Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pucker Up, Loose Lips! And The Eyes Are So Bright…

So, I got into my hands some Loose Lips NY items, perfect for fall! Being a dark brunette, I can’t help but love the way red lipstick looks! So classic. However, it’s definitely a look that requires a perfect outfit and the perfect lips...And a perfect liner, so this picture will be a bit weak on the application side. I love red…and Loose Lips NY Red Rush gives me just that…A rush! Purchase Loose Lips with vitamin E and castor oils for $12 (USD). Tres fabulous! Tres cute!

I have also tried Loose Lips NY Eye Shadow in Silver Lining. Now, I am an eyeshadow freak. I feel the texture, I appreciate the grain. I understand that the line is wet/dry, which has a lot to do with the quality of eyeshadow, because you are sacrificing the texture for it to be more flexible as part powder, part cream. However, for $12 (USD) a pod, I believe that this eyeshadow's strength is in its wet application.

Just dab your brush in some water, run it along the shadow and apply. I have an example of both the wet (left) and the dry (right) and the left is far more intense and shimmering! Not only that but the hold is pretty intense!
The colour, “Silver Lining” is a wonderful silver hue, great for Saturday night dancing.

Last but not least, I have the gloss "Fate" and I loved the texture here. Not gummy at all, it went on nice and thick, but the colour was more transparent than I had expected. I like that and since I'm not a lipstick girl, having a nice hint of hue is always great to finish my look! If you want more colour, wear it on top of a lipstick for added depth!

Have you tried Loose Lips NY products? Love them? Hate them?


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