Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall Beauty Trends: Too Faced Luxury and Glam

Too Faced Galaxy Glam Eye Shadow ($19.50 USD) gives a new twist on Fall's classic smoky eye. These iridescent colour swirls give the eye a beautiful wash of colour and can be used wet for more intensity. Futuristic Italian opalescent-pigments are baked into each black domed shadow for intensity and blend together to produce a multi-dimensional smoky eye. Be sure to properly prime the lids because I find the colour can fade during the day if your lid gets a little oily. I love the presentation of the shadows. They look like little planets encased in a dome!

L-R: Cocoa Comet (dark brown with sky blue and peach) is a beautiful combination and an easy way to wear colour on the eyes. The blue is softened against brown making it more neutral and wearable for day. For my skin tone, I found it made my skin look a little muddy but would look fab on a cooler skin tone. I added a black liner to off-set the muddy tone and it looked great. Magenta Moon (dark brown with vibrant magenta) on the other hand, I love! The magenta hue really makes the eyes pop. To really bring out the colour, use it wet and line top and bottom with black liner. Gorgeous!

Too Faced Lip of Luxury ($18 USD) is a luxe champagne-infused lipstick. You read it right - champagne-infused! A lipstick can't get anymore luxurious than that! These are truly butter rich and moisturizing. The velvety formula smooths out fine lines and creases while it pampers your lips with a fizzy and flavorful moisture surge of pure champagne essences. My only complaint - it is so creamy that the lipstick is starting to break off the base of the tube. I thought maybe I just got some faulty ones but I talked to another friend who has Lip of Luxury and hers is breaking off too. But she loves it so much she purchased a lip brush to keep using the lipstick. I love the pink casing which is highlighted with a glamourous 20-carat diamond coloured rhinestone!

L-R: Newly added Centerfold (lilac-mauve) is a pretty shade and looks gorgeous with a smoky eye. Pink Flamingo (pinky-peach with gold shimmer) is fabulous and reminds me of a deeper version of NARS Orgasm gloss. I love this shade with a deep bronzey eye.

Have you tried Too Faced Lip of Luxury and Galaxy Glam Eye Shadow? Love it? Hate it?



Michelle said...

Galaxy glam eye shadow is way to go especially for a night out. I would like to add that your blog is "makeuplicious"

yummy411 said...

i haven't! thanks for the introductions...

Georgia said...

I'm crazy about galaxy glam shadow. Its dramatic but adult. Plus it looks like space which appeals to the nerd in me.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Centerfold is such a pretty color!