Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall Beauty Trend: Shadow Made Easy by Cargo

Does the light shadow go on the lid or in the crease? Does the dark shadow go on the lashline or on the browbone? What colour goes where?? This is a common concern that many people have and guess what, Cargo’s Essential Eyeshadow Palettes ($32), new this Fall, answer all your questions.

There are 3 new palettes, the Warm/Neutral, Cool/Neutral and Dark/Neutral all in the beige, taupe, brown family so they work on every skin tone. I was never a fan of CARGO shadows, the pigments always seemed so weak, especially their palettes, but these are great and they actually last. They have a stain finish, so minimal shimmer which means you have the opportunity to add from your own collection to get your own creation.

Warm/Neutral - (cream/ ivory beige / warm brown / dark neutral brown)

Cool/Neutral - (peach ivory/ tan/ warm brown/ dark brown)

Dark/Neutral - (pink champagne/ light taupe/ medium ash brown/ deep charcoal brown)

These shadows give the perfect “not wearing any makeup” look and you can squeeze on some gloss for the day and add some cat-eye liner with red lips for the night! Glamorous!

Cargo has a few more palettes out this Fall, that I have yet to try, but they look so vibrant:

Color Eyeshadow Palette ($28)

Artistic packaging and four generous shadows make up this palette. They come in 8 combinations, ranging from shimmery pinks to brown sheens.

Being as vibrant as they are, I’m just hoping that these palettes have intense pigments – there’s nothing that I hate more than having to scrape shadow just to see a lil' colour.

Wet/Dry Eyelining Palette ($32)

This compact contains 8 liner shadows that can be worn wet or dry. The dry look gives a more natural effect where as the wet gives a precise, sharp line. I did a quick swatch test on these, and they looked great on my hand.

If you’ve tried the new CARGO line, let me know what you think!

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