Friday, September 26, 2008

Beauty Review: Persian Cold Wax

Now that the cold is making its way into our lives we can actually get on the waxing wagon, yup that’s right, we can actually let our hair grow past stubble so we can relish in 3-4 weeks of soft, smooth skin.

There are so many hair removal products on the market and I have tried most of them yet I keep coming back to Persian Cold Wax ($13.99 at most drugstores).

I was first introduced to this product by one of my closest friends when we were entering our awkward teen stages - I have been using this for years and honestly nothing compares. What I love most about this wax is its water soluble, so there’s no sticky, messy feeling because a little water gets it right off (no need for special oils). It’s also all natural, so it doesn’t irritate the skin. And best of all, waxing reduces the hair growth, so I don’t need do anything for 4-6 weeks now! The only thing, it says you’re not supposed to heat it but without a quick sec in the micro its way too thick, so I recommend 5-10 seconds, that’s it or you’ll have an unpleasant, unattractive, painful burn. It also comes with wax strips that are re-usable, you just have to wash them and you’re good to go.

In a perfect world, women would have been born hairless but since the world isn’t perfect I’m loving Persian Cold Wax.

What’s your fave hair removal product?


Cee said...

I have a questionnnn.

I'm a teen new to waxing and I'm thinking of trying this product after reading a ton of good reviews.

My question is, when you say put it in a micro, do you mean the whole container? :|

Anonymous said...

I can't find it anywhere! Not at walgreens, cvs, nothing. do you know where i could find it online at least? The thing is, in most online shops, they don't include the strips...Please help!

Anonymous said...

You may not be looking anymore.... but i found this product at wholefoods, was debating about buying it. I purchased parissa warm wax for legs body and face. Really like the results. Its easy to heat up and comes with a conditioning oil to remove left over wax on skin. I microwave for about .5-1.5 mins, stir half way. i like the consistency.