Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Makeup 101: False Lashes Made Easy

Gorgeous, lush lashes made easy with a great pair of fake lashes. Here’s how you can achieve that full, sexy gaze.


Eye liner

Step 1: Apply liner and curl lashes (this is a key step so the lashes blend in, also worse case scenario the lashes don’t stay on and come off in the middle of the night, the liner will make sure you won’t look awkward and unfinished)

OPTIONAL: Before applying you can measure the lashes by placing the lashes on the lash line (do not add glue yet). If you need to trim start on the outer edge.

Step 2: Using the tweezers to hold your lashes, take a toothpick and pick up a little bit of glue. You only need a thin layer and draw a line on the edge of the lash. Too much glue will make it super sticky and unmanageable. Note: the glue is white but will dry clear

Step 3: Time to apply the lashes. The best way to make these look as natural as possible is to place them as close to the lash line as possible. Hold the two ends and press down. Tip: if you put them on wrong you have some time to quickly adjust and you can always add more glue if necessary (Remember the shorter end of the lashes go towards the inner corner of the eye)

Step 4: Finish with more liner and mascara

Done and done, gorgeous in seconds!

Good Luck Ladies!


Hello Mellow said...

thanks for the advice. i am hoping to do it very soon :D

gio said...

Thanks for this, it's very useful!

your M.U.A said...

hii i saw on chick advisor you said something about applying lashes underneath the natural lashes, i was wondering how to go about doing this, im a freelance artist that start just the beginning of last year i'd love if you can help me.