Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hair 101: Styling Tips For Gorgeous Waves

Some are blessed with gorgeous hair that requires little or no styling at all. If you're like me, then a lot of effort is involved in getting that celebrity hair. Nowadays, women want sexy big Gisele hair or boho beach waves like Lauren Conrad. Don't fret my beauties! With some must-have products and a few styling tips you can have celebrity-worthy hair in no time!

Styling Tips:
• For voluminous loose waves, add a volumizing product like 1. Schwartzkopf Professional OSiS Glamour Queen, to the roots and a styling cream with a light hold to the ends. To keep it effortless and easy, this works best when hair is left to air-dry.
• When hair is still wet, scrunch hair in hands after applying a styling cream to encourage some wave or curl.
• Blow dry hair completely dry before styling. Cuts down on damage to the hair and makes styling easier.
• Whether you use a round brush, curling iron, or flat iron it’s all about the direction in which the hair is styled. Achieve volume at the root by blow drying the hair up with your hands or round brush (at the crown or front section to crown).
• You can also use 2. Velcro rollers to achieve volume.
• To give the hair more definition, take pieces here and there and curl with a 3. flat iron for a softer wave or a curling iron for a more defined curl. Twist the flat iron all the way down the hair curling away from the face. Using a curling iron, wrap sections of hair around the barrel.
• To really loosen the curl, flip hair upside down and shake at the root or finger-comb through the hair. You can also brush through the hair for even looser waves.
• For extra volume and hold at the root, use a product that will add volume and texture like 4.
Schwartzkopf Professional OSiS Dust It. This powder looks like baby powder but dissolves right into the scalp. Sprinkle and shake at the root or anywhere you need extra volume. Dust It absorbs oil and is remoldable. If hair starts to go flat mid-day, just shake your hair at the root. Finish hair with a medium hold spray or Glamour Queen.

Schwartzkopf Professional products are sold at most salons and beauty supply stores. In Toronto, you can purchase at Lift Beauty Boutique.

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