Friday, August 29, 2008

Makeup Obsession: Liquid Liner

Every woman loves the look of a well defined, crisp liquid liner a la Angelina Jolie. Getting that perfect look however can be somewhat frustrating with the vast liquid liners out there promising the perfect line which only disappoint due to their awful tip applicators. One liquid liner that rises to the challenge would be LancĂ´me’s Artliner. It is much thinner than most applicators and makes for easy application even amongst the novices. This incredibly precise felt tip applicator is perfect for achieving that Fall liner look which nicely complements the season’s very berry lip. Artliner comes in five beautiful colours to match your desired look. Don’t be afraid to pair liquid liner with false lashes this fall for sultry evening eyes. Catwalks near and far oozed with sexiness and no better way to get that look then with false lashes! For lashes we turn nowhere but MAC. The perfect accessory to your liner look would be either the MAC # 3 lashes or the #7’s. For the more cat eye look opt for the #36 lashes or the #20 half lashes. Be sure to use the Duo Adhesive sold at MAC because that is by far the best lash glue on the market. This surgical adhesive stands up to tears and leaves lashes intact all night.

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