Friday, December 19, 2008

Beauty Feature: Winter Skin Savers - Facial Treatments

The other day while braving the cold waiting for the bus, I could feel the harsh wind giving my skin a few slaps. My cheeks were rouge and not in a good way. Here are some new facial treatments I cannot live without this winter!

1. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask ($52 USD): If there is one skin care product I've fallen in love with this winter season it's this product! This frothy mask releases oxygen into your skin, leaving you instantly brighter, fresher and more youthful looking. You don't even have to wait 20 minutes or more before washing it off - all you need is 5 minutes! I love using this when my skin is looking its worse especially when I'm in a hurry. Seriously, my skin looks amazing and feels dewy soft. Flaky, sensitive skin? Then this is exactly the quick moisture fix your skin needs. Take home a little of the Bliss Spa experience with you everytime and anytime!

2. Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Plantidote Mega-Mushroom Treatment Lotion ($30 USD): Just like a foundation performs better with a primer, your skin care regime should begin with a product to help optimize its performance. This extremely light, hydrating lotion with Hypsizygus ulmarius, Cordyceps and Reishi mushrooms along with Ginger, Holy Basil and Turmeric quickly yet gently soothes and penetrates skin for hydration and a calmer complexion. Ever since I've started using this, I rarely have a flaky moment or sensitive flare ups. It's one skin saver your skin will happily soak up this winter season!

3. Origins Modern Fusion Skin Transforming Catalyst ($37 USD): This may have a fancy name but it really does transform the skin! A weightless serum containing a Rice Refinishing complex fused with radiance-restoring Rice Optics, dull, sallow skin will eventually disappear as will roughness, brown spots and signs of sun damage. It promises with regular use the glow, luminosity, clarity, vibrancy, and a more youthful experience will return! I've been using it for over 4 weeks now and my skin definitely looks brighter and more luminous. Even my dark spots and blemishes have lightened! It may be one too many steps in your skin care regime but after seeing the results it's worth it!

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