Friday, October 10, 2008

Makeup Junkie Welcomes New Writer Rhia!

Rhia's love for make-up began the fateful day her mom purchased her first lipstick when she was just 10 years old. "It was a god-awful colour--Maybelline Wild Berries to be exact--and I had no idea how to apply it. I'm sure that some days I walked around with a pink mustache!" But that didn't matter - that tube of hot pink lipstick would start off a continuous love affair for beauty products that remains with Rhia to this day!

In high school, Rhia frequently experimented with her own make-up and soon became the go-to person for doing make-up for family and friends. While in university, she started working part-time for various prestige make-up brands. Yet, even upon graduation in an unrelated field, Rhia still couldn't suppress her passion for make-up: she continued to freelance and work part-time with Inglot Cosmetics while starting her first real world full-time job within the financial industry. Recently, Rhia decided to build on her self-taught make-up techniques and completed a course through Ryerson to learn more about everything from bridal and glamour make-up to make-up for stage and special effects. Today, she continues her passion and freelance work through her site while also working as Make-up Artist with a local salon. She is a proud volunteer with the wonderful organization Look Good Feel Better on a regular basis. When she's not freelancing or playing make-up, you can find her blogging on artistRhi or on Toronto Wedding Professionals.

I'm a makeup junkie know you're addicted when you have so much make-up, but still can go out and spend on more without hesitation. Take me to Sephora and it's like sensory overload--I feel like a kid in a candy store! (and I really love candy...)

Gloss Girl of Lipstick Lady?

Both! Depends on the look I'm aiming for, but I usually love lipstick topped with a hint of gloss. You'll find both in my purse.

One beauty product you absolutely can not live without?

Umm...only one? Too many to choose from. I would say my eyelash curler, but it would be lonely without my mascara!

If you could be a muse who would it be for?

I love the feminine sophistication of Valentino designs, but I also love the practical downtown chic of Michael Kors and Jil Sander.

Chocolate or sex?

Chocolate! You can have it anytime (well, and be appropriate that is)!

What makes you smile?

My family, my friends and being able to do what I love and see someone smile once it's all done.

Welcome Rhia! Stay tuned for more!

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