Monday, March 16, 2009

Beauty Feature: Twist Into Spring With Zoya!

Zoya knows how to have fun with colour. With over 3oo gorgeous colours to choose from, seasonal collections 4 times a year, and celebrity and even blogger inspired names, Zoya has quickly become a favourite among many! Zoya nail polishes are not only cute on our tips but are also good for our nails because they are free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates), and camphor. And if you're expecting, you don't have to sacrifice a good manicure with Zoya!

Zoya Color Lock System (Complete Kit $48 USD): Us gals just don't have time to touch up our nail colour which is why Zoya came out with this fabulous 5 step Color Lock System! Color Lock- Step 1: Big Flipper Bottle filled with Remove + Three in One. This is the perfect remover, nail cleaner, and nail prep in a mess-free flip container. My favourite part - just twist the cap and press down to get the remover. It also won't dry out your nails. Color Lock- Step 2: Zoya Anchor will keep your polish on, preventing chipping and peeling while strengthening the nail with complex protein chains. Got ridgy, uneven nails? Color Lock- Step 2: Zoya Get Even smooths out the natural nail surface with its bonding fibers preventing nail flaking and maximizing the endurance of your colour. After you have applied your favourite Zoya polish, lock the colour in with Zoya Armor Topcoat (Step 4). UV topcoat keeps polish shiny, flexible, and prevents yellowing. Color Lock- Step 5: Zoya Hurry Up Speed Dry Drops is a dream! If you're like me, then you don't have the patience to wait for your polish to dry. With these dry drops, your polish is dry to the touch within seconds, but do be warned - the polish is still a bit tacky so move with care! Apply this every 2 days to maintain shine and colour for up to 2 weeks! The Cemillia Oil can also be massaged into the cuticle for nourishment. Zoya has come out with a genius way for you to bring old, thickening polishes back to life with Renew Polish Rejuvenator! So save those old colours, basecoats and topcoats!

Zoya Twist Spring Sampler Collection ($36 USD): Twist is a fun collection of 6 shades ranging from trendy to girly. With the Color Lock System, these polishes remained chip-free for 10 days! Shades from top to bottom: Harley (soft shimmering grey), Jo (shimmering silver-blue metallic), Malia (violet cream), Barbie (shimmering soft pink), Cassi (shimmering soft peach), and Moxie (vibrant red plum cream). I absolutely loved all the shades but my favourite was Moxie. It looked gorgeous against my skin tone. All 6 shades are wearable on your tips and your toes. Afraid to wear colourful makeup? I always say why not go bright or trendy on your nails??

Have you tried Zoya Twist collection? Love 'em? Hate 'em?


Kam said...

I like Barbie & Moxie...will check them out!

falleneight said...

Anyone know where I can get the color lock system in Canada?