), Wine Sinner (deep delicious hint of wine), and Clear Sinner (clear and super glossy).

Have you tried Lipstick Queen? Love it? Hate it?

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Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

hi joy,

OMG, i love Poppy King! she has the best shades of va-va-va-red! i've been a great fan of hers since she started her company "Poppy" in Melbourne, making lipsticks out of her kitchen in the 90's! then one day, she was featured in Vogue and her career took off! rightly so, since she has great energy and great products!