Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The National Women's Show

This past weekend was one for the girls. First was the Canadian Makeup Show, which was full of exciting offers, from $3.00 brushes to air brushing seminars galore, oh my!

Moving closer to the core of the city, I hit up the National Women's Show, where I was surprised to see the rows and rows of vendors go on for what seemed like forever. Cut into sections, yogurt and health foods seemed to be a major portion of the show. I had gulped down a year's worth of probiotics in 20 minutes, had 5 servings of pita bread and dip, got shoved along to try a few glasses of wine, along with all the dietitians readily on staff to give recommendations for living a healthier lifestyle.

Next on the agenda was trips, spas, and pamphlets handed out like Halloween candy for a chance to get to talk to women about their financial habits. How the two go hand in hand, I'll never know. I think I've signed up for at least 15 trips, however, happened to land $75 off my next Sunwing vacation! I suppose that's the price you pay to give away personal information.

Then, there was a major section to walk up and get a botox injection, teeth whitening, OR hair extensions. And just a note on that, I am absolutely going to attempt making my own hair extensions, and would like to showcase exactly how I do that, considering I think paying a buck sixty for some strands of hair and 50 cent clips seemes a little bit absurd.

By the time I got to the last row, they were cleaning up shop and I managed to grab some razors from a few firefighters with hot pink suspenders on. That must have been the definite highlight of my evening!

I also ran into the Miss Opps booth, which is going to be a major post coming soon. The women there were fabulous, so we got to catch up. I also caught the infamous Douglas Atkinson at his Sally Hansen booth, who was promoting the lip plumping line from S.H. and doing a fabulous job at that!

Not only did I score 5 pounds of yogurt, 2 chocolate bars, a million pamphlets, and a ton of business cards to boot that day, I also walked away with an Irish Cream mug and a hope to win a few vacations. I learned a lot about what was up and coming on the markets and got to trial a ton of fantastic products.

In the end, the Women's Show is a must to catch for '09, and I can't wait until I have that extra bit of cash to get some real teeth whitening happening at my own convenience. Or perhaps a quick botox??

Man, I feel like a woman! Whoo!

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