Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring 2009 Beauty Trend: First Blush of Spring

Create the first blush of Spring with a healthy flush of colour on the cheeks. Let the pale of winter be replaced with colour and vibrancy. With a hop in our step, bounce in our hair, and a fresh pop of colour on our cheeks we know Spring is finally arriving!

Benefit Coralista ($35 CDN): Don't you just love Benefit's cheeky-fun names? The newest member to join the brand's best-seller Boxed Powders collection is Coralista, a coral-pink powder with a sheen. This gorgeous blush has moved front and center in my makeup bag and for good reason! Some of Benefit's other powders never really showed on my medium-dark skin but not Coralista. The coral-pink sheen gives my skin the most beautiful glow and the freshest pop of colour. It's like Spring on the cheeks with a hint of summer around the corner. The powder is long-lasting and blends to perfection. I adore the boxed packaging, however, wish it was more portable. Again, I prefer to use a proper blush brush for easy placement of blush rather than the brush it comes with. I also love the signature rose scent - makes me dream of Spring flowers... Coralista kicks NARS' Orgasm blush any day!

Smashbox Muse Blush Rush ($24 USD): Give your cheeks a "Rush" this Spring with a sophisticated coral flush of colour! This coral has more peach than pink and gives the cheeks a grown up glow. It has a very subtle sheen, appropriate for the office and anytime of the day. This peachy-coral is the perfect compliment to Spring's fresh greens, soft lavendars, and warm bronzed eyes. The blush is also long-lasting. I love the artist-inspired packaging with flecks of paint and the handy little mirror for touch-ups. If you've been hunting for a coral with no pink then this is the blush!

Tarte A Perfect Whirled Natural Swirl Cheek Stain (Limited Edition, $28 USD): In a perfect world our cheeks would always appear naturally rouged and healthy looking. Since that's not the case, Tarte has created the next best thing - A Perfect Whirled Natural Swirl Cheek Stain. Swirled together, you have a coral-pink and illuminating seashell-pink for a perfectly natural flush. One layer of the stain and you get a soft and sweet pink. Add a few more layers and you get a bright pop of pink with a luminous finish. The blush applies like a cream and is easy to blend with your finger. It's also good for your skin and looks beautiful on! It only uses natural colorants and is infused with a t5 complex.

Prescriptives In-Bloom Cheek Color Duo (Limited Edition, $30 CDN): How fabulous are these blush duos embossed with a floral design?? If these blushes don't make you think of Spring then I don't know what will! Available in Warm or Cool palettes, these duos give you the perfect combination of colour and radiance. I got to try the Cool palette which includes a two pinks: one deeper for contouring and colour and a lighter pink with shimmer for highlighting and radiance. Or where each shade on its own - whatever your heart desires! Looks gorgeous and healthy. You'll love the luminous glow it leaves on the skin plus the pretty floral design!

Have you tried these blushes? Love 'em? Hate 'em?


Kelly said...

Love your blog and I can't wait to try some of the springs newest blushes, great post! Thanks;)

Anonymous said...

Love Erth Minerals Petal Blusher. You can find it on their site: Erth Mineral Makeup . The best part is the price- $13.00!!

The Lush List said...

Yessss! So happy that you think Coralista kick's Orgasm's butt! (Well, you didn't say butt, but I will). Haven't tried either, but I'm a huge Benefit fan and, well, what can I say?