Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beauty Review: Joe Fresh Beauty

Makeup Junkie always loves a good deal when it comes to makeup. If you’re looking for affordable yet quality makeup products, Joe Fresh Beauty is worth checking out. Read on to see which products we tested and what we think about them.

Cheek Tint ($4 CDN): Creamy cheek tint blends easily, leaving your cheeks with the perfect hint of color. Available in berry, bronze, nude, cherry, peach, and pink.

I tried these in Cherry and Nude. I love both colors. Cherry appears to be a very bold red at first glance but when applied it’s actually pretty sheer. It’s great if you want that nice rosy glow on the cheeks. Nude is a beautiful shimmery natural color and is also pretty sheer. I’ve been using Nude as a highlighter above my cheekbones to add more definition to my face. It really makes my cheekbones pop!

Matte and Sheer Lip Crayon ($6 CDN): Matte or sheer lip crayon formulas glide on smoothly for a dramatic or sheer finish. Available in pink, candy, apple, bare, berry, brick, cherry, cinnamon, malt, bordeaux, plum, and wine.

I tried these in Apple and Plum. Apple is a sheer lip crayon but the pigmentation is amazing. I love that it’s creamy which is great for hydrating my dry lips. I would recommend using this alone and not as a base for lipstick. Plum is a matte lip crayon and not as hydrating as the sheer crayons. The pigmentation is also amazing and it goes on smoothly as well. This can be used alone or as a base to your lipstick. A great color for the fall!

Brow Powder ($6 CDN): Shade and shape your eyebrows with powder that allows for soft, natural looking brows! Available in blonde, auburn, brown, and black.

I love powder when I fill in my eyebrows but I found that this was a little too chalky for my liking. You may experience a little bit of fall-off when you put it on. The pigmentation was really good and I did find that it made my eyebrows look soft and natural. This can also be used as an eye shadow. I'll admit, I’m a little on the fence with this one but for $6 you really can't go wrong.

Have you tried Joe Fresh Beauty? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Makeup Junkie wants to know!

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Lipstick Rules said...

Love Joe Fresh products -- I've done a few reviews as well. Most recently Pebble eyeshadow which is amazing!


Kay said...

I bought the liquid eyeliner and I really do not recommend it. I usually love the brand and tried many good and cheap eyeliners, this one is not worth your money. I would like to try the lip gloss though.