Monday, February 2, 2009

Beauty Launch: M.A.C. Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation and Concealer


Q: Talk about the development process for Studio Sculpt Foundation SPF 15. What was the need you were filling? Was it due to demand from customers, makeup artists, or both?

It began about two and a half years ago. M·A·C artists all around the globe helped identify the need for a new kind of cream foundation. We wanted it to give a long-lasting, medium-coverage yet buildable finish, with long term hydrating benefits. We went into the lab aiming to create a formula with modern aspects, like a gel base, combined with a very luxurious, rich, creamy feel. It had to have the wear, flexibility and flawlessness that our makeup artists demanded, as well as the comfort, moisturization, smoothing and perfecting qualities that real women have been asking for.

Q: How many seasons did you test Studio Sculpt backstage?

The Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Week that took place this past September and October was the third and final season of testing done by the M·A·C Pro Team. Their passionate feedback helped us adjust and ultimately perfect the formula. For example, we tweaked the way the product glides onto the skin, which ultimately improved the blending time customers experience when applying Studio Sculpt.

Q: What are the benefits of the antioxidants and SPF protection in Studio Sculpt? Does using this foundation provide enough benefits on its own, or does is help to add another layer of protection?

We added known antioxidants Vitamins C and E, which help to defend against free radical damage. Studio Sculpt also contains a combination of titanium dioxide, a physical sunscreen, and octinoxate, a gentle chemical sunscreen. Together they help offer broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. While this is sufficient for limited and incidental UV exposure, it’s important to combine with a higher SPF product whenever there’s a chance of additional sun exposure.

Q: What other ingredients in this product would you like to highlight?

Studio Sculpt is made with innovative plant-based extracts for a unique foundation that delivers long-wearing, color-true, comfortably weightless yet flawless coverage. Specifically, we employed sodium hyaluronate, yeast extracts and shea butter to boost moisture levels, plus extracts of Hyberlea Rhodopensis Leaf Extract, Beet Root and Tamarind Seed Extract, which help to improve skin’s hydration with continued use. Finally, we used a combination of soft focus powders that optically diffuse imperfections and give a more flawless finish. There is also Quercus Suber Bark Extract and Octyldodecyl PCA which, combined with a special new polymer, help to provide a more perfect, smoother, tighter looking complexion.

Q: What types of testing did you do on the formula other than backstage? Can you discuss what some of the results were?

In addition to the backstage testing throughout three Fashion Week seasons, we did a complete Global M·A·C Artist Test with a panel of 130 participants worldwide. The results proved to be very successful, rating above a 90% approval score in Asia, which is exceptionally unusual. We also took the formula through Safety, Claims Substantiation Testing; Consumer Sensory Testing provides a more perfect, tighter feeling and smoother looking complexion.

Q: Technologically speaking, why is this foundation an optimum choice for women, compared to other options?

Studio Sculpt Foundation has fused new advancements in technology with innovative plant-based extracts to create a ush, luxurious new cream-gel foundation that delivers comfortable, weightless and flawless coverage. Makeup artists nd women customers alike can easily achieve blendable medium coverage, with a luminous, satiny finish.


Q: How does this formula perform differently from other foundations in the M·A·C line?

Studio Sculpt is incredibly versatile, which makes it unique for many reasons, since its texture is silky and creamy, gliding effortlessly onto skin while providing a natural, velvety finish that’s both modern and natural. It can be blended with moisturizer for a more sheer finish that’s never streaky, or combined with concealer for more full coverage. Create a matte finish by applying powder afterwards, or use Studio Sculpt alone to emphasize skin’s natural sheen and highlights.

Q: Why was this product key for you and your team during fashion week? Has Studio Sculpt been used in any photo shoots?

We have anxiously wanted to offer a foundation that leaves skin looking well-hydrated and completely nourished, and can stand up to being used in various ways. Studio Sculpt can be sheered out or used with powder; it always looks flawless, which is a backstage dream. It is the perfect formula for both film and digital photography, in black and white or color. It’s extremely user-friendly, and the finish remains true and consistent in both color and texture.

Q: Is Studio Sculpt appropriate for HD TV use?

It’s absolutely perfect for High Definition television, because the texture is flawless and it helps skin read as real looking, not overly made up. More importantly, Studio Sculpt’s coverage can be easily manipulated into something very sheer, or layered to offer more coverage where necessary, while remaining even-toned and consistent in texture.

Q: What are some application techniques for the non-professional user?

Begin with a pea size amount on the back of your hand, and use any foundation brush to apply onto hydrated skin. Mix in a bit of your favorite moisturizer (try Strobe Cream or Strobe Liquid), which will create a sheer, luminous finish that makes skin appear to be candlelit. Use any M.A.C concealer over areas that need additional coverage.

Q: In your experience, what skin benefits have been shown with continued use?

Skin becomes more plump and hydrated, it give a youthful look.

Q: How does a medium-coverage foundation like this work well with today's makeup trends?

What’s most important is versatility in creating perfect-looking skin. It needs to appear fresh, flawless, and polished, but the products used to achieve this effect should be indiscernible to the naked eye. A medium coverage like what’s offered by Studio Sculpt allows you to sheer down the formula with various creams and mixing mediums to create glowing skin, but can also be layered with concealer to create a more opaque finish.

Q: Some people can be wary of a product labeled medium-coverage, so who would you say is the ideal person for this foundation? What are their needs?

Studio Sculpt is ideal for anyone wanting to look flawless, but without seeming like they are wearing anything. In essence, this formula is for everyone. It can be easily sheered down to create a light veil of coverage, mixed with luminescent products to create glowing effects or layered to conceal any imperfections. Studio Sculpt will make your complexion look perfect, whether you’re dealing with dehydrated skin, unwanted oily areas, fine lines or discoloration.

Q: You always say we can judge how well something will sell based on how many products are stolen by models backstage, where does Studio Sculpt rate on this scale?

By far, this was the product we most had to keep track of backstage. Makeup artists and models alike fell in love with this formula, and didn’t want to wait for it to be launched to get their hands on it. Studio Sculpt was definitely the number-one product that fell victim to “sticky fingers.”

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