Monday, December 14, 2009

Beauty Feature: J'Adore Balmshell Lip-Glosses

Makeup Junkie loves a good story that involves true passion and the love of cosmetics! Canadian brand, Balmshell, created and founded by identical twins, Jennifer Lees and Fiona Lees, is truly for the lip gloss junkie. With their love of gloss and the desire to bring out a woman's "inner goddess", Balmshell was born and has created quite a cult following.

When I received a sample of You Give Me Fever ($20 CDN), a sheer rosy cheek pink, I was delightfully giddy because it's more than just a gloss. Each gloss comes with a cute float art design to match the name that can be later used as a key chain once the gloss is finished.

I absolutely love this rosy pink! The shade was inspired by a gal's flirty flush. It gives your lips the perfect kiss of pink. I adore the balm-like texture. My lips felt moisturized hours after application. The glosses contain jojoba oil, lanolin oil, and are paraben-free.

Even with the sheer texture I found the colour pay-off was pretty good and even left a nice stain once the shine wore off. The hint of natural vanilla flavour is an added bonus!

Top to bottom: Ah...the Classic, Yummy Mummy, and Weekend In the Hamptons

I love the mini versions that were sent - now I'm hooked! The colours are absolutely gorgeous and the stories behind each name are so fun.

Ah...the Classic is a sheer raspberry sparkle. This is your accessory to that LBD. The pop of raspberry is a nice alternative to the classic red.
Yummy Mummy is a light mocha brown. I can definitely appreciate this colour! This is truly a universal shade that any yummy mummy - including those that are just yummy - can wear!
Weekend In the Hamptons is a sheer taupe sandy beige. A colour that will take you from city to the beach, it's a pretty nude that works well with a heavier eye or over top of your favourite lip colour.

With so many lip glosses that look the same, after a while a gloss is just another gloss. Balmshell went the extra step - they've given gloss junkies a special keepsake. I've definitely become a fan! As something to be considered as a collector's item, $20 a pop is definitely worth it.

Balmshell isn't just for lips anymore! They've just launched Smear Campaign, a cheek and lip gel stain! Oh, how you tempt me so!

Balmshell is available in Canada at select Shopper's Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques and Sephora. For international locations click here.

Have you tried Balmshell Lip-Glosses? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Makeup Junkie wants to know!


Lipstick Rules said...

I love these too! I'm trying to get my hands on Yummy Mummy now ;-)


organic cosmetic brushes said...

How is the lip gloss...the after use may be an add on but what is most important is the quality of the gloss.

Make-up Junkie said...

Yes, the after use is a bonus. Quality of gloss is awesome - I mentioned that they were very moisturizing like a balm, colour lasted really well even after shine was gone, and they are paraben-free. It's got the quality, functionality, and originality. :)

Anonymous said...

i am IN LOVE with Balmshell- its truly addictive

Dylana said...

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baludec18 said...

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Monica said...

I like these & they're mini's perfect as I get bored of makeup quick & always need to try new things:) Happy Holidays!

Marce said...

These are so pretty! I love the idea behind them and the colours are gorgeous too =) Another Benefit on the works?
XO & Merry Christmas!

MizzRobin said...

I love Balmshell...I have seen it in stores and on Dragon's Den on TV!