Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beauty Feature: Mascaras Battle It Out Round 3!

Round 3 of "Mascaras Battle It Out!" is a special edition featuring the newest innovations in mascaras! Gimmicky products peak my interests for a second, but I always go back to what works. Some may argue that oscillating or vibrating mascaras are the future of mascara, but you don't know until you try them!

My Lashes: stick straight, lacking volume and length
Mission: To find a volumizing, lengthening, smudge-free, non-clumping mascara.
Round 3: Oscillating, vibrating mascaras that do all of the above!

Mascara: Estee Lauder TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara
Rating: 6 winks
Special Feature: Brush vibrates to give you volume, length, and curl.
Smudge-factor: none
Clump-factor: none
Lengthening: yes especially after 2 coats
Volume: moderate
Curl: yes
Wand: Full vibrating bristles that tapers at the end to reach all the little lashes. As soon as you twist the wind the vibrations start.
For: Gals who want long, natural looking lashes and hate all the mess from wiggling the wand back and forth.
Overall: My rating is mediocre but I actually don't mind the mascara - it's the price. My lashes on the right eye are super long and separated but not very voluminous. The first coat is natural looking but I wanted a more dramatic effect. After swiping on 4 coats, my lashes were a little more dramatic. Although, I didn't like how wiry my lashes looked up close. The vibrations definitely help with the lift and separation but I hate how long it takes to apply the mascara. To ensure every lash is coated, you have to brush the wand up slowly. You'll need to work in 10 extra minutes every morning to rock this mascara!
Beauty Stash Worthy: I've tried non-vibrating mascaras that give you the same effect plus the volume, but the vibrations really do help lift my lashes at the root. And that's where it's most important - for me at least! Would I pay $40 + for another mascara? Probably not.

Mascara: Lancome Oscillation Mascara
Rating: 7 (10!) winks
Price: $39 CAD
Special Feature: 7000 oscillations per minute vibrating Powermascara.

Smudge-factor: none
Clump-factor: YES!
Lengthening: very
Volume: yes - extreme!
Curl: yes
Wand: Thin, rubber-like bristles that get at every lash. Press the button on the cap before pulling wand out of tube.
For: Gals who love clumpy, faux lashes without having to move the wand back and forth.
Overall: Ok, did you see my left eye?? Seriously, this is only 2 coats! The Estee Lauder version took 4 coats to stand out. The only time my lashes have ever looked this extreme are when I apply fake lashes! I gave this a 7 because from far away or in photos my lashes looked fabulous! But up-close it was just a clumpy mess! To get the clumps out I had to use a razor sharp eyelash brush to comb through it. The oscillating brush definitely makes a difference with lift and coating each lash. However, the tiny rubber-like bristles and oscillation don't seem to do a good job of separating and de-clumping. At the unveiling of this mascara, Jean-Louis Guéret, THE designer of all Lancome brushes was lovely enough to demonstrate the motion on his lashes! Again, the whole process is really slow - start at the root and slowly work your way up. I was also told I wouldn't need an eyelash curler but I definitely do. The formula seems so heavy it weighs down my barely-there lashes. I would have given it a higher rating if it weren't for the clumping, but the faux lash effect has got me! If you're going to come out with an innovative mascara with a high price your lashes better look dramatically different!
Beauty Stash Worthy: Uhm, yes I hate clumps but YES I love how my lashes look after! Isn't this so wrong? I'll sacrifice a few minutes to comb out the clumps! Would I pay $40+ for another one? If it'll save me money from buying fake lashes and glue why not!

Estee Lauder TurboLash Mascara is available in Canada October 2008 and Lancome Oscillation Mascara won’t be available until December 29, 2008 and will be sold at The Bay exclusively for one month. On January 30, 2008 it will be available everywhere else at all regular Lancôme counters.

Have you tried either mascara? Love it? Hate it? and

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